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Cage Match 2011: Jon Snow versus Vin

The Contestants

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Jon Snow
Lord Commander of the Night Watch
Age: Late-teens
Race: Human
Weapons / Artifacts: Hand-and-a-Half Valyrian steel sword
His albino direwolf rips your throat out; warg

Age: Early 20s
Race: Human
Weapons / Artifacts: Obsidian knives; coins

The Breakdown


  • A skilled warrior
  • Commitment to honor and duty–all around good guy
  • Has a friggin’ direwolf
  • Warg

  • An incredibly talented Mistborn Allomancer
  • Hardened from life on the streets
  • Skilled hand-to-hand fighter

  • He’s a bastard…no, seriously.

  • She’s tiny


How we think the fight will go

The coin whipped by Jon’s head, and only Ghost’s sudden movement–and his turning to look at the wolf–kept him from being destroyed by the impossibly fast projectile.

He looked warily at his opponent—a young girl, from her appearance. And yet he knew looks could be deceiving—he’d seen what a determined woman could do when he had gone beyond the Wall. He barely had time to think about it as another movement from Ghost had him diving to the ground, rolling to a knee and drawing Longclaw in one fluid movement.

Before he knew what was happening, the girl was throwing a coin over her shoulder—and somehow his sword was torn from his grasp. Moving with a grace that would have made even the most practiced Westori sers look like bumbling fools, the girl danced out of the way of the weapon flying towards her. Reaching out as it passed by, she took hold of the hilt and spun smoothly, Jon’s sword now held in what he could tell was an expert hand.

The audience in the stadium gasped.

I’m going to die.


Vin swung the sword experimentally. Unlike the massive koloss blades she had wielded with the help of pewter, she had no need to burn any metals in order to handle such a beautiful weapon.

She also didn’t really need it—she just wanted to make sure this ended quickly, and the fewer advantages the warrior had, the sooner she could be done with these staged death-matches.

Shaking her head ever-so-slightly, she threw another coin over her shoulder at the wall behind her to act as a brace, simultaneously burning iron to pull on the man in black.

The one wearing chain-mail.

She could see his eyes widen in surprise, something she had experienced so often with guards in Luthadel. To be fair to her opponent, he couldn’t have been expected to know that armor was a disadvantage against a Mistborn.

But she also didn’t really care about being fair.

The warrior came hurtling towards her, and she set her shoulder so that he would be impaled on his own sword.


Jon Snow had always known he wasn’t the most experienced man on the Wall—he had been in a continuous fight with both the malcontents and himself to maintain control of the Watch. With seven hundred feet of ice looming over you everyday, it wasn’t hard to feel the constant pressure of being in over your head.

Yet he wasn’t some green babe just off his wet-nurse—he had gone beyond the Wall, and his charge was one he took as seriously as anything he ever had.

All of this swirled in his mind as he was jerked off his feet and was pulled through the air toward the point of Longclaw, the long distance of the stadium the only thing keeping him alive at the moment.

I’m going to die, he thought again. This body is going to die.

This body…

He saw Ghost out of the corner of his eye, silently moving across the stadium towards the girl.

An idea formed in his mind.


Vin wasn’t stupid. She realized she was small, and would be underestimated because of her size, but if this man thought his wolf was going to take her unbidden—if he thought she couldn’t handle both him and his pet—he really didn’t get what she was capable of.

Even as she Pulled on Jon, a spray of coins shot out towards the large white wolf. As long as she could slow it down for just a moment, she’d be able to deal with the man and then take care of the dog—if it still posed a threat.




His cry almost caused her to falter. She had heard cries like that before—cries of men, of friends—who knew all was lost.

Cries of mortality.

Cries that echoed in her dreams when she relived Kelsier’s death…or Elend’s brush with it in the Well.


Vin screamed, the sword dropping to the ground.


He could see his own body lying on the ground, yards away, unmoving. Ghost was moving towards his inert form, limping. A trickle of red marred the wolf’s white fur on Ghost’s right forepaw.

He saw all of this through her eyes.

Vin he now knew. Her name is Vin.

He was inside her, fighting to control her, a battle of wills so completely unlike slipping inside of Ghost. She fought and she was powerful, and her screams were both hers and his own. The pain was intense, and so were the sensations as she—what was the word?—burned her metals, trying everything she could to shake the presence working to dominate her.

But Jon was powerful, too. And even as he filled her mind, he felt sure that none of the metals she had—none of the powers she possessed—could do anything to expel him.


Vin kept screaming, and it was the fear of being a child of the street, of having a brother who could betray her at any moment and a boss who could do whatever he wanted to her.

The feeling of not being dominant anymore.

It was worse than anything she had ever experienced, if only because Vin had known this before, but had overcome. To be thrown back into chains—chains she had no control over—was almost too much to bear.

And yet…Vin wasn’t stupid.


Slowly—gradually—Jon’s ability as a warg was winning out over Vin’s will. If he could completely take control, he might survive. Even if she was still resisting, he was fairly confident he could beat her now.

Then a wall of blinding light struck his/her eyes.

The sound of the crowd exploded—and kept on exploding.

His nostrils were overwhelmed with the stench of the bodies packed into the arena.

Jon’s mind reeled at the sensory overload. His control of Vin slipped.


Duralumin and tin, she thought. Who could have guessed they’d have value like this in a fight?

The intensity of the sights and sounds grated on her, too, but having burned tin enough in the past, she wasn’t rendered useless by it. Now she only had to figure a way to get him out.

What she needed was time.


If the Wall did one thing for a man, it made them adapt to extremes. And while it wasn’t cold he was struggling against at the moment, he knew he had to master the intensity that was bombarding him from all around.

It was painful—and he knew he couldn’t make the pain go away—but he could push the pain down. Ignore it.

As he fought through the sensations, he realized something else: the more he was Vin, the more likely he’d be able to stop this onslaught.

It hurt him, but he looked around the stadium, and was heartened to see Ghost charging towards Vin, the wolf wounded leg no more than a hindrance to it’s swift gait…

That now looked as if it had completely stopped.


Vin wasn’t sure how long the cadmium bubble would last, but it was the only card she could think to play. She had tried to Soothe Jon, make him more pliable and agreeable to leaving her mind, but it caused the strangest feelings in her—as if she wanted to get out of her own mind.

He’s in too deep.

I might be in too deep.


He regained the control he had lost when Vin burned tin, and he could feel that the tin was now gone, used up in the flare of duralumin. He still felt blinded, but he was recovering his senses—both his ability to sense and his own mind.

Until he felt like he was losing it again, that is.


It was disorienting, as she saw two futures expanding into their own myriad futures. She saw all her own possibilities as well as Jon’s, and the jumbled mess that the electrum caused was almost no help.

There were two paths, though—one his, one hers—that could possibly…

Ghost leapt, and with time having been slowed, it seemed like the wolf was shooting off the ground with unnatural speed as the cadmium bubble disappeared. Jon couldn’t help it—he flinched.

Vin, though, didn’t.

Her body, burning pewter, did move with unnatural speed, and she easily ducked under the wolf’s attack.

While in momentary control, she burned atium.

Ghost’s attack was almost as graceful as anything Vin’s pewter-enhanced body could muster, and yet she knew where the wolf’s grace was taking it, and she side-stepped again—pulling an obsidian blade from her sleeve and jabbing it straight into the wolf’s chest.

Ghost stumbled to the ground.

The wolf wasn’t moving.


Jon would have cried if he had a body able to cry. But his anguish had once again caused his control to slip, and his dispair was growing by the second. It hit him in like blows, the desire to just give up and die.

It felt natural—that he too should give in to the cold place and be with his companion.

Be with his father. His brother.

His brothers…


Vin could feel her body become more and more hers. She felt the anguish she was Rioting in Jon, but as he slipped more and more from her mind, it was easier to handle—especially knowing it wasn’t actually her anguish. She kept burning the zinc, even as she moved to the man’s body lying prone on the arena floor.

Her knife dripping the wolf’s blood.


He watched his death.

Or, rather, he watched as he walked to the future, where he would kill himself.

It was a terrible moment.

A moment that switched his anguish to fear…to anger. Anger over Ghost’s death. Anger that he would be letting his brothers down by not being there to lead them at the wall. Anger that he was disappointing his family–failing the name Stark…even if it wasn’t truly his name.

Anger that was being stoked by Vin.


It was inside her: the anguish changing to anger; the control changing to subjugation.

It was inside her: a mind strong again, a mind not her own.

It was inside her: an obsidian blade, coated in an animal’s blood, piercing her pewter-enhanced body with her own pewter-enhanced strength.

It wasn’t inside her: the metals she had swallowed, that had lived in her stomach—the same stomach that was now sliced open, spilling her life to the ground.


Jon returned to his body in time to look up from the ground as Vin collapsed to it.

He got up and walked towards where Longclaw lay in the dust. Picking up the weapon, he moved back to Vin, her guts held in her hands, her eyes strangely calm.

He nodded, and with a swift stroke, removed her head from body.

Wiping Longclaw off on her strange cloak, he resheathed his weapon. Tears in his eyes—finally able to cry—he made his way to his beloved wolf.

And gasped as he saw Ghost take a shallow breath.

Predicted Winner: Jon Snow


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Jon Snow is a character from the A Song of Ice and Fire series by George R.R. Martin; Vin is a character from the Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson

Jon Snow image courtesy of Michael Komarck. Vin image courtesy of Chris McGrath

288 Responses to “Cage Match 2011: Jon Snow versus Vin”

  1. Katja says:

    Awwww poor Jon. Oh well, at least the big ad advertising ADwD takes most of the sting out of it… :)

  2. VinWin says:

    “Score one for Vin, logic, awesome magic systems, and happy endings!” Well said my friend….

  3. Milamber says:

    Hmmm, yeah, Vin won. She SHOULD have won, there’s no question. Jon Snow and Ghost wouldn’t have a chance in hell against her. But, I don’t see any reason to rub anyone’s nose in it.

  4. AHEM says:

    All right, I admit it . . . I’m a fanboy too, a total Vin fanboy. She’s my absolute female character in any form of fiction, and quite possibly my ultimate favorite of all characters PERIOD, I go crazy over her sheer awesomeness and I love her to pieces, and I’ve voted for her in all four of her matches so far. I probably treat these matches way more seriously than they should be and disdain others who don’t. However, I remain logical in my fanboyism and haven’t ever voted for her against a character who she couldn’t plausibly defeat. I’ll probably vote for her even if she faces off against Quick Ben, but not until I find a way that I’m satisfied with that she could actually beat him in a fight.

    Yes, I know its immature to go saying, “GRRM fanboys, eat your hearts out! YOU LOSE, LOL”, but really, some of us can’t help it, and I can’t blame others for doing that. Though I enjoyed the aSoIaF series, a large portion of the fanbase are some of the most incorrigible prigs that I’ve ever encountered on the internet, and having one of my favorite characters knock them down in this manner is awesome to the one millionth power. Not out of disrespect to Jon Snow–he’s actually one of the best characters in aSoIaF–but it really is more fitting and epic that it turned out this way.

    To the finals! Rational Vin fanboyism for the win! GO VIN!

  5. VinWin says:

    So let’s see – Vin has a biased/poor write-up against a character who is given powers he does not even have, supported by rabid illogical Twilight girl like Fanboys, a rude thrashing from GRRM himself and she still comes out victorious. What an amazing character!

  6. Terez says:

    @Brian – In defense of the ASOIAF fans, this set-up (magic vs melee) doesn’t favor any of their characters.

    Go Vin!

  7. mini_me says:

    you have t admit that jon comeback was amazing – from 4500 vote diffrence to less than a 1000 in 24 hours

  8. Saxster says:

    In my own scenario, Ghost would have vanished like he typically does and flanked Vin when she wasn’t ready for the surprise assault. Game over.

  9. John Hodgman (with half a million followers) tweeted in support of Jon in the last 30-odd minutes. A lot of RTing in support of Jon, in fact, around then, and it seemed to me that there was a marked increase of the Jon Snow votes, as one would expect. Earlier today, as well, the GameOfThrone Facebook (80,000+ followers) noted it, and had a hundred-odd likes.

    I won’t say some overzealous people weren’t cheating, but I’m comfortable with saying the majority of the Jon Snow votes were legitimate. Where Vin’s supporters were able to dig down and keep pace (and then exceed it), I don’t know, but I imagine there was alot of rallying cries on Facebook, Dragonmount, etc., as there has been for the last couple of days I guess.

  10. Laura says:

    This DEFINATLY wasn’t a fair write up, I started re-reading the Mistborn series on Tuesday night and I read today the part where she kicks arse with that team of 8 assasins, and not just assasins but 7 Mistings (Thugs, Lurchers, Coinshots and a Smoker) and a full MISTBORN.

    Also I’m sorry but in this write-up Jon Snow has to have help from his wolf?? I still think Vin would win (in reality not just in popularity) and surely if Jon can have Ghost, Vin could have had OreSeur/TenSoon (I would have suggested Elend but lets face it they really would complain about over-poweredness there!)

    Also presumably all magic systems work in these cage matches then she could have created a copper cloud to sheild her mind from Jon warging?

    Now I will admit that I’ve only read Mistborn, but from what I’ve read of Jon Snow (including from his fans) there is no chance that he could have actually beat her.

    And the main reason is one word:


  11. John says:

    And the rightful character wins despite a ridiculous handicap and absurd out-of-character actions in her writeup!

    Good to see!

  12. Milamber says:

    @Saxster I MY scenario Vin would have burned went to the air, like she usually does in ALL the Mistborn books. Then, she would have taken the rest of her coins and filled Jon full of 1″ holes. Ghost would have went nuts with his master dead, jumping up in the air trying to get her, but since he can’t jump 40′ up, Vin would have killed it too. All that without even using 1/10th of her powers. It would be like a swordsman going up against a person with jetpack and a machine gun.

    Oh, you say he’d just run over and pickup the coin? You try picking up something that’s only 1″ in size but weighs over 100lbs, that is if you can even find something like that in all that chaos. Vin destroyed whole armies near the end of her series, one skilled kid with a wolf is nothing.

  13. Jaknal says:

    @Saxster: Even if Ghost were to go off and try to flank Vin, all she’d have to do is burn Tin and that would negate him trying to rush up from the side.

    @Elio: I like you go about trying to not say that the people who voted for Vin cheated, and in the same stroke, say that the people who voted for Jon didn’t. You have people on both sides that would try and bump up the votes for the person that they wanted to win. In an online poll like this, it’s going to happen either way.

    Like Laura said, all Vin would have to do is burn Atium and it would have been over from the start. There is no way that he’d have any chance in winning against her if she did that. She’d just have to run up on him and stab him in the neck right where he was going to be. Simple as that. This write-up completely took Vin out of character.

  14. AHEM says:


    Not only that, but Vin also won despite GRRM rallying his fans, and Sanderson not doing a write up like he did last round. Before this match, I was thinking, “Okay, if GRRM doesn’t get involved and Sanderson does a write up, Vin should win this, but if GRRM calls attention to this on his blog or makes a write up, Vin’s unfortunately toast.” However, it turns out that even with GRRM rallying support for Jon and Vin getting no such equivalent for her author, she still pulled out a narrow victory. Imagine what would have happened if Sanderson had done a write-up and GRRM hadn’t gotten involved in time to even out Vin’s huge lead. It would have been a complete stomp.

    If anything, though, I’m glad it happened this way. Jon fought to his last breath down to the final hours and made it very very close (49% vs. 51%, after all), keeping suspense in the game until the end. If anything, it makes Vin’s victory all the more poignant.

  15. John says:

    @Saxster-As pointed out, Ghost cannot “simply vanish”; tin enhances Mistborn sense to incredible amounts, you CANNOT sneak up on a Mistborn burning tin.

    Regardless, it’s a moot point, because Vin CAN FLY. She can stay a hundred feet off the ground where Jon CAN NEVER TOUCH HER and kill him with coins effortlessly.

    The fact that she didn’t, and instead pulled a big, stupid, grandiose gesture shows how out-of-character she was in this writeup. Vin was raised on the streets as an urchin, scrabbling to survive day-to-day. She fights to WIN.

    And that’s exactly what she DIDN”T do in this write-up. Jon used powers he doesn’t even really possess while Vin was limited from utilizing her full abilities or acting in a manner befitting her character because someone wanted Jon Snow to have a fighting chance.

    I don’t want to point fingers, but the whole thing reeks of bias towards the ASOIAF character, as when you examine the other “powerful wizard VS normal human with wolf powers” writeup (Quick Ben vs. Perrin) the powerful wizard mops the floor with the normal human with wolf allies (as he should!)

    So why is it that in this writeup the scenario is twisted to favor Jon in every possible category? Vin doesn’t use atium, which every Mistborn has, Jon uses powers he doesn’t have, Vin doesn’t FLY and kill Jon with coins from the air; why?

    The writeup was twisted severely in Jon’s favor, despite this supposedly being a pure, straight-up fight and not a popularity contest. Sure, there’s always an outside chance he could win, but the fact remains that the overwhelming advantage (flight, magically enhanced strength, ability to see the immediate future!, and bullet equivalents) lies with Vin, and the writeup should have reflected this.

    It didn’t, and I think that smacks of a bias on the writer’s part, which is a shame, because they managed to be nicely objective in the case of powerful magic user VS. normal human with wolf allies in Perrin’s case.

  16. Table Chair says:

    Looking over the generall tone of the comments i don’t find any particular fanbase posting in these matches very attractive. Everyone chooses to vote in whatever way they like (as it should be). Most of the argumantative comments however were more off-putting than convincing. Reading the comments made this feel a lot like political campaigns. To me this little game would have been much more enjoyable if i had not scrolled past the actual poll and not read any of the comments.
    People are insulting authors and fanbases instead of taking this as a way to learn about new reading material in a fun way.

  17. @Jaknal,

    I’m not sure I follow your meaning. I am rather plugged in to the ASoIaF side of things, much as Terez is plugged into the WoT/Sanderson side of things. I can tell you exactly the moment that Hodgman tweeted (because, uh, I was the one who asked him to; for that matter, I’m the one who suggested GameOfThrone’s FB post, which did a lot to eat into that big lead), but I have no idea when Terez or Sanderson or someone else tweeted.

    So … I can again say that I’m comfortable saying most of those votes for Jon Snow in the last hour were a legitimate increase in voting rate based on the effects of social networking. I can’t say that with confidence about the Vin votes keeping pace and even surpassing it, because I have no idea, but as I noted, I imagine people were canvassing for votes in a frenzy too.

    On the whole, if there was cheating, it was not as rampant as in the Jaime-Rand contest (on BOTH sides), which is good.

  18. Fish says:

    go go bots

  19. Som1else says:

    So I’m super glad that Vin won but I have to say that following this poll for the last few days has been super exciting. And even though this write up was really out of her character it made me interested in aSoFaI and will probably check in to it some more over this weekend.

  20. VinWin says:

    You are exactly right. I thought with GRRM rallying the masses that Vin was in real trouble but she held on! So awesome! I hope Sanderson does a rally call for the finale. I would not mind seeing Vin take the whole thing.

  21. AHEM says:


    He probably will, provided that it is Quick Ben that Vin faces and not Perrin. Since he’s finishing the WoT series, he’d probably be too torn in a Vin vs. Perrin match to take a side.

  22. Tony says:

    I am not what you would call a “GRRM” fanboy, but after reading both Mistborn and A Song of Ice And Fire, I can say without a doubt that ASoIAF is the better series. Things just happen to conveniently in Mistborn. It’s a good tale, to be sure, but things fall into place too neatly for my liking.

    That said, Vin would kick Jon’s ass. HARD. I love Jon to death, but Vin’s allomancer skills are extremely effective against a solder, and that’s what Jon is.

    Also, Jon’s ability to slip into Vin’s mind is partially justified from the books. At one point Bran (another warg, although much more powerful than Jon) slips into Hodor’s mind (granted Hodor’s mind isn’t nearly as complex as Vin’s), but the ability to slip into a person’s mind is there. Jon’s use of this ability is very sketchy, but it is very remotely possible.

  23. @Jaknal,

    Think you’ve misunderstood me. Being hooked into the ASoIaF community and social web, I can say at first hand that I saw the various notable tweets and efforts in the last hour or so that likely account for the increased rate of voting near the end. Not being hooked into the WoT/Sanderson community, I can’t speak as to whether similar efforts happened, but you’ll note that I imagined that they did.

    On the whole, if there was cheating on either side, I don’t think it was particularly significant, unlike Jaime vs. Rand which just got ridiculous. That’s an improvement

  24. AngryPerson says:

    I just wanted to post to say that this whole “cagematch” is stupid. I have read most of these books so I am not biased towards any character, but honestly, John Snow should now have won a single match. Everyone who has voted for him once has serious mental issues if they think he could have actually defeated any of the people he did.

    Lets see:
    John Snow vs. a guy with a gun
    John Snow vs. the strongest and greatest folklore European warrior ever
    John Snow vs. someone who can literally reshape the world to his liking

    Anyone who voted for John Snow on any of these matchups is either a zombie or mentally retarded

  25. Tinera says:

    *has apparently died and become a zombie*

    I voted for JON Snow on all of those occations. Why? Because he’s the character I know, or the character I like best. You vote for the ones you like. I vote for purely selfish reasons. I want my favourite characters to go on so I can read about them the next match-up”. I enjoy it much more if I actually know something about the characters. I cannot be bothered to read a series of books so that I can base it on “how powerful that person is”, so that the voting can be fair.

    I also voted for Vin in all of her matches, for the same reasons. And I voted for her now. Why? Because I want her to go on, not Jon. The fact that this is the first fight I know much about the characters and that I know Vin would wipe the floor with him is not really that important to me.

  26. TL says:

    Well, well, well. I was going to say how the mighty have fallen but Jon Snow is not that mighty is he?

  27. Brian says:

    You know there was so much talk about Vin’s physical allomancy, that everyone forgot about her emotional allomancy. If Jon had tried to push into her mind (even though he doesn’t have that power yet and maybe never will), Vin could have just burned duralium and copper deadening his emotions and shutting down his mind for a few moments, then used the opening to shoot a coin through his head.

  28. Brian says:

    I’m sorry it was Brass not Copper. It’s been a while since I read the series. As a matter of fact I would say that’s the only way she could beat Quick. If she burned duralium and brass deadening his mind for a while (he wouldn’t have copper to protect him from some of the impact), she could shoot a coin through his temporarily defenseless head. Although apparently he has the power to mind warp people, so she’d have to do that before he used that ability. Interesting, it is possible for her to win that fight.

  29. Bill says:

    This just in: Obnoxious emo-street-rat with Napolean complex downs battle-hardened swordsman and dire wolf!


  30. tilionvevfet says:

    Just a note: This poll had over 20000 votes, which is 2 to 10 times more than any other match so far.

  31. Laura says:


    I take it you’re not a big fan of Vin then?

    She isn’t JUST an emo-street-rat at all. She is a ridicolously powerful young woman, who uses an extremely well thought of, written and imaginative. magic system. And need I mention the fact that in the 3rd book she’s an empress? Or to mention preservation????

  32. Jlingo says:

    Your lameo Jon Snow and his dog lost. Get over it!

  33. comment man 1 says:

    haha, yea I had forgotten that

    so it actually should read “This just in – Beloved Empress of the nation, our peoples greatest example of overcoming hard times and coming out on top, most feared woman in the land, kills yet another random soldier for the thousandth time, but this one had a dangerous pet.”
    Not very newsworthy at all really.

  34. Fil says:

    Epic battle for sure. But once HBO’s Game of Thrones airs Jon will have a huge boost in support for future encounters.

  35. Terez says:

    @Fil – Not Jon. Hopefully Dany. :)

  36. Altonahk says:

    I’ve seen write ups that I didn’t agree with, but none that I have despised like this one. Vin has a huge advantage, this guy INVENTED powers for Jon Snow. I’m a HUGE fan of ASOIAF, and Jon Snow is my favorite character, but he really didn’t have a chance against Vin. And the fact that he scored this well leads me to question the how seriously people take these matches. This isn’t supposed to be about popularity, it’s supposed to be about who you think would win.

  37. StuartNorth says:

    Have to say its funny people are arguing with people who are not only making a personal decision about which character they prefer and enjoy reading about. but its also only a book people! you dont have any really control over any of it other than voting for the character you want to read about.

    And in response to the previous comment, I know Jon cant throw himself in to other peoples minds but looking at some of the wildlings above the wall and the “Potiential” that is mentioned in the book about Jon, I assume at some point he might be able to do it – and also dont forget he didnt actually manage to take control of Vin. also on that point there is such a thing as creative license ;-) If GRRM doesn’t like whats written im sure he could do something about it, or he might even use it as inspiration for further updates to books ;-)

    Personally I havent voted on any battles because i like to read them to get an insight into other authors styles and dont really care who wins at the end of the day (after all im not going to go and throw a winners party for an imaginary fantasy character :P )

    After last years cage matches i have now read just about every novel Robert Fiest and Robert Jordon have written.

    I intend to start reading about Vin soon, the magic system she uses seems quite alien to me so will be interesting to see another authors ideas.

    imo keep it friendly, everyone has favourites, if they arent the same as yours just explain your position, get people interested in your character and you will end up making a fan of them im sure, After all we are all only reading these fights because we enjoy reading fantasy.

    also In my honest opion wait till next years matches Daenerys Targaryen and co will ride her dragons to victory, Im sure every GRRM fan will spring from every corner of the earth when the TV Show hits HBO in a month or so time and when they realise dragons are on the horizon im sure it will be nice and exciting to read and if im honest i cant wait i love Dragons!

    anyway in closing:

    They are books created to entertain, they arent created to cause arguements so please comment nicely :P

    all best


  38. Tarun says:

    All Vin needs to do is stay up in the Air and use a copper cloud to shield her mind. She wins easily

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