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Cage Match 2011: Quick Ben versus Perrin Aybara

The Contestants

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Ben Adaephon Delat
Quick Ben
Age: Indeterminate
Race: Human
Weapons / Artifacts: Body contains twelve souls; magic
Special attack? Try special attacks. As a master of twelve warrens of magic, Ben can bring the pain in dozens of ways.

Perrin Aybara
Age: 20s
Race: Human
Weapons / Artifacts: Power-forged hammer
Battle Rage; can summon wolves

The Breakdown


  • Genius-level intelligence
  • Can access seven of his twelve warrens of magic at the same time
  • Combat-experienced

  • Supernaturally keen senses
  • Telepathic link to wolves
  • He’s T’avaren – probability and chance bend to his needs

    • Like in an interview, we think he’d answer this by saying “My only disadvantage is that I’m perhaps a bit too powerful.”

    • Unseemly codependent relationship with his wife
    • Pacifist at heart


    • Tasslehoff Burrfoot
      Curiousity killed the Kender
    • Paul Atreides
      It doesn’t matter if your eyes glow blue when they’re no life behind them
    • Martin the Warrior
      It’s almost unfathomable that a mouse would lose to a full-grown man with a giant, magical hammer…

    How we think the fight will go

    The wolves had come streaming onto the battleground from all directions, amassing in numbers akin to the legion Perrin summoned at Dumai’s Well. Except this time he had issued no such call. His brethren had come of their own volition, apparently sensing the same dark ocean of raw power that made his hackles rise as soon as he’d stepped onto the battle field, and they came in a frothing frenzy, ready to fight…and die.

    And die they did—scores at a time—torn to shreds as the ground erupted beneath them or the air exploded in a sudden towering inferno or the earth fell away into cavernous holes.

    Perrin’s mind reeled at the nightmarish scene as he blinked away burning tears and continued to chase frantically after the five men at the center of the carnage, trying desperately to land a single solid blow with his hammer.

    The five identical figures—tall, ebony-skinned, and slender—laid about the sea of wolves methodically, with quick, deliberate action and gruesome precision. These male channelers (What else could they be?) were somehow able to leap about from one place in the battle-field to another without a gateway. Wherever they pointed wolves died. All the while snapping jaws, lunging bodies, and even the swinging hammer met only air— flying right through the onyx men as if they were shades.

    At the onset Perrin got the impression he was being toyed with. These dark-skinned Dreadlords, or whatever they were, had spared him intentionally, seemingly allowing an oasis of calm in his general vicinity amidst the otherwise unbridled slaughter. Now surrounded by piles of dead and dying wolves—the muggy air thick with the stink of burnt fur and flesh threatening to gag him—he was certain they were toying with him. The panic-stricken thought enraged him, and the blood of Manetheren boiled in his veins as he redoubled his efforts in a berserker rage.

    All to no avail. Quick Ben, having assessed the situation, had seen all he needed to see. The mage reached a bit deeper into one of his open Warrens, drawing a small stream of power to cloak Perrin in one of his illusions. In the crush of harried fighting and slaughter the plan worked perfectly. The wolves, thinking a sixth enemy had suddenly materialized, turned on Perrin with ferocious abandon.

    And in seconds it was over. Quick dropped the shroud from what was left of Perrin’s mangled figure, and the forest was soon filled with the heart-wrenching, forlorn howling of dozens of wolves.

    Quick Ben surveyed the garish scene from his perch, comfortably ensconced in the dense branches of a giant redwood a quarter mile away. His look of stony concentration melted into disgust as he contemplated the fortunes that had sent a—a glorified blacksmith and a pack of wolves?—against a High Mage with access to twelve Warrens!

    His contemplation was interrupted as he caught sight of a large bearish figure detaching itself from distant shadows to stalk into the aftermath, creeping up on the baying wolves.

    Quick Ben straightened with a curse. “Hood’s Breath! I told that fool to wait and watch until I emerged!”

    Hastily the mage dropped from his roost, weaving easily through the gaps in the branches as he floated down. Once clear of the boughs he allowed gravity to take him, his cloak whipping and cracking in the oncoming rush of wind. Ten armspans from the ground, he slowed his descent and dropped lightly to the forest floor.

    “No doubt that sadistic Kalam is upset that he had no part in the battle.” Quick Ben sighed as he trudged through the woods to make sure his old friend wasn’t biting off more than he could chew.

    Predicted Winner: Quick Ben


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    Quick Ben is a character from the The Malazan Book of the Fallen series by Steven Erikson; Perrin Aybarra is a character from the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson

    Quick Ben image courtesy of Michael Komarck. Perrin image courtesy of John Seamas Gallagher.

    Ndi Sampson contributed to this Cage Match

    465 Responses to “Cage Match 2011: Quick Ben versus Perrin Aybara”

    1. Suttree says:

      Btw really wish Erikson would actually do a write up for this. Think Quick should win it all and I would love to read a well written piece on the final!

    2. Teddyholden says:

      Where is Verin Sedai?!

    3. lol says:

      Hey Terez, gfu. Your side cheated to win. Won’t matter though, cuz Vin has bigger and better cheaters than you.

      Hey Jabber, gfu. Your side cheated to win. Won’t matter though, cuz y’all don’t have the balls to win clean

      Hey Archon, gfu. Your side cheated to win. Won’t matter though cuz w/db’s like you, people will simply vote for the other side because who wants to support a fandom that includes people like you.


      who else needs a gfu…….

    4. lolisaloser says:

      Listen lol, take down the Perrin posters off your bedroom wall and stop being like a Twilight obsessed girl. Your character lost and I am sure the WoT fanboys did plenty of cheating to get him to that many votes and he still lost. You know why? Because he couldn’t beat QB ever. Get over it. Chump…

    5. Tsavard says:

      Lets speak of this threw actual book lore, without trying to get facts out of nowhere.

      To poeple of havent read Malazan book of the fallen … 1st DO IT ! you owe it to yourself, it is truly a masterpiece.

      Ok, Malazan magic come from warren ( kinda like elemental plane ). A wizard can only attune to 1 warren (death (necro), life ( healer ), mind (psychic ) earth, wind, etc) Now, there was a magical purge done by the stronest empire on earth, a mage is already rare, but a High mage is excessively rare. During that purge, 12 High Mage decide to merge their souls together and empty their body to fake their death while fleeing the strongest elite army of that empire. The resulting wizard, Quick Ben, have access to ALL warrens, even some of the Elder warren, who are suppose to be unaccessible to humans.

      So if he decide to make an illusion using Mokra warren ( the warren of the mind which seems to be his strongest ) , hes not creating an image on the ground that is seemly visible adn trying to alter the reality around that image, hes putting the image into your brain, and makes you beleive you can smell, taste feel whatever he wants. In the latest part of the book, as he develop his powers, he have been able to do such illusions on whole armies. So to get the wolves to think Perrin is him isnt hard, even to a massive pack of wolves.

      Now, if Perrin could access your Tar at will in middle of the fight ( if he have done it in the books ) that I’d say they would probably be on fair ground, since this magic would cancel each other. Even than, I’m pretty sure QB would win. He’s used to going into warrens, and manipulating their energy, so he would find instantly what is this Tar world and figure out how it works. QB have won this fair and square.

    6. Orange Turnip says:


      Thanks to the WoT FB page of which I was a member, until all this crap about Terez happened and I decided I didn’t want to belong to a group like that, I now know private browsing exists. I wouldn’t be surprised if everyone now knows. You should be ashamed at yourselves – not for cheating but for being so goddamn stupid as to advertise the fact!

      At least now it will come down to whoever has the most dedicated fanbase. I think that on single votes alone Vin would win giving the past poll numbers but then we can’t be sure how accurate those were anymore. Either way, from what I have seen of these Malazan supporters with everyone being on equal footing now with this multiple votes thing I feel they are likely to win. They seem to have an almost unhealthy obsession and complete dedication in regards to seeing Quick Ben win.

      I have read Mistborn and I have now read the first three Malazan books. I feel that this will be a close match up and it will come down to whoever gets in first and attacks the fastest that will determine who wins. Though, I have noticed that Quick Ben often works as a duo while Vin doesn’t rely on her allies as much. I think in a realistic battle Quick Ben would engage the help of Kalam/Fiddler or another of his team mates to ensure his victory. However, I don’t think people would be happy with that write up despite it being most likely. Take away Quick Ben’s allies and he is just as powerful, if not more, then Vin – give Quick Ben his allies and I can’t forsee him ever losing against anyone.

      My vote will be going to Quick Ben in the final round though depending on what the write up is I may have to flip a coin to decide.

    7. ProviD says:

      Damn those (overpowered as whole) magic-users!
      I demand a fair fisticuffs as a rematch! ;)

    8. Josh says:

      The way the fight is described is total BS. An illusion wouldn’t make the wolves unable to recognize Perrin. He’s telepathically linked to them. So….Fail.

    9. Archon says:

      @ lol

      1) I don’t have a side at this point… Both Vin and QB are deserving champions. I wouldn’t be disapointed if either of them won.

      2) Enough people supported a “fandom that includes people like me” to defeat the fandom that clearly included people like you… sometimes I wonder if some of you people even read the comments you write since you don’t seem to realize how horribly they are about to get knocked out of the ballpark…

      Go suffer alone with your bitterness loser… those of us who voted for the rightful finalists are perfectly content right now.

    10. Rhulad says:

      Worst troll I’ve seen in ages. Shouldn’t you be playing WoW, starting flame-wars in trade chat? I can remember when trolls (though still annoying) actually had a point. I suggest the book “Trolling for Dummies” dude.

      I am still of the opinion that Quick Ben might be a bit too over-powered for this tourney. I love Perrin, but am also of the opinion that (as far as progression goes in each series) Perrin is still unsure of himself, and his powers. While Quick Ben has very nearly ascended to god-hood. I considered the write-up kinda “meh”. Don’t think Perrin would have lost in that manner, but he would have eventually lost.

      Can’t say i know much about this Vin character as I have yet to read the series. I’ve heard she is pretty deadly though. My vote is still for Quick Ben (1 vote as always, so suck my asshole taco-benders).

    11. Archon says:

      Very eloquently stated Rhulad lol…

    12. LOL says:


      Archon, your still a fkn bitter piece of internet trash. GFU

      To those who think QB fans didn’t cheat: Why is it that there are more votes for QB in this match that were acumulated by both QB and VIN in their matchup…….U R this biggest dbags. At least some fans can admit that they took advantage of the system. Dont you dare pretend that you won this match clean.

      @ Rhulad: Can I borrow it from you. They tell me at the library you were the last one to check it out…. GFU

      @ Orange Turnip: We advertised it?! Do you know where that page got it from?! A Vin support group…..hmmmmmm a lil research on your part would go a long way. GFU

      Who else needs a GFU?

    13. Logan says:

      I’m not disappointed with the outcome, but I think Perrin went down awful fast for someone who recently (according to the books) led a charge down a hill into a swarm of man-beasts.

    14. Rhulad says:

      @LOL Troll more! Please! :D

    15. Gideon says:

      Hey – isn’t Quick Ben supposed to be black?

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