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Cage Match 2011: Quick Ben versus Perrin Aybara

The Contestants

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Ben Adaephon Delat
Quick Ben
Age: Indeterminate
Race: Human
Weapons / Artifacts: Body contains twelve souls; magic
Special attack? Try special attacks. As a master of twelve warrens of magic, Ben can bring the pain in dozens of ways.

Perrin Aybara
Age: 20s
Race: Human
Weapons / Artifacts: Power-forged hammer
Battle Rage; can summon wolves

The Breakdown


  • Genius-level intelligence
  • Can access seven of his twelve warrens of magic at the same time
  • Combat-experienced

  • Supernaturally keen senses
  • Telepathic link to wolves
  • He’s T’avaren – probability and chance bend to his needs

    • Like in an interview, we think he’d answer this by saying “My only disadvantage is that I’m perhaps a bit too powerful.”

    • Unseemly codependent relationship with his wife
    • Pacifist at heart


    • Tasslehoff Burrfoot
      Curiousity killed the Kender
    • Paul Atreides
      It doesn’t matter if your eyes glow blue when they’re no life behind them
    • Martin the Warrior
      It’s almost unfathomable that a mouse would lose to a full-grown man with a giant, magical hammer…

    How we think the fight will go

    The wolves had come streaming onto the battleground from all directions, amassing in numbers akin to the legion Perrin summoned at Dumai’s Well. Except this time he had issued no such call. His brethren had come of their own volition, apparently sensing the same dark ocean of raw power that made his hackles rise as soon as he’d stepped onto the battle field, and they came in a frothing frenzy, ready to fight…and die.

    And die they did—scores at a time—torn to shreds as the ground erupted beneath them or the air exploded in a sudden towering inferno or the earth fell away into cavernous holes.

    Perrin’s mind reeled at the nightmarish scene as he blinked away burning tears and continued to chase frantically after the five men at the center of the carnage, trying desperately to land a single solid blow with his hammer.

    The five identical figures—tall, ebony-skinned, and slender—laid about the sea of wolves methodically, with quick, deliberate action and gruesome precision. These male channelers (What else could they be?) were somehow able to leap about from one place in the battle-field to another without a gateway. Wherever they pointed wolves died. All the while snapping jaws, lunging bodies, and even the swinging hammer met only air— flying right through the onyx men as if they were shades.

    At the onset Perrin got the impression he was being toyed with. These dark-skinned Dreadlords, or whatever they were, had spared him intentionally, seemingly allowing an oasis of calm in his general vicinity amidst the otherwise unbridled slaughter. Now surrounded by piles of dead and dying wolves—the muggy air thick with the stink of burnt fur and flesh threatening to gag him—he was certain they were toying with him. The panic-stricken thought enraged him, and the blood of Manetheren boiled in his veins as he redoubled his efforts in a berserker rage.

    All to no avail. Quick Ben, having assessed the situation, had seen all he needed to see. The mage reached a bit deeper into one of his open Warrens, drawing a small stream of power to cloak Perrin in one of his illusions. In the crush of harried fighting and slaughter the plan worked perfectly. The wolves, thinking a sixth enemy had suddenly materialized, turned on Perrin with ferocious abandon.

    And in seconds it was over. Quick dropped the shroud from what was left of Perrin’s mangled figure, and the forest was soon filled with the heart-wrenching, forlorn howling of dozens of wolves.

    Quick Ben surveyed the garish scene from his perch, comfortably ensconced in the dense branches of a giant redwood a quarter mile away. His look of stony concentration melted into disgust as he contemplated the fortunes that had sent a—a glorified blacksmith and a pack of wolves?—against a High Mage with access to twelve Warrens!

    His contemplation was interrupted as he caught sight of a large bearish figure detaching itself from distant shadows to stalk into the aftermath, creeping up on the baying wolves.

    Quick Ben straightened with a curse. “Hood’s Breath! I told that fool to wait and watch until I emerged!”

    Hastily the mage dropped from his roost, weaving easily through the gaps in the branches as he floated down. Once clear of the boughs he allowed gravity to take him, his cloak whipping and cracking in the oncoming rush of wind. Ten armspans from the ground, he slowed his descent and dropped lightly to the forest floor.

    “No doubt that sadistic Kalam is upset that he had no part in the battle.” Quick Ben sighed as he trudged through the woods to make sure his old friend wasn’t biting off more than he could chew.

    Predicted Winner: Quick Ben


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    Quick Ben is a character from the The Malazan Book of the Fallen series by Steven Erikson; Perrin Aybarra is a character from the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson

    Quick Ben image courtesy of Michael Komarck. Perrin image courtesy of John Seamas Gallagher.

    Ndi Sampson contributed to this Cage Match

    465 Responses to “Cage Match 2011: Quick Ben versus Perrin Aybara”

    1. Rojito Mellir says:

      @ Luckers and Terez

      I am an avid WoT fan and SoIaF, yet i completely back the fact that both of you were honest and real in your replys to the thread.

      Just because we love the series or enjoy them atleast does not mean we agree with the power level difference between multiple writers. Quick Ben’s power level is easily as high as Rands, and without Lews Therin there to direct his actions his knowledge of the sorcery is completely overwhelming. So here is the real question then, if Quick Ben could stand toe to toe to Rand, then how could Perrin stand toe to toe with Quick Ben? Does ANYONE honestly think Perrin could take Rand in a fight? Not so long as Rand could channel… and even then Rand is a Bladesmater, which means his inherent skill with a sword far surpasses an untrained blacksmith with a hammer. Perrin has some amazing qualities that would help him in a fight, but he is simply not on par with Quick Ben when it comes to power level and capabilities.

    2. Terez says:

      @Kristi – I had a similar argument with someone on Facebook. She kept saying that Perrin would catch QB when he happened to touch TAR in his sleep, or something, and I was trying to explain why that was not incredibly likely. And just to be clear I also gave quotes showing that 1) Brandon said he doesn’t know how to find other people’s dreams at all, because the wolves don’t know how to do it and can’t teach him, and 2) Wise Ones said it was evil to pull someone into TAR anyway, and 3) Wise Ones said it was near impossible to control someone else’s dream – you’d have to pull them into TAR or into your own dreams (which is of course consistent with what we’ve seen Ishamael and Lanfear do). Anyway, I knew it would probably be deleted by the main admin, so I took a screenshot of her response:


      Epic, that. As for Mat and Dany….is it just me or does anyone else see some epic battlefield sex happening?

    3. Terez says:

      Anyone having a hard time following the comments can use this:


      Much easier.

    4. Sorkatani Loki says:

      Lets go, Quick Ben, let’s go!

    5. Sorkatani Loki says:

      Extra! Extra! Read all about it!
      Quick Ben’s the best and there’s no doubt about it!
      He’s rough and he’s tough and he’s hard and buff!
      Come on, Quick Ben, do your stuff!

      ~ Yeah, so obviously I was never a cheerleader but I maintain I would have rocked the outfit.

    6. moRR says:

      @the she comment
      trolling successful. mission accomplished.

      at some point simple arguing becomes boring if it goes on for too long without any effect.

    7. Terez says:

      Quick Ben, Quick Ben
      He’s our man!
      If he can’t do it
      Then Perrin sure as hell can’t!

    8. Terez says:

      @moRR – If you were trying to troll us with that comment, then you failed pretty badly. No one went into a frenzy about it. We just noted that it says something about your character. I’m glad you finally admitted you are a troll, though. Now we can all move on and talk about more interesting things.

    9. Sorkatani Loki says:

      All this talk of QB is making me hungry…..it’s letters like KFC….hey, just because you don’t see the logic behind it doesn’t mean it is logical ;)

    10. moRR says:

      actually.. at first i wasnt. the first burst. and i still stand by the first argument (although i COULD have written it in 2 sentences instead of 9000).

      afaic u fukd it up. not by voting for Slow (who cares what anyone likes or not…), but the admin/page abusal thing. u srsly need to stop that and think before doing it in the future. u surely have twitter or something. use that.
      even that outburst of the chick in ur screenshot shows it. folks who really FOLLOW the fan page and even write on it are totally devoted to WoT not just random “fans”. and admin/site posting something against it (not just in a random discussion) will aggrevate many. its YOUR responsibility to expect and avoid that.

      Halfway through i saw we’re getting nowhere, so why not try to to drag it out for some fun… there wasnt much of it though. only that batman guy was awesome :D

      as to a more pretty subject, i hope they put moiraine in next year. best character ever imo.
      im surprised no one mentions her when picking candidates… why?

    11. Sorkatani Loki says:

      “as to a more pretty subject, i hope they put moiraine in next year. best character ever imo.
      im surprised no one mentions her when picking candidates… why?”

      Now is this you joking again or being serious?

      Surely, it’s a joke…..yeah, has to be.

    12. Terez says:

      @moRR – All that chick’s outburst shows is that there are some really fucking ignorant and oversensitive people on the internet. Just like you. And for the last time, I don’t give a flying rat’s ass about YOUR opinion.

      @Loki – Come on, really? Moiraine kicks ass.

    13. moRR says:

      no idea :D im trying to be done with the previous subject as much for the sake of myself as for you. we were getting nowhere, theres no fun in it anymore, so i tried to drop it finally.

      and i dont know what ur refering to. me trying to get over it, me saying moiraine is awesome or me missing comments mentioning her?

    14. Sorkatani Loki says:

      Terez – Compared to the other female roles in WoT she is ‘da bomb’ but compared to females in other books I don’t rate her highly. Sowwy :(

    15. moRR says:

      well, but u should care for what those “oversensitive, ignorant” folks think. since ur an admin of a fan page. its ur job to care for content, not telling fans they are “too much into it”.

    16. Kolo Navi says:

      Heh, I like these Cage Matches. It shows those, who are fans and those, who are hardcore psychopats mixing something unimportant like fictional characters with something crucial in everyones life… Those bullshits about Terez failing her leadership or what are perfect example of the second diagnosis. Saying “devouted” in meaning “non-thinking fanatics” is nice example:) So, Go Terez, Go!:)

    17. Terez says:

      @Loki – Oh, it’s okay. But she killed more Forsaken than anyone else but Rand, and her strength of character makes her pretty fearless in battle. Far from a joke. I’d say more but I don’t want to spoil later books for those who haven’t made it that far. ;)

    18. Terez says:

      @moRR – I do care what people think in general. A small, ignorant and hateful portion of the fandom is far from the top of my priority list, though. Most people read other books.

    19. Sorkatani Loki says:

      Terez – I have read the books and I do actually agree, to a point, that she would rock. I wsa just hoping you’d pick up on the ‘female’ aspect and then I could have done some 1950’s tripe about women not being in the same league as men :D

    20. Terez says:

      @Loki – This time I linked my blog. You should read the latest entry – it has a nice debate between mostly me and Brandon but also others on the issue of gender and sexuality in WoT. Not much detail at first – just a rant – but you know most of the details if you’ve read WoT.

    21. Tiam says:

      I cant believe this personal attack is still going on. Why anyone is still responding to this moRR is beyond me .

      A simple ‘cool story bro’ would suffice

    22. Terez says:

      I respond to him because I enjoy the triumph of logic.

    23. moRR says:

      not sure, but u seem to think that being “a bit of a fanatic”(which could come across as ignorant and hateful) over a certain thing (even if its a book) is bad… if it gives folks relief over some trully bad things, how’s that bad?
      imo admins job isn’t telling people they are too big a fans…

      anyway, i think we’re repeating ourselves. i’ll drop this. though i hope u at least got what i was trying to get across, even if u dont really care.

      at first it was i suppose, but now, if u cant distinguish argument from mindless attack, too bad.

    24. Sorkatani Loki says:

      Terez – Nice blog ;) There’s no way for me to say that without it needing a wink.

      I’ll be honest, I’m not a fan of RJ as a writer – his ideas were great but he isn’t what I personal call an entertaining writer. Long-winded and full of unnecessary details is my usual description. I also find the majority of the females in his books to be utterly annoying and worthy of a good slap about the head (I can say that cos I’m a girl and therefore shows bitchiness and not acceptance of violence against women). And if they tug their braids one more time I’m going to cut them all off! HOWEVER, I do agree with you that for the time that they were written the female characters he created were progressive in that they had grit and opinions and a sense of independce and a belief in their own capabilites instead of just being damsel in distress and nothing more. Still, that doesn’t change the fact that they annoy the hell out of me – not because they are repressed/weak/unable to do anything but look pretty (because they’re not) but because their personalities make me want to choke them all and then dance around their graves whilst laughing.

    25. moRR says:

      lol wtf, how is admitting u dont care for a portion of fans, and judge em for their devotion, a trimuph of logic? (and i still stand by my original argument, so hows failing to convince someone a triumph?)

    26. Terez says:

      @Loki – Yeah, I discussed the problem of the annoying female characters somewhere in there, I think. I am rather fond of RJ’s writing, but I get that some people aren’t. RJ loves Dickens, for example, but Dickens for me is like RJ is for some people – unnecessarily longwinded, too many superfluous details, etc.

      @moRR – Do you have any idea who you are talking to? I am one of the most fanatic WoT fans in the world. It’s not fanaticism that is the problem, but the ignorant, intolerant, and hateful comments that came out of that Facebook page. There’s just no excuse for that.

    27. Sorkatani Loki says:


      It’s a triumph because she has consistently responded to your comments in a manner that have allowed you to make a massive arse of yourself numerous times whilst Terez has maintained her dignity and composure….some qualities you seemed to have forgotten or misplaced.

    28. Terez says:

      @moRR – As to your last post, what you don’t seem to get is that you can’t please everyone. There were some WoT fans who were upset about tor.com people promoting Perrin in the match because it seems to make the assumption that all WoT fans would rather vote for Perrin over QB when probably a good 1/3 would not (and did not). I assume that most WoT fans care about other books, and therefore I don’t feel the need to cater to a small group of hateful and ignorant fans. Why should I?

    29. Barryl says:

      Speaking as someone who is a huge fan of both series. Quick would win 100%. Anyone who argues against that is just being silly. Now if you made it a channeller taking on QB, it would be closer. Personally I’d love to see Graendal take him on, because it would be interesting to see if she could manipulate someone as wily as Quick Ben.

      This whole idea is flawed when you have magic and non-magic characters clashing, I think.

      Divide between both and have a final matchup for the most popular overall character between both. At least then the ridiculous results would be limited to one matchup.

    30. moRR says:

      i dont care how i come across. its internet ffs and if i want i pick another nick and im mr cool…
      and what good does composure do when u arent convincing?
      though if she was smart shed ignore me when i was all puffy n stuff and id have a squat of an argument then… thankfully its a new day and im trying to have a civilized convo for a change :D

      ok fair enough, but u make it sound impossible to “cater to all”, when it has a small and obvious fix. u said it urself that folks on FB page are kind of heated (u knew that beforehand i take it?), so why did u poke em with the “quick comment”, when u could avoid all of this? which im sorry, would be the right thing to do, since many dont know you (myself included), and it came across as a shock (when admin posts something like that… ).
      thats precisely what im moaning about: YOU dont feel the need “to cater”! on fb >>as ADMIN/site<< its not really ur place i think to serve ur personal beliefs which contradicts the sites general content. unell u post it as you (and a simple "admins signature" doesnt really do the trick)
      im speaking about FB page, not other sites. and i dont pretend to know whats going on there.

    31. Ez_ekiel says:

      This argument is getting plain ridiculous.
      I’ve been reading WoT since ‘96 and have been following various WoT devoted sites throughout the years. Haven’t met you but I can safely say that you appear to do a great job. Good theories, always worth a read.

      @ everyone else
      Sorry for straying off topic. I DID however vote for QB. And I do honestly believe that – all unlikelyness aside – if they happened to somehow end up in TAR, Perry would be able to stop Quick Ben. Just my 50 cents…

    32. Sorkatani Loki says:

      For two rounds now I have been emailing (spaming, some would say) my friends, family, people whose email addresses are on my account and a few randoms I have no idea who they are asking them to vote for Quick Ben….it is looking like I will need to do the same again for the final battle….I may end up with lots of hate mail and fewer friends but it will be worth it to see Quick Ben win :D

    33. Terez says:

      I’m done with people who can’t even use whole words and think that they are the center of the universe and should have all of their whims catered to. Just saying. ;)

    34. Sorkatani Loki says:

      @Terez – But I thought we were friends! ;)

    35. Terez says:

      @Loki – You use whole words at least. ;)

    36. moRR says:

      I don’t have the bloody time at the moment to care about grammar and such, when writing like “cu ltr” saves time and effort. Picking on that is just dumb.
      After all, we are arguing on the Internetz.

      English isn’t even my mother language, so I think I’m doing a pretty good job of it anyway…

      By the way, leaders as politicians have to decide what’s good for people, when “leaders” of entertainment business have to do what PEOPLE think it’s good for them.

    37. niki says:

      Everyone is entitled to their opinions just as everyone enjoys different writing styles. I, along with MANY others, love the Wheel of TIme and RJ’s writing. I can, however, understand why some people wouldn’t enjoy his writing and will of course leave them to their opinions and preferences.. As a person who obtains the majority of their entertainment from literature, I appreciate the extra details that set the scene. I thoroughly love how RJ makes the story come alive in my head.

      I don’t care how likely he is to win… COME ON PERRIN! <3

    38. ThierryS says:

      Lol wolves wouldnt be fool by illusions … QB can fool human, ascendant, gods chosen and even undead beasts with illusions … but yea wolves are clearly superior … because they can smell !!! and of course one of the most brilliant mages of his time wouldnt tough of altering the odor of his illusions when facing animals

    39. Bauchelain says:

      This was laready brought up. While average mages’ illusions are merely optical and bidimensional, powerful mage can create illusion so realistic that they can actually kill someone. And of course there’s no reason for Quick to not just use Mockra, warren of the mind, and simply take control of the wolves or simply blast them to oblivion or just open a warren in front of them and make them disappear.

    40. not dead says:


    41. Terez says:

      @notdead – Well, for another 30 minutes or so, anyway. :D


    42. Sorkatani Loki says:

      Let’s go, Quick Ben, let’s go!

    43. Sorkatani Loki says:

      *tears of joy*

    44. AHEM says:

      I must say, with both semifinal matches concluded, I could not be happier with the outcomes.

      I was worried from the get-go that this would end with popularity overriding good sense and a final between Jon Snow and Perrin. Now, however, both Vin and Quick Ben have triumphed and advanced to the finals, defeating the bland expectation and placing the finals between two worthy characters who have power, intelligence, and skill, not just an army of fans. At the same time, a consolation round will still allow us to see the Jon Snow vs. Perrin match up we wanted, and a nice little friendly rematch between aSoIaF and WoT.

      The semifinals were really suspenseful for me, particularly Vin vs. Jon Snow (I literally lost sleep over it), but now that both matches have turned out positively, my fears have been laid to rest. I’ve voted for both Vin and Quick Ben in every single match up from round one all the way up to here, and I think they’re both worthy of being the champion this year. So, it’s really become a win-win situation for me. I’m glad that intelligence, interesting scenarios, and powerful characters who use their magic to its fullest extent are the ultimate winners here.

    45. Probably Not Batman says:

      At last, a final that won’t be ‘Vin Pushed the coin through Perrin’s forehead. The End.’ You know, an interesting one.

    46. Terez says:

      Congrats everyone!

      If anyone is interested, I’m running a contest for a good QB vs Vin write-up. Free personalized copy of TWOK, shipped to anywhere in the world.


    47. Jabber says:

      You said it perfectly. What a great match-up we have now that is not based on Fanboyism or this is a “Popularity Contest” folks.

      Oh and to all the crazy WoT Fanboys that were being rude, illogical and going so far as to pick on WoT members who voted for the logical choice which was QB, well Perrin lost and you can stick it……….PERRIN LOST, PERRIN LOST, PERRIN LOST. Ahaaaaaaaaa………..

    48. Jlingo says:

      Well, well, well. Looks like Fizban (Paladine) got some revenge on Perrin for sending that pack of wolves at Tas and shaped fate and got Perrin to lose…….

    49. Peter Ahlstrom says:

      Okay, now that that’s over with, does Vin stand a chance against Quick Ben without going Shard Vin?

    50. Suttree says:

      I am a WoT fan and regular over at Dragonmont that voted for Quick Ben too. Such a joke, all the idiots picking on Terez. She has dedicated a ton of time to the community over the years. We already have an uphill battle in terms of perception from other fandoms and trolls like MoRR are certainly not making it any easier. Good on ya Terez, appreciate all your efforts!

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