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Cage Match 2011: Finals — Vin versus Quick Ben

The Contestants


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Age: Early 20s
Race: Human
Weapons / Artifacts: Obsidian knives; coins

Ben Adaephon Delat
Quick Ben
Age: Indeterminate
Race: Human
Weapons / Artifacts: Body contains twelve souls; magic
Special attack? Try special attacks. As a master of twelve warrens of magic, Ben can bring the pain in dozens of ways.

The Breakdown


  • An incredibly talented Mistborn Allomancer
  • Hardened from life on the streets
  • Skilled hand-to-hand fighter

  • Genius-level intelligence
  • Can access seven of his twelve warrens of magic at the same time
  • Combat-experienced

  • She’s tiny

  • Like in an interview, we think he’d answer this by saying “My only disadvantage is that I’m perhaps a bit too powerful.”


  • Solomon Kane
    More like Solomon Kan’t. Anyone?
  • Pug
    It was a quick kill
  • Severus Snape
    Oh snap…Snape got beat
  • Perrin Aybara
    It’s must have been incredibly improbable for Quick Ben to kill a ta’veren…because he just did

How we think the fight will go

She had no choice—she needed to use her atium.

The match had started as it usually did for her—a Push off a coin on the ground, a spread-shot of coins at her opponent, a glimpse with Iron to see if the man had any metal on him (he didn’t)—but his reactions were so different than any of her other foes. For one thing, Quick Ben didn’t even pretend to be nervous.

For another thing, he didn’t stay on the ground.


“Neat little trick, girl,” Quick Ben called out. He floated amongst the currents of air above the stadium, curious as to what she would do next. He didn’t fear that she could hit him with her coins, but he also didn’t think she’d just lay down and take it, either. Normally he wouldn’t have let himself get in this situation, but it was pretty hard to set up a trick before the match started.



The world went black.

Vin smiled.


The coin slammed into Quick Ben’s shoulder, the pain of it excruciating.

It wasn’t exactly clear how she had penetrated the darkness of Rashan, but he wasn’t one to dwell on it too long, either. He watched as she threw down another coin and came hurtling towards him.

This time it was Quick Ben’s turn to smile.


Vin pulled out one of her knives, hoping to draw the obsidian blade against Quick Ben’s mahogany throat. But as she flew towards the mage—Tin piercing the darkness, a spray of coins shooting out from her hands—she suddenly found herself falling, as if her Push had been cut off…


The ground below Vin shifted as Quick Ben used the Warden Tennes to cause the earth to thrust violently upward…disrupting the coin that Vin was using as her anchor. At the same time, the High Mage caught a few more coins to his body, and he too began falling.


…Vin reached into her pouch and dropped another coin, Pushing as hard as she could away from the undulating ground. She looked towards where Quick Ben had been, but didn’t see him. The Tin still burning, though, she heard a THUMP, and realized the mage was back on the ground. Glancing at the place she had heard the sound, she saw he was definitely injured. She threw another coin down and leapt, hoping she could jump behind him while he got his bearings.


He more than got his bearings…

He healed himself.

Still concealed in darkness, he silently ascended back into the air, and did something Vin had done once.

He brought back the dead.


As she landed, the atium shadows startled her, as Quick Ben was nowhere close. She didn’t hesitate, though, and dropping yet another coin, she flew to a different part of the stadium, twisting around to see something she would never have expected.

Jon Snow, Zed, and Logan Ninefingers (no Eric Northman though, with no actual corpse to speak of after his beheading)…very much real.


Even as he animated the dead, Quick Ben realized that the help he had called on might not actually have been the best call. Even as they moved to strike Vin, two of them—Snow and Ninefingers—were flying through the air at him. In the case of Snow, it was the armor Vin was using to fling the warrior at Quick Ben. With Logen, it was the knives strapped all over his body.

The two of them crashed into Ben, and once again he was falling.


Her atium ran out.

No matter. She knew he wasn’t out of commission, but she also knew he was in dire straits. So Vin burned Pewter and ran to where Quick Ben was going to land, easily outpacing the undead wizard behind her.

Another coin dropped—she was running low—and she flew into the air, a knife in her hand again.

No matter what she thought of his condition, she wasn’t stupid enough to run right into the arms of Quick Ben.


Instead, she leapt right into them.

The illusion was so real—and the bodies of Jon and Logen were definitely real, and so it was quite a shock when Quick Ben’s long fingers wrapped around her arm and, with the other hand, deftly plucked the coin pouch from her belt and the second knife from her sleeve.


Vin burned duralumin, flaring her Pewter and breaking free of Quick Ben’s grip. She sliced out with her knife, and even the tiny amount of pressure—now backed with duralumin-enhanced pewter—created a deep gash in Quick Ben’s chest. He cried out in pain, but didn’t fall. Rather, he flew away from Vin.

Who realized he had been pulling her away from the coin she had Pushed off of.

The ground waved and rolled, jutted up and gaped open. The amount of metal on the floor seemed to increase, too, and when she burned Iron, the blue lines seemed a blaze of color—a solid wall instead of individual strands. As she reached out to Pull something, anything, she could use to Push off of and halt her fall, she too often Pulled on nothing.

Nothing but illusions.

She finally pulled a coin to her, but even as it flew up to reach her, the ground shot up to meet her.


Quick Ben floated down to the ground, landing softly next to the battered body of Vin. It would take him a while to heal, but at least he could heal.

Vin wasn’t so lucky.

That wasn’t to say she wasn’t trying, though. She was lying on her back, and somehow moving her arm, trying to take something out of her cloak.

He kicked her in the side, and when she flinched, he reached down into her cloak, finding vials full of metal flakes floating in liquid.

“None of that, little girl,” he said grimly. He shook his head. Normally this was someone else’s task.

But he wasn’t squeamish. And as he plunged Vin’s own knife into her chest, he only paused a moment to consider the lives he had taken in this tournament…

“Damn!” he said, cutting off Hood’s Path before the three corpses made his victory bittersweet.

He smiled, and looked back down at Vin.

“You were good, girl.

“Just not quick enough.”

Predicted Winner: Quick Ben


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Vin is a character from the Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson; Quick Ben is a character from the The Malazan Book of the Fallen series by Steven Erikson

Vin image courtesy of Chris McGrath. Quick Ben image courtesy of Michael Komarck

311 Responses to “Cage Match 2011: Finals — Vin versus Quick Ben”

  1. Terez says:

    @Serenegoose – It’s not intended as an insult at all. Every post I make at Malazan Empire, for example, has ‘WoT fangirl’ stamped on it. I’m proud of it. I was just suggesting that it’s silly to insist that Vin would win when you don’t know anything about QB at all. There’s nothing particularly wrong with voting based on fanboyism or fangirlism, as has been pointed out several times in the comments on this match and the previous, that I know of. When people post to say as much, usually we appreciate the honesty.

    As for Pug…it’s far more believable for QB to beat Pug than it is for Perrin to beat Paul Atreides…sure, Pug would have given QB a run for his money, but from what I understand it was a closely-matched fight for the most part.

  2. Kettle says:

    Given that Terez is a self-proclaimed WoT fangirl herself, I doubt she’s attempting to insult anyone. Most of us aren’t looking down on people who are voting based on who they like most. Personally, I’m impressed with their honesty. If that’s what they want to do, that’s fine. At least they’re not bullshitting and blustering like some people have been doing throughout. Mind you, this ones been very restrained, which is nice :)

  3. Serenegoose says:

    Oh! I hadn’t even thought… It was not my intention in any way to imply -you- were using it as an insult, merely that some people had in prior contests, and every time I’d seen it in that way it irked me. I see now, looking at what I wrote, that it didn’t come across like that, however. I think my perspective was more an attempted explanation as to why people may not want to admit they’re just fanboying, rather than anything else. Unnecessary, perhaps, but it was a bit of a rant.

  4. Archon says:

    Raest has the right of it… Quick Ben is not godly in his raw power… He is simply tremendously versitile, so that he is never left without an option… and with his unbelievable intelligence, he generally knows how to use all the options at his disposal to maximum advantage… As was stated before, if not for some timely intervention, he would have been owned by Icarium (who is godlike in power), and of couse guys like Anomander Rake (also godlike in power) would own his face… but then again, Icarium or Rake would mop up this tournament too… Quick was a great decision to throw in here, because his IS powerful enough to win, but it’s not a done deal… It’s not inconceivable for Vin to beat QB… it’s just unlikely.

  5. Serenegoose says:

    Archon: The only way I could see Vin (without preservation) taking this is if we gave her Feruchemy as well – That would at least give her the raw survivability to take a few flavours of insta-kill nuke to the face and keep going. It would also be ridiculously canon-smashing. As it is, flared pewter will only take her so far, survivability-wise, and it doesn’t seem far enough. I held out hope whilst I was under the impression Quick Ben’s (sorry, the QB abbreviatory acronym is taken up already in my mind) magic was ritual based, but speed-of-thought casting is pretty much endgame for Vin.

    Still, at least she’s way cooler. :)

  6. Spectre of Eschaton says:

    Cooler than Quick Ben…? *head explodes* :D

    Seems like this debate’s more or less ran its course, everyone’s cards on the table. Couldn’t care less who wins the popularity contest (and the prize is…? Seriously.) but the back and forth has been fun. Nice to see a relative lack of flaming and bickering here.

    I just hope Malazan gets into the next cagematch. Maybe Kallor for the villains match.

  7. Terez says:

    @Serenegoose – It’s okay; rants are good for the soul. :) I thought maybe that your rant was aimed over my head, but since I had been the last person to use the word I figured I’d clear things up on my end.

  8. Archon says:

    @ Spectre of Eschaton

    Kallor?! As if we are trying to find a bigger D-bag than The Mountain That Rides for the next villans match… The cool thing about the Malazan series is that you can make a case for a lot of guys being “villians”, since so many of them walk the line pretty closely… It wouldn’t be a stretch to call Karsa a villian, or Draconus, or Kilamandros… the list goes on…

  9. Serenegoose says:

    Best villain, by a loooooong way, goes to MorningLightMountain from Peter F Hamiltons Commonwealth saga.

    Not sure how well it’d do in a cagematch though. It’d just sort of sit there and wallow at you, really. Functionally invincible though, so it’s got that going for it!

    Hmm, speaking of more sci-fi oriented contestants, how’s about letting Skaffen-Amtiskaw from Use of Weapons play next time? You let Takeshi Kovacs…

  10. Spectre of Eschaton says:


    I actually went at that from the opposite angle. :P Was trying to think of a “villain” from Malazan, thought of those guys, thought to myself, “hmm… they can be nasty, but they’re not *really* villains”. Kallor was the closest I could think of to being a straight bad guy, though even he has his sympathetic moments (between reminiscing about dashing his baby childrens’ skulls against the wall…)

  11. Bombur says:

    What about the Errant for a villans match? Then the Let’s Hate The Errant Club on the Malazan forums could organise a campaign against him winning. That would be pretty funny.

    As for who is a villan in Malazan, I guess it’s a case of glass half full or empty ;)

  12. Bob Jones says:

    @ Terez

    Atium+duralumin would only help in some contrived situations (at least several seconds available at the start of the match without attacking, preferably more), but I don’t think that it is limited to information that would normally be available to you (see my interpretation of Elend vs. Marsh). It wouldn’t let her read Quick Ben’s mind, or show her explicitly how to prevent his attacks. What Atium+duralumin would do is give her knowledge of what would happen in the fight, if she hadn’t burned atuim at that time (eg. steps out, then she is killed by fireball), giving her foreknowledge until she uses that foreknowledge to change anything. Depending on Quick Ben’s information gathering magics, and the setup, this could be extremely useful. The vision could also presumably start from quite some time in the past (eg. a minute or more before the fight).

    Duralumin+atium might instead show an infinite number of possibilities (every possible future) and although I do not think this is the case, it is not contradicted in any way by the books. There is very little information about atium+duralumin, or the more subtle effects of atium.

    Also, duralumin only depletes the metal(s) that is/are being burned at that time, leaving the rest unaffected.

    Lastly, does anyone know if Quick Ben usually reacts subconsciously while fighting, is more likely to use conscious thought, or a combination of both? Quick as thought is typically 330 milliseconds to react to movement using conscious thought, or as little as 150 milliseconds for a reflex. (Wikipedia, Mental chronometry, Reflex)

  13. Ali says:

    I’ll admit, for this match, I voted completely fangirl. Vin for the Win! She’s the rare breed of bad-ass female fantasy lead, and is totally one of my favorites, ever. :D

  14. johthohar says:

    WHAT THE HELL!? I’ve been through every damned comment and not ONE DAMNED PERSON has been overly rude or unreasonable!!!!!!! If I can’t get my melodramatic fix from fanboys/girls debating who is the most kickass hero between two series then I might be forced to turn to Jersey Shore!!!! Why don’t you just shoot me now!!!!!!!???!!!! Please try to stop being so damn mature everybody!!!!

  15. johthohar says:

    @Laura… I think I may be the only person who sees the irony in you criticizing someone’s French grammar while utterly failing at English. But don’t worry…. I love you anyway. ;)

  16. johthohar says:

    Honestly… The only way I could see Vin winning this match is if Kruppe was in the audience babbling incessantly at Quick and distracting him with his never ending but always highly amusing monologues.

    Side note: Am I the only one who thinks John Rhys-Davies (played Gimli in LotR) would be PERFECT for Kruppe if they ever adapted the Malazan books for Film or Television? I mean seriously… Who could do it better?

  17. Davanshire says:

    I haven’t read either of these series. I was really hoping for a Perrin v Jon Snow final, not based on talent, but on the fact I have read those series and knew exactly who I’d vote for (Jon Snow). I’ve read the comments here and despite a lot of ground being covered several times over I think based on what I have read and what the match up says I would have to go for Quick Ben. I think you have to consider where each character ranks in their own worlds and then stack that against each other. Whilst not a god, and not near to being a god, it would seem that Quick Ben’s power ranks him very high in the Malazan world and whilst Vin is powerful in her own (not including this Perserverance thing) she doesn’t stand way out ahead of the others (from what I can tell). I think it would be close but the sheer conviction Malazan fans have about Quick Ben makes me feel he is the likely winner.

    Also, I am very interested in reading the Malazan books now – any series that can spurr a character that has such an avid fanbase must be read. Plus, from the sounds of it, the series has several characters that inspire such loyalty and obsession. Should be a good read (I hope)

  18. Ashamed WoT Fan says:

    I’ve been following the cage matches and I have to say that as far as fanbases go, the Erikson and Sanderson fan bases are a much more respectful and mature lot then my own fanbase. You just have to look at the comments on past cage matches and the common factor between all the unpleasant and petty comments is a WoT fan.

    I am very impressed with the level of civility and dicussion occuring on this thread.

    I haven’t read Mistborn yet – though I have it sitting on my desk – or Malazan series – I plan to buy it soon – so I am not voting on this match as I cannot decide who would most likely win without further information.

    I think which ever side wins it will be a well deserved victory.

  19. johthohar says:

    Both series are definitely worth reading. Given I’ve only just started the Malazan books but I was instantly hooked. There are several characters in the series that exhibit badassery of an exceptional level (Whiskeyjack, Karsa Orlong, Icarium, Kalam, etc.) but Quick Ben stands out from the croud by his genius level intelect alone. A warning, however: The Malazan world is vast and complex and Erikson kinda just dumps you into the midst of it with little explanation of how everything works…. but press on… You’ll start to understand everything the further you get into it! Also…. The Mistborn books rock. Check them out too.

  20. Tiam says:

    Its nice to see this cage match actually inspiring people to read Malaz now rather than the WOT clash before this which completely detracted away from the point of these matches.

    As for the QB comments, he is powerful, one of the most powerful high mages we see. However he is by no means the most powerful character in the series. You can kinda think of QB as a jack of all trades. A master magician with a good level of strength but not as completly devoted to one branch of magic like Tattersail or Tayshrenn who are masters of one warren. Thats what gives QB his versatility and his experience comes froma long time of using those powers in combination.

  21. TrypB says:


    I really hate to nerd rage at you, but Tayschrenn has mastered effectively all warren magic and is a priest of Drekk to boot. He only accesses them one at a time like a normal person, but he has zero warren limiters. In later books circumstances force squad level mages to use a lot of mokra, one most lack any familiarity with and find rather unpleasant, but they seem to make do. There are many jacks of circumstance. On deeper thought, I think lore from like reapers gale is conflicting with early stuff…. I think he may be typed in Gardens of the Moon and Memories of Ice. Its not that QB need multiple souls in him to know different warrens… its the different warrens at once. In the cage matches he tends to go one warren at a time, here again I think this is a product of creating an exciting linear narrative, and I”m sure the other side is equally constrained by narrative convenience.

  22. Laura says:


    I will admit English spelling/grammar never has been my strong point, and I have always found it strange that I can do it better in my second language (French) than my first! Though to be honest if everyone understands me (which I hope so because unlike my brother I type with full words and not weird abreviations that noone can understand) then I don’t mind how many mistakes (grammatical or spelling wise) are picked out! Though I will admit that I fail at typing so many of my spelling errors (such as Canadian) are down to typos! Sorry also just thought, you might not be from England, so my grammar might be wrong where you are but not where I am, things like the word colour for example. Though it may just be that my grammar is wrong.

    I agree with everyone who is saying that this seems to be a peaceful match between fans, I am actually enjoying this cage match much more than the others. I mean from everything people were saying about Jon Snow last round there was no way that he could have won. I’m glad he didn’t. It makes me think that if QB does win this one then it won’t be that bad, I mean he does seem absurdly powerful, and I will read the books after my June exams, but also because the fans haven’t just been saying stuff like: ‘He wins on sheer awesomeness’. They have been admitting that Vin would give a close fight (and also that the fight up there is a load of rubbish!

    So Vin to Win! But if QB does it won’t be a crushing defeat!

  23. King Lear says:

    @Ashamed WoT Fan, to be fair MBotF has had it’s share of asswipe commenters too. I can’t really speak for any of the other series’, but it is, after all, a sad fact of life that there are some people who are not self aware. I had a peek at the other match, and it also lacks a certain aspect of unbalanced fandom mouthing off. Maybe the semi’s were just an emotional time ;)

    Also, hooray for reading Erikson, I really hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


  24. Bombur says:

    I’m enjoying this fun, interesting and most importantly civil discussion between two ‘opposed’ fan bases. Both sides should be proud, I think, for the display of sportsmanship and lack of retardedry.

    Now I’m here for QB and that I don’t particularly like Mistborn (just my opinion). But I respect Sanderson as a human being (seems like a really nice guy who is great with his fans plus he bashed Lord GK in his fanfic ;) ), and for the wonderful things he’s done with WOT. And now that I’ve come to know his fan base, I respect it too. If I had a hat, it would go off to you guys.

  25. Tiam says:

    @Tryp B

    There is only a few instances where we see Tays use any magic at all. for you to flippantly claim he has mastered all warrens (what him being a failed demi drek has to do with anything i dont know) is pure specualtion. We know for a FACT he has mastered telas in the same way we know Tattersail mastered thyr. How do we know he has no ‘warren limiters’ whatever they are btw? I was speaking in definites not speculation.

    We have absolutely no idea the depths of Tays skill. Im not suggesting its the souls that allow mages to gain proficiency in more than one warren but the fact that other mages weve seen specialise in one warren and may have a level of skill with others does not mean they do not devote themselves to one. Would QB have the level of skill over Telas that Tay has? probably not yet I would say he has more access to other warrens.

    Your example of sqad mages doing what they can in the circumstances has absolutely no relevance. Even though they all learn a few low level Mockra spells for the campaign in Lether does not detract from the fact it is clearly stated in BH that mages like Balgrid and Bottle are Meanas. Now bottle is an exception but Balgrid is solely Meanas in BH and learns a few Mockra cantrips offscreen before RG. Also mages like Ebron who is a squad mage have a specialisation in Ruse highlighting that even on a low level they have a specilisation.

  26. Annabel says:


    Throughout the series Tayschrenn has used not only High Telas, but also Thyr, Denul, either Mockra or Meanas and clearly does a LOT of demonic summoning and binding either through Hood’s Path or Aral Gamelon (or both). Being a former Demidrek, he would almost certainly be very competent with D’riss as well.

  27. Barryl says:

    Tayschrenn seems to be a master demonic summoner, certainly more powerful than the other one we see: Bauchelain. He was able to bind a demon lord of the galain, a being close to Rake in sheer power. Now that is mastery.

    I don’t remember Quick ever summoning a demon alone. I know he made use of Tays Korvalharai (Pearl) to cover his retreat from the Andii, which resulted in my favourite scene.

    As Rake descends amongst his assassin mages…

    Pearl: “Do you pity me?”

  28. dexterstjock says:

    Someone else pointed this out on the Malazan boards, but there’s a lot of (semi-)spoilers being thrown around on both sides here. Might wanna watch those, especially with so many not having read both series.

    Anyway, Tayschrenn makes everybody shit their pants in fear, including the Avowed. However we don’t know enough about either QB or Tayschrenn to even begin to compare their talents. Tayschrenn has a badass reputation, and from what we’ve seen clearly deserves it, but because Quick is so loath to reveal the extent of his ability (and we see Tayschrenn so little) we have no real notion as to the extent of their power. The only human mage you could possibly claim as being supreme based on reputation alone would be T’riss, but even then there’s some tricky technicalities to work through there.

  29. AHEM says:

    Well, it looks like Quick Ben has this one. Not by a huge margin, but still enough to be the clear winner.

    I guess that’s fitting. Though Vin is one of my favorite characters and I’ll always back her in any sort of cagematch like this, after looking through all of these comments, it does seem likely that Quick Ben is packing some powers that would finish the fight, and he’d probably win at least 7 times out of 10. I’m okay with that; this match came down to logic and fighting prowess, which is fitting. The important thing to me is that Vin lost to a worthy opponent, and didn’t go down to some swordsman with no powers who was running on popularity power alone to get this far. She beat Jon Snow, a major victory, and at this point is the first female character to reach the finals. I think that’s enough to do justice to her as a character without pushing her beyond what she could accomplish on fanpower.

    At least Vin stood a chance of taking Quick Ben down, not like Perrin or Jon Snow, and at least Quick Ben was a worthy opponent who is a badass in his own right. I’m definitely going to be reading the Malazan Book of the Fallen soon, and I’ll know to keep an eye on this player in particular.

    Given how civil this debate has become, I think maybe a better ending to this fight would be one without a kill, like Quick Ben besting Vin, but then sending her back through a Warren to her own world. It fits more with the worthy opponent reaction both sides seem to be having.

  30. Whiskeyjack says:

    Ah, a worthy finale, QB winning and some sparkling debates with no retardness for good measure. What is the world coming to, i wonder… :p

    Vin is cool, of that i have no doubt. You’d certainly wouldn’t want to be caught rummaging in her pockets, or she’d stick various bits of metal in your skull for your troubles, and i don’t mean tooth fillings. But QB is just too varied in his ways to knock someone out, too skilled in his manipulations of the plethora of sheer magery that he possesses.

    The only way that QB can be beat is if his opponent is:

    a. Immune to magic
    b. Even quicker of thought than QB (Kruppe, perhaps?)
    c. Has the ability to separate QB’s hoard of souls.

    On a side note, if i remember correctly, wasn’t Pearl (the Apt QB summoned to cover his ass from Rake’s attentions) one of Tays? Hence the Imperial demon tag. Tays is undoubtedly masterful, but he can’t bombard someone with 7 warrens at once. Not saying that QB would win hands down, Tays might just summon hordes of demons and praetorians and watch QB get swallowed up by something nasty. But QB wouldn’t exactly be easily brushed aside either. I believe that’s the beauty of Sieur Erikson’s masterwork; how no one being, godly or otherwise, is overwhelmingly superior than others.

  31. cloudsword says:

    I think next year, they should have Kelsier (Mistborn). He is the epitome of bad-ass.
    btw’s Mistborn fanboy

  32. Spectre of Eschaton says:

    For the next good guys match, I’d love to see Onos T’oolan from Malazan. 300,000 year old undead neanderthal swordmaster with an unbreakable, 100-pound, razor-sharp flint sword he can swing faster than the eye can see; can fall to dust and reform at will, has spells of elder magic reinforcing his bones against damage, and can expanded his Tellan warren to nullify magic in a miles-wide radius that makes mages’ heads explode. Talk about badass. :P

    Oh, and he’s pretty far down on the ladder of power for Malazan. :D

  33. Torrin says:

    @Tiam – I don’t like to speculate on how pwoerful a mage is – I like to take my examples from the books themselves. As such, I agree with your assessment of Tayschrenn completely.

  34. jman27 says:

    I have read both but kept my vote for Quick Ben as I have done throughout. Quick Ben is just a really intelligent, powerful and resourceful character. He is one to do his research before he gets in a battle and as a result seems to know how things will play out pretty well. Best luck to both sides.

  35. Ian says:

    For a cheap when against virtually anyone, potentially excluding pug, QB just has to trick his opponent into a warren then close it. It may not kill them but i’d assume it would be enough to count as a victory. Granted i could see most surviving long in hoods realm, especially around Toll the Hounds. Shouldnt be hard with as intelligent he is, little bit of meneas, mockra, and rashan/kurald galain(probably overkill for trickery, lol).

  36. johthohar says:


    I was just kidding around. Given the friendly nature of most of the comments here I didn’t think it would hurt lol. I actually was the first comment on your blog post of how you thought this matchup would go. I love Vin too, but you just have to read the Malazan books. Quick Ben isn’t just a badass. He’s easily one of the most likeable characters I’ve ever read. Just wait for one moment a little more than halfway through the first book. If you’re anything like me you’ll have a huge smile on your face and start pumping your fist in the air. Haha!

  37. Archon says:

    @ Barryl

    That’s one of your first real introductions to how terrifyingly powerful Rake is… The battle at Pale was of course impressive, but when this greater demon is summoned and basically says non-chalantly, “Who you want me kill?” And when QB points out Rake and the Demon knows he’s not only about to get beat, but literally get ’speedbumped’ by this guy… you’re like, “holy crap”.

  38. Kah-thurak says:

    I guess this final is truly worthy of the spirit and the goals of this tournament. The guys at suvudu said it was mainly about getting to know books you havent read yet, and a lot of people here stated that they were going to read the MBotF now, and I for one have just bought the Mistborn books.

    In addition there is no venom in the comments and, if the absolute number of votes cast can be a measure of this, less cheating.

    And my favourite character seems to win :P

  39. Kanubis says:

    Absolutely, I’m a huge Malazan fanboy myself but this contest and the nature of the debate has made me very interested to read the Mistborn book.

    And so I shall. Once I’ve completed my post-TCG compete series reread of course…

  40. Geddes says:

    All for QB!!!

    Think they should put in the Seguleh 1st. Does anyone know who that is btw?!?!

    Think a good villain would be the Crippled God himself, or Skinner?!

    I guess you people have read Esselmonts books that coinside with Eriksons? Especially Knight of Knives that actually takes place before Gardens of the moon?

    Am def goona give the Mistborn books a go though!

  41. Laura says:


    I look forward to it! It just seems I have a lot to do before I can read it :(

    I’m new to web discussions like this one, the only other one I’ve participated in was the Vin vs Jon Snow and that wasn’t nearly as enjoyable as this cage match, after all this hasd been civalised and has made me want to read the books, its amazing what a difference civil fans make.

    @ Ashamed WoT Fan

    There will always be people who aren’t civil, and unfortunatly if there are too many then they can ruin it, I reckon there’s probably the same proportion of fans that act like that, but because there are more fans in total there appears to be more. Besides so long as you don’t act like that then there is no reason to be ashamed! After all you are proving that not ALL WoT fans are like that!

    And wooo Vin’s closing the gap (not convinced its enough but still!)

  42. Torrin says:

    Shouldn’t the poll be closed now?

  43. dpomerico says:

    One more hour–noon, ET.

  44. King of Pants says:

    It doesn’t close until Vin wins.

  45. Torrin says:

    I think my time conversion might be wrong…

  46. King of Pants says:

    Time for Vin’s 1,500 last minute votes.

  47. Tiam says:

    Dexterstjock@- Exactly.

    While comments above I would alrgely agree with about Tays it is impossible to tell. I love a good speculation but in these circumstances were genres and fantasy worlds meet I think its better to deal in certainties. At least the it avoids confusion for the other side who may not have read both series of books. I appreciated a couple of the Mistborn fans putting up actually passages so I could judge Vins power.

  48. Serenegoose says:

    Ah, well. just over 10% in it in the end. A shame, but at least the contest was enjoyable.

  49. Windy says:

    I’m unfamiliar with the Malazan series, but after a bit of Wiki-ing and reading about QB from the fans, I voted for QB. I love Mistborn, and I love Vin, but without the power of Preservation in her, I think there are a lot of tricks up QB’s sleeves that she would not have the ability to avoid. Yet giving her the power of Preservation would have been too much like god-modding (literally), so I’m satisfied with the result.

    The civility of the comments on here are such an improvement over last year’s finale!

  50. Stephanie N Ihejirika says:

    Oh, Vin! I’m not so much for the logistics. I’ve never heard of Quick Ben– I was just hoping Vin would win. Going back to her battle with Abercombie’s character (whose name escapes me) she was amazing. This fight wasn’t as entertaining and the last line was super corny but it was a good run. Yeah, Suvudu! Can’t wait til next year.

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