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Cage Match 2011: Finals — Vin versus Quick Ben

The Contestants


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Age: Early 20s
Race: Human
Weapons / Artifacts: Obsidian knives; coins

Ben Adaephon Delat
Quick Ben
Age: Indeterminate
Race: Human
Weapons / Artifacts: Body contains twelve souls; magic
Special attack? Try special attacks. As a master of twelve warrens of magic, Ben can bring the pain in dozens of ways.

The Breakdown


  • An incredibly talented Mistborn Allomancer
  • Hardened from life on the streets
  • Skilled hand-to-hand fighter

  • Genius-level intelligence
  • Can access seven of his twelve warrens of magic at the same time
  • Combat-experienced

  • She’s tiny

  • Like in an interview, we think he’d answer this by saying “My only disadvantage is that I’m perhaps a bit too powerful.”


  • Solomon Kane
    More like Solomon Kan’t. Anyone?
  • Pug
    It was a quick kill
  • Severus Snape
    Oh snap…Snape got beat
  • Perrin Aybara
    It’s must have been incredibly improbable for Quick Ben to kill a ta’veren…because he just did

How we think the fight will go

She had no choice—she needed to use her atium.

The match had started as it usually did for her—a Push off a coin on the ground, a spread-shot of coins at her opponent, a glimpse with Iron to see if the man had any metal on him (he didn’t)—but his reactions were so different than any of her other foes. For one thing, Quick Ben didn’t even pretend to be nervous.

For another thing, he didn’t stay on the ground.


“Neat little trick, girl,” Quick Ben called out. He floated amongst the currents of air above the stadium, curious as to what she would do next. He didn’t fear that she could hit him with her coins, but he also didn’t think she’d just lay down and take it, either. Normally he wouldn’t have let himself get in this situation, but it was pretty hard to set up a trick before the match started.



The world went black.

Vin smiled.


The coin slammed into Quick Ben’s shoulder, the pain of it excruciating.

It wasn’t exactly clear how she had penetrated the darkness of Rashan, but he wasn’t one to dwell on it too long, either. He watched as she threw down another coin and came hurtling towards him.

This time it was Quick Ben’s turn to smile.


Vin pulled out one of her knives, hoping to draw the obsidian blade against Quick Ben’s mahogany throat. But as she flew towards the mage—Tin piercing the darkness, a spray of coins shooting out from her hands—she suddenly found herself falling, as if her Push had been cut off…


The ground below Vin shifted as Quick Ben used the Warden Tennes to cause the earth to thrust violently upward…disrupting the coin that Vin was using as her anchor. At the same time, the High Mage caught a few more coins to his body, and he too began falling.


…Vin reached into her pouch and dropped another coin, Pushing as hard as she could away from the undulating ground. She looked towards where Quick Ben had been, but didn’t see him. The Tin still burning, though, she heard a THUMP, and realized the mage was back on the ground. Glancing at the place she had heard the sound, she saw he was definitely injured. She threw another coin down and leapt, hoping she could jump behind him while he got his bearings.


He more than got his bearings…

He healed himself.

Still concealed in darkness, he silently ascended back into the air, and did something Vin had done once.

He brought back the dead.


As she landed, the atium shadows startled her, as Quick Ben was nowhere close. She didn’t hesitate, though, and dropping yet another coin, she flew to a different part of the stadium, twisting around to see something she would never have expected.

Jon Snow, Zed, and Logan Ninefingers (no Eric Northman though, with no actual corpse to speak of after his beheading)…very much real.


Even as he animated the dead, Quick Ben realized that the help he had called on might not actually have been the best call. Even as they moved to strike Vin, two of them—Snow and Ninefingers—were flying through the air at him. In the case of Snow, it was the armor Vin was using to fling the warrior at Quick Ben. With Logen, it was the knives strapped all over his body.

The two of them crashed into Ben, and once again he was falling.


Her atium ran out.

No matter. She knew he wasn’t out of commission, but she also knew he was in dire straits. So Vin burned Pewter and ran to where Quick Ben was going to land, easily outpacing the undead wizard behind her.

Another coin dropped—she was running low—and she flew into the air, a knife in her hand again.

No matter what she thought of his condition, she wasn’t stupid enough to run right into the arms of Quick Ben.


Instead, she leapt right into them.

The illusion was so real—and the bodies of Jon and Logen were definitely real, and so it was quite a shock when Quick Ben’s long fingers wrapped around her arm and, with the other hand, deftly plucked the coin pouch from her belt and the second knife from her sleeve.


Vin burned duralumin, flaring her Pewter and breaking free of Quick Ben’s grip. She sliced out with her knife, and even the tiny amount of pressure—now backed with duralumin-enhanced pewter—created a deep gash in Quick Ben’s chest. He cried out in pain, but didn’t fall. Rather, he flew away from Vin.

Who realized he had been pulling her away from the coin she had Pushed off of.

The ground waved and rolled, jutted up and gaped open. The amount of metal on the floor seemed to increase, too, and when she burned Iron, the blue lines seemed a blaze of color—a solid wall instead of individual strands. As she reached out to Pull something, anything, she could use to Push off of and halt her fall, she too often Pulled on nothing.

Nothing but illusions.

She finally pulled a coin to her, but even as it flew up to reach her, the ground shot up to meet her.


Quick Ben floated down to the ground, landing softly next to the battered body of Vin. It would take him a while to heal, but at least he could heal.

Vin wasn’t so lucky.

That wasn’t to say she wasn’t trying, though. She was lying on her back, and somehow moving her arm, trying to take something out of her cloak.

He kicked her in the side, and when she flinched, he reached down into her cloak, finding vials full of metal flakes floating in liquid.

“None of that, little girl,” he said grimly. He shook his head. Normally this was someone else’s task.

But he wasn’t squeamish. And as he plunged Vin’s own knife into her chest, he only paused a moment to consider the lives he had taken in this tournament…

“Damn!” he said, cutting off Hood’s Path before the three corpses made his victory bittersweet.

He smiled, and looked back down at Vin.

“You were good, girl.

“Just not quick enough.”

Predicted Winner: Quick Ben


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Vin is a character from the Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson; Quick Ben is a character from the The Malazan Book of the Fallen series by Steven Erikson

Vin image courtesy of Chris McGrath. Quick Ben image courtesy of Michael Komarck

311 Responses to “Cage Match 2011: Finals — Vin versus Quick Ben”

  1. Ivan Sullivan says:

    It’s sad to me that after this is all over and QB comes out on top, I don’t find myself wanting to read Malazan. I love Brandon Sanderson admittedly, but this aversion doesn’t come from any fan based loyalty. The big thing is when QB took out Pug. I’d read a lot of Pug’s series in High School, and I feel that I’d grown out of it. I felt that it wasn’t compelling anymore because the characters were too powerful to be any fun to read about. I mean, in a set universe, how many times can the world be in threat from some outside power beyond previous experience come about. especially when it happened two or three times in the first story arc. At the end of that arc, the opposing forces were already at the galactic level. My point is that it became like the Dragon Ball series where a new more powerful baddie needed to be created every installment. Just how big are things going to get? It’s possible the Malazan’s initial story might be worth reading; however, if QB really was able to take on Pug, as Malazan’s fans seemed confident, than I think I’d pull a Matrix, and tell my self: okay, and here is where the series ends for me. That’s if I ever bother to read it. Maybe I’m wrong, and the author had always had a place planned to end it, and things in his head just get that big before it comes it comes to that, but from what I’ve heard, it doesn’t seem that way. I’ll seriously laugh at myself if I find by looking into the matter that the series has been done for a few years.

  2. Ivan Sullivan says:

    Ha ha ha ha. Lol lol. he he.. I still don’t want to read it.

  3. David Dominguez says:

    @Ivan Sullivan
    You obviously don’t know what your talking about.

  4. Anton Wentzel says:

    @Ivan Sullivan

    Rather than trolling your post as is the tendency here. I would rather say that I have read the WoT series, the Fiest lot as well and quite simply the Malazan series is very good.
    You would be doing yourself a disservice by not reading it if you are a fantasy fan. This whole “cage match” thing seems very emotive because fantasy fans are generally very attached to their heroes and heroines.
    Having read most fantasy series out there, I would advise you to read the Malazan lot in order. Most fantasy suffers from linear plot progression from primary and secondary plotlines. When convergence occurs, generally the conflict is resolved, perpetrator revealed and ultimately overcome.
    What makes Erickson different is the sheer number of plot’s and characters. Normally fantasy novels have a variance of perspective, that is a strategic one a mid-level perspective of notable characters and a “on the ground” or operational perspective. Erickson has some confusion in this regard, but the story is worthwhile.
    Also Erickson does a good job of not over explaining things.
    The line between good and evil is vague at best and you get to follow a plot line which forces you to empathise with a protagonist which would be classically described as being on the wrong side.
    It’s a good read and well worth the time.
    As the series isn’t really finished I am enjoying the author’s masterful handling of the climax and the development of the multiple plotlines.

  5. Monty says:

    So why is it that Quick Ben is fighting Vin at his strongest when Vin does not get access to Preservation’s full power? I mean really that is just not right. Vin with full power would trash Quick Ben being able to alter his fundamental makeup. That being said i understand that giving Vin all that power would disadvantage everyone but ruin.

  6. Sir Read-a-Lot says:

    Good match. I’m sorry Vin didn’t win, but I’m not sure if she could have beaten QB. My only complaints are:
    1) I would have liked to see a Duralumin + Atium push.
    2) I don’t think illusion could have fooled steel or iron.

    other than that, well done.

  7. Terracapri says:

    Completed Malazan book 10 and now I am intrigued about Mistborn. Guess I’ll read it soon then. Thanks to gods of suvudu for a very entertaining and informative battle series!

    Re: Ivan
    Quick Ben is a squad-mage of malazan army, not even a high-mage and is NOT the most powerful character in the Malazan world. In the first book itself, Anomander Rake (archmage, ascendent, could have been but refused to be a god) dwarfs all others in terms of sheer power and character.
    What makes QB interesting and likeable is his audacity to challenge gods, a matching intellect to outmaneuver them and an awesome squad to support him.
    Its much later in the series when most of his original squad is dead, that he starts to exercise his magic muscles to bring down the high and mighty, but by then he is just a side character.
    This book is about the fallen, no matter how powerful you are, you can fall and even gods can be torn asunder.
    What I want to say is that this series is a damn good read and may seem over the top with our fanboy rantings. To have a look at other series, that’s what this match is about ;)

  8. Seidan1 says:

    The Mazalan Book of the Fallen series is on par with A Song of Ice and Fire as the best fantasy series I have ever read!

  9. Seidan1 says:

    *Malazan even…….

  10. Tarun says:

    Bah…Quick Ben should have lost against Pug. And if you were going to pit him against Vin, then you should done it when Vin had all the powers of Preservation.

  11. Day Racer says:

    Three words: GLaDOS vs Shodan!

    That should be the next cage match!

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