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Cage Match 2012 — The Character List!

Quick Ben

And so it begins…

For the past few years, Suvudu has been the home of Cage Match, where we pit fantasy and science fiction characters against each other in a March Madness-style bracket.

Check out last year’s Cage Match to get an idea of what I’m talking about.

Seriously–go on and take a look. We’ll wait.

You back?

Excellent! As you can see, Steven Erikson’s Quick Ben took the crown with close victory over Brandon Sanderson’s Vin, following a year in which Robert Jordan’s Rand al’Thor took not only the inaugural Cage Match, but also beat out the satellite Villains! tournament winner, George R.R. Martin’s Gregor Clegaine, for the 2010 Championship crown.

Because coming up in March 2012, we’re doing it again–this time with a full field of 64 characters!

We tried to have a good balance of newer characters and classic ones, YA and adult, powerful and simply compelling–and we think we did a good job.

But below is the list, in alphabetical order, of the 64 contestants for the 2012 Cage Match title, and we have some questions for you:

• How would you seed them?
• What match-ups would you like to see?
• Who’d we miss?

Take a look, and stay tuned to Suvudu in the next coming weeks and months for more updates leading to the beginning of the tournament!


Anasûrimbor Kellhus — R. Scott Bakker
Anomander Rake — Steven Erikson
Atticus O’Sullivan — Kevin Hearne
Aurest — Paula Brandon
Babcock — Justin Cronin
Bast — Patrick Rothfuss
Bram — Lia Habel
Caine — Matthew Stover
Carnival — Alan Campbell
Chess Putnam — Stacia Kane
Claire Haskell — David J. Williams
The Dagda Mor — Terry Brooks
Darian Frey — Chris Wooding
Esmerelda “Esme” Weatherwax (Granny Weatherwax) — Terry Pratchett
Evangeline Stone — Kelly Meding
Erevis Cale — Paul S. Kemp
The Escapist — Michael Chabon
Felix — Ted Kosmatka
Ferro Maljinn — Joe Abercrombie
The Fool — Robin Hobb
Gale Hawthorne — Suzanne Collins
Gimli — J.R.R. Tolkien
Gray Mouser — Fritz Lieber
Greg Mandel — Peter F. Hamilton
Harry Potter — J.K. Rowling
Havemercy — Jaida Jones and Dani Bennett
The Horned King — Lloyd Alexander
Iorek Byrnison — Philip Pullman
Jardir — Peter Brett
Jean Tannen — Scott Lynch
Jonathan Strange — Susanna Clarke
Juan “Johnny” Rico — Robert Heinlein
Julia — Lev Grossman
Kelsier — Brandon Sanderson
Kull — Robert E. Howard
Kylar Stern — Brent Weeks
Lady Jessica — Frank Herbert
Mellorin Rebaine — Ari Marmell
Moiraine Damodred — Robert Jordan
Morrolan e’Drien — Steven Brust
Mr. Wednesday — Neil Gaiman
Napoleon (on a dragon) — Naomi Novik
Paksenarrion — Elizabeth Moon
Peter Grant — Ben Aaronovitch
Rachel Morgan — Kim Harrison
Randur Estevu — Mark Charan Newton
Ray Lilly – Harry Connolly
Raylene Pendle — Cherie Priest
Revan — Drew Karpyshyn
Richard Rahl — Terry Goodkind
Ringil Eskiath — Richard K. Morgan
Saphira — Chris Paolini
Seregil — Lynn Flewelling
Sparhawk — David Eddings
Stony Mayhall — Daryl Gregory
Susannah Dean — Stephen King
Tarzan — Edgar Rice Burroughs
Tattoo — China Miéville
Tomas — Raymond Feist
Tyrion Lannister — George R.R. Martin
Waylander — David Gemmell
The Wicked Witch — Frank Baum
Y.T. — Neal Stephenson
Zaphod Beeblebrox — Douglas Adams

196 Responses to “Cage Match 2012 — The Character List!”

  1. Signe' C. says:

    What about Sandman Slim-Richard Kadrey? Or John Taylor-Simon R Green?

  2. Maethona says:

    I miss Logan Ninefingers-Joe Abercrombie and Jorg Ancrath-Mark Lawrence. Otherwise great list.

  3. Xenor says:

    This year looks to have one of the best lists, as they seem to have avoided picking those with unbeatable powers (Rand and Balefire comes to mind) also, the spread of characters seems good… some of them make me feel a tad nolstalgic

  4. Ursus says:

    Mind getting some of the heavyweights matched up togather earlier to eliminate the stomp matches?

    Maybe Rahl vs Saphira & Potter vs Moiraine Damodred

  5. Tim says:

    Kylar Stern vs Erevis Cale would be an incredible match-up. Not sure who would win in a fair fight, but as it says in Shadow’s Edge, where wetboys are involved “there’s no such thing as a fair fight.” I think Kylar would win, but it could go either way.

    Would love to see a Sparhawk vs Gimli vs Iorek vs Saphira match. Although I think Saphira could win any (or all at once) by simply roasting her heavily armoured opponents alive. Unless Sparhawk has the Bhelliom (however you spell it), in which case none of the others stand a chance.

    Looking forward to seeing that scrawny Potter kid get slaughtered. Preferably by Kylar, who he wouldn’t even be able to land a spell on. Not only would the black ka’kari absorb any and all magic cast at Kylar, but poor little Harry would have Retribution through his guts before he could get halfway through saying “Crucio.” And that protection thing he’s got from his mum? Definitely not going to stop Retribution, especially if it’s coated by the Black.

  6. Trickster says:

    The more I think it through the more Atticus O’Sullivan seems the smart choice. I mean..

    Aside from the ability to transverse dimensions. “thus escaping to anywhere he wants”.

    Aside from an ability and skill set that kills gods and any other sort of mythical beastie.

    Aside from being older than nearly everyone on the list.

    Aside from heal from most injuries.

    Aside from the fact that as a modern day human he could read of any of the people he would be fighting or the fact that he could travel across time and space and gather intel. (which is pretty ridiculous so in all fairness I will discount this as a reasonable strength.)

    Aside from the fact that nature is quite literally on his side. People think he would lose?

    I really think I am reading to much into this… lol. Has anybody else who has read of this character tell me how they think he would die to anyone on that list if he any clue they where coming?

    I am just having a very hard time picturing the scenario. So… Anybodies thoughts?

  7. Matt says:

    I don’t know about any body else but I think a mental battle with a dragon would defiantly be on Granny Weatherwax’s bucket list and there may be an upset

  8. David says:

    Having read up on Atticus O’Sullivan, he might match up well with Sparhawk. Bhelliom wouldn’t be a factor in such a contest.

  9. Aiken Frost says:

    So… No Harry Dresden? Pfff, I’m out.


  10. Little My says:

    I don’t know about a dragon, but you know Granny Weatherwax HAS to take on Harry Potter.

  11. Patrick says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing Kylar in action, I hope he goes far. I have a feeling that Saphira will be a tough kill (depending on how much magic she uses), the only real way to beat her would be mentally, where she has been shown to have weaknesses. Also, although he may get through a ways on popularity, I feel that Harry should be out fairly soon, not being actually combat trained or anything. Similarly with Gale, looking at the list, he should be an easy kill as well. I also want to see Mr. Wednesday fight, I’m just finishing up American Gods, so I don’t know exactly how powerful he really is at the moment, but still looks interesting. All in all, good list.

  12. Mike says:

    I think there should be a special ‘Villains’ match up of who is the best and strongest villain.

  13. Valerie says:

    Anne Rice seems to have been skipped all together… I would have LOVED to see Rowan Mayfield against Lady Jessica or Harry Potter haha she doesnt need a wand to make your heart explode!!

  14. David says:

    @Trickster- I don’t think Atticus would fare too well against Kelsier. An allomancer has a distinct advantage over an ‘iron’ druid.

  15. Chris says:

    Regarding Cage Match 2012… will there be some equalizer in this years Cage Match? Last year Druss was pitted against Pug in a match up that read wrong anyways, but I digress. In the world of Druss the Legend magic was cost associated i.e. blood in most instances of dark magic. Pug on the other hand is evidently god and casts without affect. Let’s put aside all of the qualities Snaga carried or didn’t carry dependant upon what paragraph of the write up we read and agree in an equally built world sure Pug wins… but then he casually sits down and smokes a pipe I don’t think so. Either way I’d like a cost associated with the wizardly type or just insert Superman and call it a day.

    Oh, and who the hell would go from Druss to Waylander… what happened to the next obvious pick in Skilgannon? Waylander gets put down and gets back up again on repeat which makes him nothing more than a Fantasy Rocky. Can we redo the draft and pull the Damned?

  16. Not Telling says:

    If you are looking more stronger Allomancers, i would say to use the Lord Ruler, or if he would be too powerful, Marsh. The Lord Ruler had both Allomantic and Feruchemical powers, allowing him to use Allomancy to for efficiently use Feruchemy. This rendered him basicly immortal, to the point of being a skeleton and growing his flesh back in less than a second. On top of that, being the original Allomancer, made one by the Well of Ascension, he is exceptionally power with Allomancy alone, being able to Push on the trace metals in one’s body, and completely remove all emotion from someone, leaving them standing there with no reason to fight.

    Marsh is similar, but far less powerful. Due to Hemalurgic spikes implanted in him, he is already a powerful Allomancer, but he gained some Feruchemical powers as well. He is strong to the point of killing an Atium fuelled Elend, and he can only be killed by either decapitaion or the removal of a certain Hemalurgic spike from his back. He can see with no light, as his eyes were replaced with metal spikes, which allow him to sense Allomantic lines.

    These two characters are most likely the best candidates for a Mistborn represenative next year.

    Also, please excuse any bad spelling, as I am horrible at it.

  17. Novouto says:

    I hope Kylar gets his butt handed to him. Such a lame character deserves a thrashing.

  18. David says:

    The brackets are up! It’s gonna be a good one!

  19. David says:

    I did think of one character that should be considered in the future. Karl Cullinane with Arta Myrdhyn’s sword.

  20. Sir Read-a-Lot says:

    @Not Telling

    It’s true that, power-wise, Kelsier is the weakest of the Mistborn we’ve met in the series (not counting those that we only knew were Mistborn for one scene). However, don’t write him off just yet. He’s a master at pushing and pulling, and he’s the only character that we’ve ever seen kill an Inquisitor in a one on one fair fight. (The last battle, while awesome, doesn’t exactly count as fair).

    Plus, he’s not called the Survivor for nothing.

  21. Eric says:

    I hope Richard Rahl loses in the first round like he deserves. If not, Rake will make short work of him.

    Despite having Sparhawk and Rake in Miskatonic, I think Starfleet is the strongest bracket. However, this could easily be a burden. Also, I am biased since I am a fan of Jordan (Moiraine), Brooks (Dagda), Martin(Lannister), and Brust (e’Drien). Hogwarts bracket is the weakest by far.

    Character(s) most likely to underperform: Richard Rahl, Harry Potter
    Character(s) most likely to surprise: Morrolan e’Drien, Kull
    Character(s) that have no business here: Zaphod Beeblebrox, Tarzan, The Fool

    My Final-4: Anomander Rake, Morrolan e’Drien (wild card, b**ches!), Revan, and Kull (just ’cause nobody in this bracket sands a chance anyways).

    Championship: Rake over Revan. I’d like to see Morrolan all the way, but there is no way the fans will let this happen.

    Fight I would most like to see: Rake vs. e’Drien; Dragon vs. Dragon; Dragnipur vs. Blackwand – this fight would be great.

  22. Zach says:

    Hope Harry Potter looses first round. All he does is waqve a wand and argue, lets Love kill enemies for him.
    Gale is going to die early, this isn’t any Hunger Games, He’s fighting dragons and magicians.
    I think Keslier will do well , pulling for him, greatest attitude ever.
    But I rather have Kaladin, or Szeth represent Sanderson as they can walk on walls which is beast.
    Looking at this list I need to get reading.

  23. Not Telling says:

    @Sir Read-a-Lot

    Wasn’t discounting Kelsier, just making a reccomendation for next year. I think he truly does have a shot, as he CAN make a whirling metal maelstrom of death. Kinda hard to avoid one of those, no matter who you are.

    As a revision to my last post, I mean Ironeyes Marsh, not simply Inquisitor Marsh. As Ironeyes, he knows all sixteen metals, rather than most of them.

  24. stephen says:

    We all know that power doesn’t really matter in these cage matches.
    It’s a popularity contest and that means it will end up being tyrion lannister or moiraine damodred as the winner.

  25. Jlingo says:

    Look, I like Tyrion as much as the next fan but how in the Seven Kingdoms would he get beyond any of the foes he is matched up against?

  26. Not Telling says:

    Random thought; as a half year contest take more general combatants. For example, The Others and Myrddraal.

  27. Del says:

    I’m all for Atticus. To answer a previous person’s question about how could Atticus be beat, the only scenario I could see would be if they were fighting on a concrete platform raised high in the air with brick walls surrounding the platform. Then he would be cut off from being able to tap into the earth to \re-charge\ and once his juice ran down, and he had used up everything stored in his charms, he’d be dependent upon innate combat skills..and a pretty badass sword. But the sword wouldnt keep him from getting injured. All that being said…my vote is still for the Iron Druid. but its really a popularity contests and since GoT(which I love) is so popular, especially now that its on HBO, Tyrion will probably get the votes. But anyways….GO ATTICUS!!!

  28. Crim says:

    Awwww, no Dresden or Johannas Cabal? Tis a sad day. That said the list looks like win with a nice mix of new and old. Look forward to the matches and write ups. i know who I’m cheering for!

  29. AO says:

    Still no characters from Michelle West’s Hunter’s/Sun Sword/House War series?

    The 12 books out so far are one of the most epic fantasy stories ever, and I know that characters like Kiriel, Viandaran, Celleriant, Illaraphaniel, etc. could do some damage if given a chance.

  30. ls says:

    My money is on Sparhawk or Atticus. I like Harry Potter, but he’s kind of a wimp compared to the rest.

  31. Vivek says:

    People, Hasn’t anybody heard of Harry Dresden?? Come on… He’s the coolest guy out there!!!

  32. David says:

    @Crim and @Vivek: I will say it again. I like Harry Dresden, but he was used in a previous tournament. He lost to Conan. Even Jim Butcher agreed that it was fair.

  33. Luzburg says:

    Weatherwax wins. Rake second after she talks him into crying over his issues with his mother.

  34. Than says:

    Moiraine has Balefire, but she has to feel her life is threatened to use the power as a weapon. Thomas is a Blending of Human and A creature that existed before the Gods(Valehru ) so real hard to kill also a nice guy wont help in the fight but its pleasant to see and all powerful nice guy.
    Sparhawk will kill anyone who fights him fair also hes a retired god. but my pick for champion is Granny f@(&in Weatherwax She is unbeatable she is the most powerful witch on the disc.

  35. Isdera says:

    This ought to be an interesting tornament. I’l admit I have my favorites like everyone else (O’sullivan, Stern), but for characters you missed, what about Konowa Swift-dragon, or Yimt Akhorn from The Iron Elves Series? Yimt with his drunkhar and shatterbow would be a nightmare on the field.

  36. Nandorgh says:

    It seems unfair to put Granny Weatherwax into the competition…
    She doesn’t know how to lose!

  37. Kris10B says:

    I’m on the bandwagon: Granny Weatherwax FTW!
    don’t mess with her. just don’t.

  38. Kevin C says:


    Gaius Octavian is the biggest omission so far, since he is all sorts of bad ass. In the future, you could use Ambassador Varg and Fidelias as well.

  39. jbright says:

    If bhelliom is present then Sparhawk is no short then a god with the power of creation at his behest, so if he has that then he should decimate all commers, would have like to see Althalus from Eddings other series tho, he would be a cool matchup for kelsier. And i do hope richard gets smoked cauz i read all of the sword of truth series and was left greatly disappointed by the ending.

  40. Wonderland449 says:

    I’m confused about why Laurell K Hamilton’s Anita Blake isn’t on the roster. She’s been the Queen of raising zombies, slaying the undead and shapeshifters for over ten years. Hamilton is a New York Times best seller with nearly ever Anita book. She’s also credited with the entire creation of the smart-ass, strong feminine vampire hunter genre. When Guilty Pleasures came out in the 90s, the book companies told her there was no market for that genre. Ten years later, she’s still at the top of the list. But she’s not on this one? That seems like a shame to me. I love Rachel Morgan too, but Anita has been around longer and personally I feel kicks more butt. I dont know how she got missed on this one.

  41. dpomerico says:

    @Wonderland449: Anita was in our first Cage Match.

    She lost in the first round to Polgara: http://suvudu.com/2010/03/cage-match-2010-round-1-10-polgara-the-sorceress-versus-23-anita-blake.html

  42. Archon says:

    Great list, as usual… However, Rake might be a bit of a “Rand”-type flyer, since Quick Ben was respected and popular enough to win the last one, and Quick Ben fled like a little girl from Rake, because he knew Rake was WAAAAYYYY out of his league…

  43. Trickster says:

    Next year I am hoping to see someone from the
    Eli Monpress books by Rachel Aaron.
    Also Gerald Dunwood by K.E Mills.
    Oscar Britton from Shadow Ops, Control point by Myke Cole

  44. SirB says:

    ATTICUS RULES!!!!!!! lol just saying

  45. Kara says:

    I think Gimli, Tarzan, and the Waylander seem to be some of the best (I actually looked them up). :) Drawing a dragon, though, could be interesting.

  46. Niria says:

    I just… Kylar and Saphira? It may seem odd but he battled that dragon-thing underneath the Stacks, and that seemed pretty hard, so how would it go with something that has room to fly?
    Kylar said he wouldn’t have been able to take it in an open area, but Durzo must’ve taught him new tricks (I’m thinking flying).

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