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  1. dries says:

    i cant GRRM’s version of the battle between hermoine and jaime can anyone fix this for me ???

  2. griff says:


  3. Langdon Shoop says:

    There are two answers to this question. Ander Elessedil is the first. Add some ears, and he would be a perfect choice for the role. His role of Thor in the Marvel movies would prepare him for the young elf who will lead the fight against the deamons and eventually be King of the Elves.
    If he wanted a shorter commitment, Crispin. He would make a great Captain of the Home Guard. It would stink to show the Reaper throw him into the gorge at Pykon, but that would make for a Ned Stark-type surprise in what would be the mid-season of the show.

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