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Cage Match 2012: Call for Art!


As we gear up for this year’s Cage Match (which begins March 5, 2012), there are a few new wrinkles everyone here at Del Rey Spectra and Suvudu are excited about.

First: We’ve expanded the field. Instead of 32 characters, we’re including 64 science fiction and fantasy characters. You can see the complete list here.

Second: We’re asking fans to contribute the art!

It’s the second one that I’m posting about today. You see, we usually find art from book covers or actors depictions, but more often than not, we were finding art from fans, usually from their deviantART pages. Well, we figured why not go directly to them–we get great art to feature on Suvudu, and the artist gets exposure on one of SF/F’s most exciting events.*

So if you like to draw, and you like science fiction and fantasy, it’s time to flex your creative muscles and be part of Cage Match 2012.

Just click this link to learn how to submit your entry, and for the official rules of the contest.

And–of course–have fun!

We can’t wait to see what you all come up with.

*I don’t necessarily have data that it’s the most exciting–but I like to think it is!

One Response to “Cage Match 2012: Call for Art!”

  1. Shadow'sBane says:

    i think you should use artwork of Wheel Of Time – 5 “Fires of Heaven” Ebook’s Cover for Moiraine’s Artwork…
    it is the Best artWork of Moiraine i have even seen,,,
    here is a link http://www.tor.com/blogs/2010/02/the-fires-of-heaven-ebook-cover-by-dan-dos-santos

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