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Cage Match 2012: Round 3: Erevis Cale versus Rachel Morgan

The Contestants


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Erevis Cale
First Chosen of the Shadowlord

Age: 40s
Race: Shade
Weapons / Artifacts: Weaveshear
Redirect magic back at caster with Weaveshear

Rachel Morgan
Owner, Vampiric Charms and former Inderland Security runner
Age: Late 20s
Race: Witch
Weapons / Artifacts: Magic. Really good at magic. Also, sarcasm. Leather pants.
Don’t be near a ley line if you want to survive. Or near Jenks.

The Breakdown


  • Infused with shadowstuff (as a result, can teleport from shadow to shadow, make shadowy duplicates of himself, merge with darkness)
  • Regenerative flesh
  • Powerful user of priestly magic

  • A witch and therefore capable of casting spells and using magic
  • Has a strange love/hate relationship with Trenton Kalamack
  • Best friends are a living vampire and a pixy

  • Sometimes “angsty”

  • Often her own worst enemy due to stubbornness and angst—and getting into those leather pants


How we think the fight will go

How Paul S. Kemp, creator of Erevis Cale, thinks the match will go:

Lightning painted jagged green lines on the starless vault of the Shadowfell’s sky. Thunder rumbled, a deep groan, as if the world were in pain.

And Cale supposed it was.

Shadows roiled around him, their dark churn a reflection of his thoughts. He stood on a balcony in the highest tower of his basalt citadel, staring up at the glowing gash in the sky.

The rift hadn’t shrunk. Cale had murdered two people, thinking that would close and end the crossovers that were destabilizing the multiverse. But the blood he’d spilled had been a libation to indifferent gods. The rift remained as it had been, several leagues wide, glowing green and blue and yellow, a bruise-colored hole in the fabric of the multiverse.

If it weren’t closed soon, he knew, it would consume everything. Everyone everywhere would die. The multiverse would end in nothingness.

He had to learn more of its origin.

Intoning the words to a powerful divination, he smeared shadows across the air before his face, read the meaning in their pattern, in their swirling whorls and spirals. Words came to him, alien words that originated on alien worlds, names of beings he never should have known: Kylar Stern, Revan, Kelsier, Rachel Morgan.
And every name was a symptom of the multiverse’s sickness. All of those beings stood between him and his ability to seal the rift. The rift….

He focused the energy of his spell on the rift, looking for a magical signature, anything that would tell him of its origin. And he soon had it.

His spell pulled a presence from the shadows, showed him the cause of the rift, the towering, dark presence that loomed behind it all, a being with the power of a god, a being whose name Cale now knew.

Anomander Rake.

Rake was responsible for the rift. Rake was responsible for everything.

Cale would have to find him, and then find a way to kill him.

But others stood in the way, beings Rake was using to thwart any attempt to stop him and seal the rift.

Cale would have to kill them first.

He picked a name at random from those he had learned.

Rachel Morgan would be the next to die.

He drew Weaveshear, hooked the foci of his divination onto Rachel Morgan’s name, and so learned the location to which he must travel.

Thunder rumbled anew as he drew the darkness about him, stepped through the shadows, and went off to kill.


He materialized on another world, in the tree line at the edge of an open meadow. A single moon cut a silver crescent in a sky filled with stars he didn’t know. Insects chirped and buzzed. He merged his form with the darkness, turning himself invisible.

Stones decorated the meadow, arranged in a semi-circular pattern. He sensed the magic of the place, though the feel of it was foreign to him.

Rachel Morgan stood in the meadow.

Seeing her, he cursed softly. The darkness around him churned. He’d not expected a woman. Even in his days as a paid assassin, he’d never murdered a woman.

Resolve drained from him, as if pouring through a hole in his heel. He sheathed his blade, unable to act. From the darkness he watched her, a ghost haunting her movements, trying to reconcile himself to blood.

She moved from stone to stone, touching each one in turn, sparks of magic flowing from her fingers as her fingers touched rock. He prowled along the edge of the meadow, a dark, silent shadow trailing her steps. He flashed back on Tazi and Varra, the only two women he’d ever loved, inasmuch as he could love. Rachel Morgan reminded him of them somehow. It wasn’t just her beauty, though there was that. And it wasn’t just the way she brushed her red hair from her face. It was the confidence of her movements, the grace. She was formidable; he could see that.

He imagined he would have liked Rachel Morgan if he hadn’t come to kill her.

Sentimentality made him doubt, and doubt made him sloppy. A branch snapped under his step. Rachel froze, looked over at him, head cocked, eyebrows raised in a question. He would’ve sworn she looked directly at him, saw him for a moment, though that shouldn’t have been possible.

It was excuse enough. He drew the darkness fully about him and rode the shadows back to the Shadowfell. He didn’t have a murder in him, not right then.


Rachel watched the shadowman pull the darkness to him and disappear into it, going back to whatever sunless world he called home.

“Really?” she said. “Dark, shadowy assassin type? That’s what I get? Cliché much, pal? Hell, I’ll bet you have a heart of gold, too, or at least an honorable streak.”

She sat cross-legged on one of the stones of the meadow while the glamour that looked exactly like her—a distraction designed to draw fire—continued to move from stone to stone and cast illusory spells. A leyline bisected the meadow and she’d used its power to fuel a series of defensive wards and magical alarms. She wouldn’t be taken by surprise again, and she wouldn’t be taken from earth, not again. She’d wait out this idiot cosmic game on a leyline, in her meadow. If she were forced to face someone else, to kill someone else, she’d do it on earth.

She’d watched the darkman as he’d watched her glamour. She’d sensed the power in him. But he was no demon, no fey, no kind of being she’d ever seen before. He was…something else.

And yet there was something human in him. She’d seen the hesitation in his yellow eyes, the doubt written in his expression. He’d come to kill her. Of that she had no doubt, but he’d faltered. But he didn’t want to.
She hoped she never saw him again, hoped he’d reconsidered his course. Because she knew that if she did see him again, if he did come back, he would be coming to kill her. And she knew he wouldn’t hesitate again.

“You should’ve taken your shot when you thought you had it, shadowman. That hesitation’s gonna cost you if you come back here.”

She knew quite well how to deal with a man who lived in the dark.


Cale paced his sanctum, out of view of the rift, trying to figure out another course. But there wasn’t, and he knew it.

He stacked coins, played chess against himself, rifled scrolls and books, all of it mundane nonsense designed to file while his conscience caught up with events. In time he came to the only conclusion possible.

He’d have to kill Rachel.

“Damn it.”

Rake would answer for Rachel, for all of the dead, if Cale could make it through to him.

His mind made up, he stepped through the shadows, from his sanctum to the plains of the Shadowfell. From there, he took one last glance up at the rift, the mouth that was eating existence, a reminder to himself of the stakes.

He jingled the coins in his pocket (he must have shoved some of them there while stacking them), put murder on his mind and drew Weaveshear. He pulled the darkness about him and stepped between worlds.


Once more he materialized in the darkness of the tree line. Rachel sat on one of the stones in the center of the meadow, her back to him. He could make it quick. She’d feel nothing.

He stepped out of the trees and into the meadow and the moment he did white light blared from above. It originated from everywhere, fulgent, blinding, hitting him like a physical thing, stripping away the darkness that shrouded him, driving him to his knees. Shadows poured from his flesh, but lingered for only a moment before the light burned them away. He groaned, eyes watering, and tried to feel the darkness of the forest right behind him, but couldn’t. Something blocked his perception.

“Take away the night and you’re like a turtle without your shell,” said a woman’s voice, Rachel Morgan’s voice. She stood and walked a few steps toward him. “Kinda one-dimensional, aren’t you? I mean, darkness is your thing? Really?”

Still holding Weaveshear, fighting against the pain, he crawled on all fours toward her.

“Oh, none of that, now,” she said, and waved a hand.

In response to her words, the earth squirmed under him, the grass and weeds growing, thickening, whipping about. They grabbed at him, wormed their way into his clothing, pulled him down as if trying to draw him into the soil, into a grave. He fought against them, struggled, but every strand of grass or weed he broke, ten took its place. They were wrapping him up, cocooning him. Soon he was covered in them, barely able to move.

“I’m sorry about this,” Rachel said. “But you came here to kill me, right? Probably told yourself ‘Killing’s what I was born to do,’ all hardass like, right?” She shook her head and paced a small circle.“You men and your egos.”

He grunted, tore at the grass, got himself again to all fours, moved in a halting crawl toward her. He needed a shadow, some darkness, but the light of her spell killed them all. There were none in the meadow.

“You’re thinking about the light, aren’t you?” she said. “It’s a simple spell, really. You know what ‘local noon?’ means? No? It means the sun is directly above an object, such that the object casts no shadow. This spell’s like that except in spades. It puts a magical source of illumination directly over every object in the meadow and then stays there, even if the object moves. Hence, no shadows.” She clucked her tongue. “Hence, sad shadowman. And my wards isolate the meadow from everything outside it, so no leaving the field of play, as it were. It’s just you and me, kid.”

She stood maybe ten paces from him.

Grass wormed into his mouth, choking off his air. Weeds clogged his ears, blocked his vision. He was sinking into the earth. Several strands wrapped around his throat and started to squeeze. He gasped, tried to grab at them but couldn’t free an arm. Shadows poured from his flesh, but Rachel’s spell quickly burned them away.

Weaveshear was too big to be of use, so he reached for his dagger with his off-hand, grunting against the pull of the meadow’s vegetation. Sparks exploded in his brain, the lack of air blurring his vision, clouding his thinking. He couldn’t reach his dagger, could only reach his pocket and the handful of coins it held.
He almost laughed at the silliness of it.

And then an idea struck him.

He closed his fist over the coins, pulled his hand free, and squirmed desperately to free up his arm. The vegetation clutched at him, choked him, reached into his throat, his eyes, his ears and nose. He couldn’t breathe; he couldn’t see; he was dying.

“Sorry, darkman,” Rachel said. She sounded far, far away.

“You’re not killing me,” he grunted. “You’re killing everyone.”

She stopped her pacing, faced him. “What’s that now?”

Her hesitation cost her. The grass and weeds relented, just for a moment, and desperation lent him strength. He freed his arm for just a breath and used that breath to cast the handful of coins into the air, in Rachel’s direction.

As he’d hoped, her spell could not keep track of all of them, could not follow the random movement of their flight. For just a fraction of a heartbeat, the coins flew oblique to the magical light of her noontime spell, and as they did, each coin put a tiny shadow on the ground.

And Cale felt them all as they formed, felt their connection to him, each shadow a tiny hole in the defenses Rachel had so carefully crafted. He felt the correspondence between the darkness that bled from his flesh and the shadows cast by the coins. An instant was all he needed, a moment.

He moved from one shadow to another, leapfrogging across the meadow until he materialized behind Rachel. She whirled, eyes wide, words of power forming on her lips, but before she could utter them, he drove Weaveshear up through her ribcage and into her heart. She gasped, a small sound that would haunt Cale a long while.

“I’m sorry, Rachel Morgan,” he said, as she sagged toward him, her hands clutching his cloak.

“What..have…you done?” she said, her blood warm on his hand.

“What I had to,” he said softly. “It’s night now. Rest.”

He cradled her as she died, and after she was gone, the light from her spell failed and darkness reclaimed the meadow. She lay limp in his arms.

Cale stood, pushed away the guilt he felt, and arranged her body in a posture of repose. He closed her eyes, bade her godspeed, and left her there.

As he pulled the night around him and rode it back to the Shadowfell, grief gave way to anger and he shouted the name of his hate into the heavens, the name that had made all of this necessary.


Predicted Winner: Erevis Cale


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Erevis Cale is a character from the Erevis Cale trilogy by Paul S. Kemp; JRachel Morgan is a character from The Hollows series by Kim Harrison.

Erevis Cale image courtesy of Raymond Swanland and Wizards of the Coast. Rachel Morgan image courtesy of *ValliantCreations

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Cage Match fans: We are looking forward to hearing your responses! If possible, please abstain from including potential spoilers about the books in your comments (and if you need spoilers to make your case, start your comments with: “SPOILER ALERT!”


146 Responses to “Cage Match 2012: Round 3: Erevis Cale versus Rachel Morgan”

  1. Jlingo says:

    What a brilliant, brilliant write-up! Kemp has written the best cage fights scenarios ever in my opinion. Love the addition of current participants left and how Cale includes them in his mission to stop the rift. We see the motivation/emotions/thought process of the character in a story woven in with present cage fight possibilities. Rake is even mentioned and becomes the protagonist! Simply the best!

  2. Paul S. Kemp says:

    Errg! Accursed typos. Apologies for those, folks. That should be “designed to fill time while his conscience….” not “file.”

    Well, hope you enjoy anyway. These are fun. :-)


  3. Ahimsa says:

    This is one of my favorite write-ups ever, and I don’t even know either character. Kudos to you, Mr. Kemp.

  4. Archon says:

    Very entertaining write up… my question would be about Cale’s power… is it shadow based, or darkness based? Either way, I’m not really sure he wants to be calling out the Son of Darkness, Knight of High-House Dark… Cale seems like a pretty cool character, but that would seem a bit like Lake Superior calling out the Pacific Ocean in a water-based fight…

  5. Seth says:

    Hats off. Great write-up.

  6. D.I. Waisanen says:

    I hope that Cale wins this one: These are easiest the best write-ups in the entire tournament, and are becoming a really interesting story. Not to mention, this was a really clever interaction of powers that found a creative way for Cale to win.

  7. Burgher says:

    Love the write-up, Mr. Kemp! I thoroughly enjoyed both series (and hope to see more of Erevis down the line) but I voted for Rachel. She pulls through, usually with help from her friends, and not without issues, but Erevis likes to fight his battles for himself. I think Rachel can better handle an unpredictable opponent with unknown skills. Honestly, I’d see it going down as a draw, with both limping off, but I had to go one way or the other.

  8. John says:

    Nicely told, but it has a sort of a “Bambi vs. Godzilla” vibe that I just can’t quite get behind. No matter how tortured a soul gets over the needless death of (fill in the blank) to save all of existence from (fill in the blank), there’s no drama to a one-sided battle no matter how dramatically it’s written.

  9. David says:

    Here we go with the silliness again. Erevis has shown that he can take on multiple opponents in the past. I’m sorry, but if Rachel wins, it is solely on popularity.

  10. Chaemin says:

    Gotta go with Rachel myself!

  11. See says:

    Gotta vote for Cale come on folks lets not make this a popularity contest. Kemps write ups are the best by far you don’t want it to end here. Do you want a boring Rachel vs kyler vs Rake ending or a epic tale Cale vs Kyler ending against Rake himself. come on Cale start prepping w/ prayer for spells from Mask before starting further battle. Especially if he’s fighting all these unknowns.

  12. Asteron says:

    I would like to point out that Cale hasn’t once cast any of his Cleric spells, which are some of the most powerful spells in the D&D worlds. Heck, he could have just prepared the spell Darkness and he would have been just fine…

    Honestly, in terms of power, this isn’t a fair fight. If we want to bring friends into it, Cale has those in spades…

  13. teresa says:

    Sorry people I think Rachel can do it. She is always the underdog in ever fight she’s in. She seems to know how to kick ass and take names. Plus hello she’s a day walking demon she wins hands down. Love Rachel

  14. Dave says:

    He’s the chosen of Mask, First of five, shadow dragon’s give him leeway, has done battles w/ arch devils and demigods. Whats a demon to him. He has yet to use his arsenal of spells.. Hope he wins so the readers and enjoy future battles where he uses his whole repatua..

  15. Lizzy says:

    There is one thing I really hate about this write up. Mr. Kemp has given the scenario that Cale will save the world through killing Rachel, while Rachel is on a defensive know nothing. Of course that gives Cale the advantage.
    But what if the write up was opposite, that Cale had no knowledge of Rachel, but that she has found out that through defeating him she will a) save the world, b) save her friends, c) save Ivy’s soul, etc.
    At this point I would see the match up as being who was more determined, who had the most to lose/gain. So yes, with this write up scenario I think Cale would win. But in another, Rachel would win.
    So I think it’s a toss up between these two.
    I’m voting Rachel, because I’m all about the “how can I defeat and get my purpose without having to kill a freaking innocent person.” But that’s just me.

  16. Tracey "Lippy" Lipford says:

    Mr. Kemp made one tactical mistake in this scenario that leads to me disagreeing with his conclusion: he has Rachel in her meadow either right under or maybe even right in a ley line. Anywhere else, she’d have to rely on spindled ley energy, and I’d give it to Cale. However, with a direct connection to a line, I’d highly disagree that her spell couldn’t keep up with the coins being tossed. It’d be the difference between a light bulb running off a battery and one hooked directly up to a nuclear power plant. Advantage: Rachel.

  17. J.N. Duncan says:

    Excellent write-up, I must say. Of course, no ley lines were brought into the mix, which would have made things even more interesting from a battle standpoint at least. However, I really like the Rachel character, and given the lack of females in the tourney I’m going to go with the underdog here.

  18. Kvothe_the_Bloodless says:

    The Rake angle is very interesting…Is Kemp predicting the finals? *Gasp* Is that allowed from the authors? I would love to see a Erevis vs. Anomader finals though, that would be pretty awesome!

  19. Anders says:

    First I´d like to say that it was a very good story but… Rachel would have trapped him in a circle first to find out his true intentions. She must have some questions for him!!! and if she wanted to get rid of him she could have linejumped him and then let him drift off in the emptiness. She is a daywalking demon and I don´t know if she´s got some other life force besides a beating heart that she´s not aware of to make her tic. But she might. She is after all immortal.

  20. Tim says:

    Don’t feel I can vote in this one. Not an obvious enough Cale-win based off what I know of Rachel, as much as I really want to see an Erevis vs Kylar match (although people’s arguments for Rachel in the comments are very far from convincing, so was the story).

  21. Fellfire says:

    Vasen Coriver FTW.

  22. Xebicls says:

    Everyone who wants to talk tactics, whatever. Kemps holding back on Cales true potential so far in these fights as it is, so arguing hypothetical tactics is a moot point. Also, as there’s only one author doing the writeup per fight, of course they are going to be showing their view of how it would go. Fact remains, Kemp has done the 1 thing that has distinguished Cale from the rest of the contenders. Hes given context for the killing, and a plot. If not for anything else, Cale deserves his shot at the finals purely for that. And if its all about power, we havent seen anything yet. Cale vs Rake just depends on where they fight, because their pretty much on the same level, just below that of gods in their own universes. I think the final battle, if a bunch of angry rake fans dont go out and sabotage voting for fights they dont care about otherwise, should be held on the shadowfell or another semiplanar dimension of shadow, purely because both parties would have the advantage in a field of similar element.

  23. Ryan says:

    Cale has the power of a god at his finger tips. This is a one on one fight and not a place where Morgan can rely on her friends for back up. So in turn… No contest Cale DOMINATES.
    Nuff said.
    (I hope Mr. Kemp writes a matchup where Cale shows his strength and rips someones head in half like in Twilight Falling. :-) )

  24. Gritty says:

    I am new to this place, but it seems that having the author of one book do the write up scenario is exreamly bias. Would it not be better to have a third party writer that has read both sets of books do an unbiased scenario. Or perhaps let both aurthors do a scenario. This would drastically reduce bias writing. This would prevent people from voting based solely on one persons bias depection of how the match will go, or people voting not because they like this mini story Kemp has created and not based on who they think would win.
    And sorry to the people that say “lets not make this a popularity contest” if your voting because you like the authors write up- your the ones making it a popularity contest!! If you are voting because you like the story Kemp is creating and want to read more you are the one creating a popularity contest-his story is popular so you vote for his character so you can read more of the story- thats called popularity contest. If you vote for who has the greater power, fighting ability and resource utilization, it would not a popularity contest.
    WIth that I will leave it up to those of you who have knowledge on both character to do the right thing and vote not based on one bias write-up and not because you want to hear the rest of Mr Kemp’s story but vote based the knowledge you have and who you think will win.

  25. Granny says:

    Home field advantage and direct connection to layline. Need I say more. Rachel hands down.

  26. Corwin says:

    Just to make things clear, this is Kemp’s writeup and he seems to be trying to give Rachel a decent shot so that people can justify making a choice either way. However, if you’re going for who would actually be stronger straight up, you can’t just assume that she will have \home field advantage and direct connection to a layline.\ This fight could just as easily have taken place in ANY situation, so Kemp HANDED her the homefield advantage.

    Furthermore, Cale is the chosen of his god (and depending on the timeframe, a Demigod in his own right), and he is yet to use his priest spells (and for those unfamiliar, his spells DO NOT depend on being in shadow). He could have dispelled her magic, called down a divine pillar of fire to burn her alive, or any number of things that would have ended the fight much faster. I think Kemp is avoiding this to make it more interesting, but it is something you should consider before voting.

    For all you Rachel fans, I’m sorry. She just doesn’t have a chance in a real fight.

  27. Brandon A says:

    I do like the idea that Mr. Kemp is making this Cage Match a story line. However, though I do not know the character of Rake all that well, I must disagree with his choice of Antagonist. The clearer choice for me would be Mr. Wednesday as the antagonist, knowing his character. He would have planned this entire Cage Match knowing it would draw a crowd who would again see him as a god, thus returning his powers to him. And he would also have the match fields, where blood was shed in his games, to draw power from.

    However, amazing write up as always, and I look forward to, hopefully, seeing the next match again, hopefully, Kylar Stern. Would be the most amazing match-up, though very depressing no matter who loses that fight.

  28. Elros says:

    Go on Erevis! Beat them all up to finish!

    Mr. Kemp, you always bring us great cage match writeups! Thank you!

  29. K says:

    psssst…. y’all are missing something here. Rachel Morgan is a day-walking demon. It really would be a tough match.

    Mr. Kemp ~ awesome write up!!! I’m going to go run and check out your series!!
    -a die-hard Hollows fan

  30. Go Rachel! Pfft. Sentimentality never gets in her way.

  31. Rachel says:

    Great write-up, fantastic depth to the match and a really fun read. But there’s no way Rachel wouldn’t already be in a circle when facing an unknown opponent, so the whole sword-in-the-ribcage thing wouldn’t happen. Not to mention, even in this scenario where she does get skewered, aside from the whole “Rachel has friends Ivy/Jenks/Trent” thing (who have brought her back from the brink of death on many occasions), all she has to do is summon Al who would run a healing curse over her (or done it herself, presuming she’s learnt the curse already). Cale was close enough to touch at the end there, Rachel could easily have drawn a line through him and fried his brain too.
    Rachel’s not only sassy, she’s resourceful and creative too. She makes mistakes often but when the adrenaline’s pumping, there’s no stopping her.

  32. Michael says:

    I voted for Erevis Cale on this one. 1, hes my favorite and im a fanboy, so its to be expected, 2, rachel seems to be not in my type of writing preference. and finaly, 3, her main power is magic. It states clearly in advantages ‘weaveshear, can reflect magic back upon the user’ and hes a shade, resistant to magic any time of day.

    either way, Kemp always writes good stuff, so its been fun going this far :)

  33. Rory says:

    He got in a fist fight with his own god in an alley way. Cale has that spirit you can’t crush. No matter how bleak the outcome or who the opponent is; day-walking-demon, demi-god, Mask, he’ll make it out even if it leaves him a tattered mess.

  34. David says:

    Sounds to me like Rachel-fans are throwing the term ‘day-walking demon’ around the way Zaphod fans use ‘hoopy frood’. I’ve never read either of these two before this tournament. As an objective observer, it seems to me that Rachel is hopelessly outclassed.

  35. D.I. Waisanen says:

    If Erevis has anti-magic abilities, a sword that can reflect magic, and a large repertoire of his own potent spells in addition to his superhuman physical abilities in darkness, then he is the clear winner just on power. However, the level of cunning he’s displayed in this fight would be enough to win it for him even if Rachel was more powerful.

    I’d be happy with it if Cale went all the way to the end, because rather than just relying on power, or popularity, he’s also backed up by genuinely good writing. I wouldn’t want to interrupt this chain of write-ups and interesting stories by having him lose to Rachel now.

  36. Guel says:

    I’d like to point out that the last time Cale fought a demon, and yes, it walked around in the day, he threw Weaveshear aside, put his thumbs into its brain and crushed its skull with his bare hands.

  37. michelle says:

    Rachel is a day walking demon anyone who reads her series would know that and if Cale was a shadow creature then that would give Rachel an advantage because most of her demon curses could either contain him in a circle or cast him into the ever after. we also forget she has the ability to summon other demons such as a Al who is ancient and old. rachel has been away from the home court on many occasions and still managed to win her battle not to mention she could also summon trent to her with her ring and i do believe mr shadow would have little protection against wild ancient elven Magic… it was a great write up i enjoyed reading this writers perspective but i also agree that it could be very bias…id like to hear Kim’s ideas on how this fight would go… she would know her charger better than anyone… peace out

  38. Justin Anstine says:

    Its hard for me to say what would happen as I have only read the Cale series. Cale runs around, slaying “day walking” demons, demi gods and enjoys puncing/stabbing his god in the face. At one point he becomes a god of sorts himself. His clerical abilities make him even more dangerous as he could have rebuked the demon all together, or any number of his spells could have been used. At this time I am struggling to think of more than a handful of characters in the whole Forgotten series that could take Cale on and actually kill him. I would be most interested to see a Dungeons & Dragons break down of both characters….. Anyone that has gamed and read bother series willing/able?
    All of you Rachel fans should go and pick up the Erevis Cale Triolgy, (There are a few books that procede this trilogy but its where I started and dont regret it) get a cup of cocoa and get ready for one of the best reads you will have in your life. Paul Kemp is an amazing writer. I seriously had goosebumps the whole time and very few writers have done that to me. For that, I thank you Mr. Kemp!

    P.S. I cannot wait for God Born…. That and R.A. Salvatores Dark Elf Release are to far away. Maybe I will go read about this Rachel Morgan character :)

  39. Kristin says:

    I can’t say much about Erevis Cale, as I have not read the books. There seems to be a bit of that going on here because Rachel wouldn’t so much be participating in this even but trying to bring it down by either trapping/banishing her opponents or winning them over to her side to go after the ones who pitted them against each other. She does not do what is expected.

    As far as the comments about her abilities…she can fight, she has three types of magic to pull from, and has an attitude.

    She can handle this dark assassin.

    (watch out cage match organizers)

  40. Ryan Haseman says:

    Aww you had to pick my 2 favorite characters from fantasy novels and have them kill each other. Both of these authors are excellent if you haven’t read one of them you really should pick the series up. A very nice write up by Mr. Kemp for the match though I don’t think Rachel would go down that easily.

  41. Shizzlenitts says:

    Having read your Cage Match Paul and then having read all the comments , it really is a hard one to call. Except its not.
    Ive read both Erevis and Rachel’s books. U’ve put Rachel in the perfect scenario for her abilities to have a decent crack at Cale but you’ve stripped Cale of all his abilities.
    Cale would have done Intel gathering, CAST SPELLS!! , buffed up and so much more.
    I can understand an author not being bias towards his/her character so it seems fair to the readers but at the end of the day if the reader has followed both Cale and Rachel on thier journeys they will see that Cale truly is the stronger in a monumental way.
    I love the write up Paul . It was fantastic but your running Cale at 70% of his potential.
    Cale is hands down winner of this match and for those that have voted Rachel to win , you need to pick up a Paul S. Kemp book and not vote for your favourite character , but vote for the winner of a fight.

    Winner : Cale . and ive done the research.

  42. db says:

    As if Rachel would just stand there and get stabbed!! Rachel is best at hand to hand combat, she tends to rely on it as her fail safe. Beyond that, if she is standing directly in a lay line there is no excuse for his little coins to be able to over power her spell. I’m sorry but this write up, while entertaining, is wrong.

  43. TheSaintWithinTheSinner says:

    Hmmm…. It seems you’ve gained a reader, Mr. Kemp. No clue who Erevis Cale is, but I’ll be reading the trilogy ASAP. :) Awesome write up. (However, if Cale makes it through this, I’m still voting for Kylar in the next round. Sorry, can’t help it; I’m a fangirl.) :P

  44. See says:

    You should really read Cale trilogy’s (there’s more than one) before voting for Kyler. You might just regret your vote at a later date.:)

  45. Jennifer says:

    It was nice to see someone else’s point of view of a character I love, but that’s not how Rachel would take someone out. It would be a little clumsy but effective and not involve strangling someone with plants! If you really know Rachel then you know that she is not a demon to be trifled with! Go Rachel!

  46. TheSaintWithinTheSinner says:

    I haven’t read either series, so I should probably stay out of it, but in the comments I’m noticing a theme – all the girls are for Rachael. Kinda makes me laugh. I’m a girl, and I’d have to go with Cale. Sounds like he’s badass. :D

    In response to the comment responding to my earlier comment (wow, that made NO sense at all), I shall consider it, but only if you consider reading the Night Angel trilogy before voting for Cale, for /you/ might regret you vote at a later date. ;) (Unless of course you’ve already read it.)

  47. Asteron says:

    All of the Hollows fans aren’t giving Mr. Kemp the credit he deserves with these write-ups. Putting Rachel on a ley line is the only way to make the fight halfway fair. He is trying to make these entertaining, not a slaughterfest like he could. Consider that Cale hasn’t cast a single spell in 3 fights. Had he cast any defensive spells beforehand or used any offensive spells, this fights over. The cleric class is one of the most powerful in all of D&D AND he is the Chosen of his diety (he is better than the average cleric..)

    I’ve done my research on Rachel and while she would be formidable, Cale could do this a number of different ways…

  48. Rartemass says:

    While these write ups are fine, I think the above makes Rachel seem like a stupid villain caught monologuing. She knew the shadowman was coming to kill her, why would she taunt him and let him regroup?
    She had him caught in a trap, she should have simply coup de graced him by driving a sword into his spine while the grass choked him (or shot him in the head- I don’t know the character or series so don’t know the setting). Even blasting him with other magic while prone and restrained would make sense.
    One last point, a sun directly above wouldn’t light the ground underneath his body. Cale could have tried to simply arch his back slightly and would find shadows beneath him.
    I still think Rachel would win this as the trap was well executed and she had plenty of time to take him out instead of taunting the man focused on her death.

  49. ricochet173 says:

    Honestly, Mr. Kemp is being incredibly generous in his write-up here. Erevis Cale is a ludicrously powerful character even by the standards of his fictional setting, which is filled with enormously powerful beings. Cale is highly resistant to offensive magic, has regenerative flesh, can teleport at will through shadows of any sort, is a well-trained assassin, has enhanced physical attributes due to his \condition\ (he has crushed a powerful demon’s skull with his bare hands), has access to incredibly powerful priestly spells (which his deity personally bolsters, seeing as Cale is his Chosen priest), and is in possession of a sword which absorbs and redirects magic at will (this sword has, at least once, protected Cale from a god’s spells).

    It’s not a matter of fanboydom (Is this a word? It certainly is now..) but of common sense. Rachel is just not up to snuff for this challenge. Is she powerful? Sure! However, Cale’s abilities are uniquely suited to giving her a whupping. Cale wins, easily.

  50. Rachel says:

    Okay I’m just going to reiterate my last comment because I think if people who haven’t read either series read this write-up, it’s a little misleading. I mean it’s a really great read and I’ll definitely be checking out the Erevis Cale books after this, and (from the comments/description) Cale is probably the much-stronger opponent, but my issue is that none of Rachel’s writeups so far reflect her actual fighting style and do her spirit a bit of injustice. I’m sure that’s been the case for many other characters, too, but just to specify….Rachel uses defensive magic first, will resist a kill at every turn, will always look to contain and disable, and as someone mentioned above, always does the unexpected, sometimes just for shits and giggles. She’s impulsive, hard to predict, and also has a whopping amount of firepower…that she uses as a *last resort*.
    I’ve never seen her use magic like she does in this write up (except maybe the bright light one but I doubt she’d think to use that anyway), so I appreciate that the writer is trying to give her a fighting chance with the scenario, but even if a Cale/Rachel scenario played out exactly as above, what’s not to say Cale was attacking the glamour projection anyway?
    And if she’s standing in a ley line, she can just transfer over to the Ever After whenever she wants to escape him!
    As people have said, Cale’s probably not going full out either, but even if he was, Rachel wouldn’t have handled the situation in this way. She’s one determined itchy witch and she fights with her heart and soul…Rache’s used to being the underdog, so a fearsome shade wouldn’t deter her.
    As for people going on the ’she’s a day-walking demon’ bandwagon…yeah she is, but that’s not what makes her great, or a fearsome opponent. In the last book she was stripped of nearly all her powers and still managed to come out on top.
    Ok I’ve said my piece, I’ll shut up now. Just wanted to explain, from a fan’s perspective, why Rachel really has a chance in these cage matches.

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