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Cage Match 2012: Round 3: Erevis Cale versus Rachel Morgan

The Contestants


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Erevis Cale
First Chosen of the Shadowlord

Age: 40s
Race: Shade
Weapons / Artifacts: Weaveshear
Redirect magic back at caster with Weaveshear

Rachel Morgan
Owner, Vampiric Charms and former Inderland Security runner
Age: Late 20s
Race: Witch
Weapons / Artifacts: Magic. Really good at magic. Also, sarcasm. Leather pants.
Don’t be near a ley line if you want to survive. Or near Jenks.

The Breakdown


  • Infused with shadowstuff (as a result, can teleport from shadow to shadow, make shadowy duplicates of himself, merge with darkness)
  • Regenerative flesh
  • Powerful user of priestly magic

  • A witch and therefore capable of casting spells and using magic
  • Has a strange love/hate relationship with Trenton Kalamack
  • Best friends are a living vampire and a pixy

  • Sometimes “angsty”

  • Often her own worst enemy due to stubbornness and angst—and getting into those leather pants


How we think the fight will go

How Paul S. Kemp, creator of Erevis Cale, thinks the match will go:

Lightning painted jagged green lines on the starless vault of the Shadowfell’s sky. Thunder rumbled, a deep groan, as if the world were in pain.

And Cale supposed it was.

Shadows roiled around him, their dark churn a reflection of his thoughts. He stood on a balcony in the highest tower of his basalt citadel, staring up at the glowing gash in the sky.

The rift hadn’t shrunk. Cale had murdered two people, thinking that would close and end the crossovers that were destabilizing the multiverse. But the blood he’d spilled had been a libation to indifferent gods. The rift remained as it had been, several leagues wide, glowing green and blue and yellow, a bruise-colored hole in the fabric of the multiverse.

If it weren’t closed soon, he knew, it would consume everything. Everyone everywhere would die. The multiverse would end in nothingness.

He had to learn more of its origin.

Intoning the words to a powerful divination, he smeared shadows across the air before his face, read the meaning in their pattern, in their swirling whorls and spirals. Words came to him, alien words that originated on alien worlds, names of beings he never should have known: Kylar Stern, Revan, Kelsier, Rachel Morgan.
And every name was a symptom of the multiverse’s sickness. All of those beings stood between him and his ability to seal the rift. The rift….

He focused the energy of his spell on the rift, looking for a magical signature, anything that would tell him of its origin. And he soon had it.

His spell pulled a presence from the shadows, showed him the cause of the rift, the towering, dark presence that loomed behind it all, a being with the power of a god, a being whose name Cale now knew.

Anomander Rake.

Rake was responsible for the rift. Rake was responsible for everything.

Cale would have to find him, and then find a way to kill him.

But others stood in the way, beings Rake was using to thwart any attempt to stop him and seal the rift.

Cale would have to kill them first.

He picked a name at random from those he had learned.

Rachel Morgan would be the next to die.

He drew Weaveshear, hooked the foci of his divination onto Rachel Morgan’s name, and so learned the location to which he must travel.

Thunder rumbled anew as he drew the darkness about him, stepped through the shadows, and went off to kill.


He materialized on another world, in the tree line at the edge of an open meadow. A single moon cut a silver crescent in a sky filled with stars he didn’t know. Insects chirped and buzzed. He merged his form with the darkness, turning himself invisible.

Stones decorated the meadow, arranged in a semi-circular pattern. He sensed the magic of the place, though the feel of it was foreign to him.

Rachel Morgan stood in the meadow.

Seeing her, he cursed softly. The darkness around him churned. He’d not expected a woman. Even in his days as a paid assassin, he’d never murdered a woman.

Resolve drained from him, as if pouring through a hole in his heel. He sheathed his blade, unable to act. From the darkness he watched her, a ghost haunting her movements, trying to reconcile himself to blood.

She moved from stone to stone, touching each one in turn, sparks of magic flowing from her fingers as her fingers touched rock. He prowled along the edge of the meadow, a dark, silent shadow trailing her steps. He flashed back on Tazi and Varra, the only two women he’d ever loved, inasmuch as he could love. Rachel Morgan reminded him of them somehow. It wasn’t just her beauty, though there was that. And it wasn’t just the way she brushed her red hair from her face. It was the confidence of her movements, the grace. She was formidable; he could see that.

He imagined he would have liked Rachel Morgan if he hadn’t come to kill her.

Sentimentality made him doubt, and doubt made him sloppy. A branch snapped under his step. Rachel froze, looked over at him, head cocked, eyebrows raised in a question. He would’ve sworn she looked directly at him, saw him for a moment, though that shouldn’t have been possible.

It was excuse enough. He drew the darkness fully about him and rode the shadows back to the Shadowfell. He didn’t have a murder in him, not right then.


Rachel watched the shadowman pull the darkness to him and disappear into it, going back to whatever sunless world he called home.

“Really?” she said. “Dark, shadowy assassin type? That’s what I get? Cliché much, pal? Hell, I’ll bet you have a heart of gold, too, or at least an honorable streak.”

She sat cross-legged on one of the stones of the meadow while the glamour that looked exactly like her—a distraction designed to draw fire—continued to move from stone to stone and cast illusory spells. A leyline bisected the meadow and she’d used its power to fuel a series of defensive wards and magical alarms. She wouldn’t be taken by surprise again, and she wouldn’t be taken from earth, not again. She’d wait out this idiot cosmic game on a leyline, in her meadow. If she were forced to face someone else, to kill someone else, she’d do it on earth.

She’d watched the darkman as he’d watched her glamour. She’d sensed the power in him. But he was no demon, no fey, no kind of being she’d ever seen before. He was…something else.

And yet there was something human in him. She’d seen the hesitation in his yellow eyes, the doubt written in his expression. He’d come to kill her. Of that she had no doubt, but he’d faltered. But he didn’t want to.
She hoped she never saw him again, hoped he’d reconsidered his course. Because she knew that if she did see him again, if he did come back, he would be coming to kill her. And she knew he wouldn’t hesitate again.

“You should’ve taken your shot when you thought you had it, shadowman. That hesitation’s gonna cost you if you come back here.”

She knew quite well how to deal with a man who lived in the dark.


Cale paced his sanctum, out of view of the rift, trying to figure out another course. But there wasn’t, and he knew it.

He stacked coins, played chess against himself, rifled scrolls and books, all of it mundane nonsense designed to file while his conscience caught up with events. In time he came to the only conclusion possible.

He’d have to kill Rachel.

“Damn it.”

Rake would answer for Rachel, for all of the dead, if Cale could make it through to him.

His mind made up, he stepped through the shadows, from his sanctum to the plains of the Shadowfell. From there, he took one last glance up at the rift, the mouth that was eating existence, a reminder to himself of the stakes.

He jingled the coins in his pocket (he must have shoved some of them there while stacking them), put murder on his mind and drew Weaveshear. He pulled the darkness about him and stepped between worlds.


Once more he materialized in the darkness of the tree line. Rachel sat on one of the stones in the center of the meadow, her back to him. He could make it quick. She’d feel nothing.

He stepped out of the trees and into the meadow and the moment he did white light blared from above. It originated from everywhere, fulgent, blinding, hitting him like a physical thing, stripping away the darkness that shrouded him, driving him to his knees. Shadows poured from his flesh, but lingered for only a moment before the light burned them away. He groaned, eyes watering, and tried to feel the darkness of the forest right behind him, but couldn’t. Something blocked his perception.

“Take away the night and you’re like a turtle without your shell,” said a woman’s voice, Rachel Morgan’s voice. She stood and walked a few steps toward him. “Kinda one-dimensional, aren’t you? I mean, darkness is your thing? Really?”

Still holding Weaveshear, fighting against the pain, he crawled on all fours toward her.

“Oh, none of that, now,” she said, and waved a hand.

In response to her words, the earth squirmed under him, the grass and weeds growing, thickening, whipping about. They grabbed at him, wormed their way into his clothing, pulled him down as if trying to draw him into the soil, into a grave. He fought against them, struggled, but every strand of grass or weed he broke, ten took its place. They were wrapping him up, cocooning him. Soon he was covered in them, barely able to move.

“I’m sorry about this,” Rachel said. “But you came here to kill me, right? Probably told yourself ‘Killing’s what I was born to do,’ all hardass like, right?” She shook her head and paced a small circle.“You men and your egos.”

He grunted, tore at the grass, got himself again to all fours, moved in a halting crawl toward her. He needed a shadow, some darkness, but the light of her spell killed them all. There were none in the meadow.

“You’re thinking about the light, aren’t you?” she said. “It’s a simple spell, really. You know what ‘local noon?’ means? No? It means the sun is directly above an object, such that the object casts no shadow. This spell’s like that except in spades. It puts a magical source of illumination directly over every object in the meadow and then stays there, even if the object moves. Hence, no shadows.” She clucked her tongue. “Hence, sad shadowman. And my wards isolate the meadow from everything outside it, so no leaving the field of play, as it were. It’s just you and me, kid.”

She stood maybe ten paces from him.

Grass wormed into his mouth, choking off his air. Weeds clogged his ears, blocked his vision. He was sinking into the earth. Several strands wrapped around his throat and started to squeeze. He gasped, tried to grab at them but couldn’t free an arm. Shadows poured from his flesh, but Rachel’s spell quickly burned them away.

Weaveshear was too big to be of use, so he reached for his dagger with his off-hand, grunting against the pull of the meadow’s vegetation. Sparks exploded in his brain, the lack of air blurring his vision, clouding his thinking. He couldn’t reach his dagger, could only reach his pocket and the handful of coins it held.
He almost laughed at the silliness of it.

And then an idea struck him.

He closed his fist over the coins, pulled his hand free, and squirmed desperately to free up his arm. The vegetation clutched at him, choked him, reached into his throat, his eyes, his ears and nose. He couldn’t breathe; he couldn’t see; he was dying.

“Sorry, darkman,” Rachel said. She sounded far, far away.

“You’re not killing me,” he grunted. “You’re killing everyone.”

She stopped her pacing, faced him. “What’s that now?”

Her hesitation cost her. The grass and weeds relented, just for a moment, and desperation lent him strength. He freed his arm for just a breath and used that breath to cast the handful of coins into the air, in Rachel’s direction.

As he’d hoped, her spell could not keep track of all of them, could not follow the random movement of their flight. For just a fraction of a heartbeat, the coins flew oblique to the magical light of her noontime spell, and as they did, each coin put a tiny shadow on the ground.

And Cale felt them all as they formed, felt their connection to him, each shadow a tiny hole in the defenses Rachel had so carefully crafted. He felt the correspondence between the darkness that bled from his flesh and the shadows cast by the coins. An instant was all he needed, a moment.

He moved from one shadow to another, leapfrogging across the meadow until he materialized behind Rachel. She whirled, eyes wide, words of power forming on her lips, but before she could utter them, he drove Weaveshear up through her ribcage and into her heart. She gasped, a small sound that would haunt Cale a long while.

“I’m sorry, Rachel Morgan,” he said, as she sagged toward him, her hands clutching his cloak.

“What..have…you done?” she said, her blood warm on his hand.

“What I had to,” he said softly. “It’s night now. Rest.”

He cradled her as she died, and after she was gone, the light from her spell failed and darkness reclaimed the meadow. She lay limp in his arms.

Cale stood, pushed away the guilt he felt, and arranged her body in a posture of repose. He closed her eyes, bade her godspeed, and left her there.

As he pulled the night around him and rode it back to the Shadowfell, grief gave way to anger and he shouted the name of his hate into the heavens, the name that had made all of this necessary.


Predicted Winner: Erevis Cale


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We’ll be down to just eight characters in Round 4, starting March 26th!

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Erevis Cale is a character from the Erevis Cale trilogy by Paul S. Kemp; JRachel Morgan is a character from The Hollows series by Kim Harrison.

Erevis Cale image courtesy of Raymond Swanland and Wizards of the Coast. Rachel Morgan image courtesy of *ValliantCreations

Don’t forget–we’re always looking for fans’ depictions of these characters. Check out the details here

Cage Match fans: We are looking forward to hearing your responses! If possible, please abstain from including potential spoilers about the books in your comments (and if you need spoilers to make your case, start your comments with: “SPOILER ALERT!”


146 Responses to “Cage Match 2012: Round 3: Erevis Cale versus Rachel Morgan”

  1. RSams says:

    Okay for those of you that insist that Rachel can’t win so many vote let me point on thing out. Kim Harrison’s Facebook page has over 63,000 like, which means 63,000 fans. So unless the number of vote surpasses this number it just means that The Hollows series has tens of thousands of devoted fans.

  2. Rachel says:

    Wowser! People got sour. How ugly. Suvudu probably doesn’t care about the cheating thing because, oh, I dunno, this shit doesn’t actually matter? It’s like Paul said…they’ll be fine in the end, they are just fictional characters after all.
    People are taking this waaaay too seriously.

  3. Dnton says:


    The Ever-after is a plane. Cale can use a spell to shift out of there. It’s called “plane shift” and he has access to it. I agree with the uber daylight spell though. A handful of coins could not have done it. However, a deeper darkness spell, which is easily cast by Cale, would have. The coins required me to suspend my disbelief for a while


    It was the rate in which the votes flew, like 20+ votes in a mere 10 seconds, or 800 votes in less than an hour. And by your logic, if all RachelMorgan fans were so dedicated then this and every other cagematch should have been a landslide of epic proportions. Every vote should have at least 5000 votes so far. Cos that’s less 10% of the fans she has so it wouldn;t be too difficult since it is promoted on her FB page. And quite a few people on the fb page admitted to multiple voting. It isn’t conjecture here.

  4. samantha says:

    interwebs drama! lol i will say that it would be stupid to not try someone’s book because of this cage match. the hollows are a fun read. i have ordered the first cale book and it is next on my list to read. I have high hopes for it due to the write up the author posted here. I never would have heard of him otherwise. i will keep checking the matches just to see what other authors i might find interesting, particularly since i am new to sci-fi. and it just occurred to me that if i am a “hen”, it stands to reason that the dudes are “cocks” ;-)

  5. CamperWen says:

    The number of time the characters have overtaken each other is giving me a heart attack. For Cale, people.

  6. samantha says:

    so guys can call girls “hens” but girls can’t call guys the other word for “roosters” that rhymes with “clocks”? seems like a double standard to me… lol :)

  7. Asteron says:


    This was also posted on the D&D Facebook page, which has 363,000 fans. By your logix, Cale should have way more votes… Alas, not all fans pay that much attention to these things.

    You’re right, it doesn’t matter. However, how you treat the little things says a lot about your character.

  8. CamperWen says:

    The number of times the characters have overtaken each other is giving me a heart attack.

    I’d really like Cale to win of course. Because the dude is Jesus, man (apologies in advance to devout sticklers). I don’t want to spoil you guys, but the final events in the Twilight War Trilogy has a lot of Biblical parallels and works very well for a character-driven story such as Mr. Kemp’s. Win or lose, Cale is my hero. For Cale.

  9. TheRedWriter says:

    I’ve got to say, after seeing all the cheating going on, this doesn’t feel so much like a contest as a hostile take over. I’ve never read the Kim Harrison books, but her fans don’t do her much justice from their behavior. This whole event has left a bad taste in my mouth.

  10. alicia says:

    seriously guys???? You are such shallow finger pointers. Rachel Morgan fangirls are just sitting and cheating…. really???? So how did Cale fans go from a mere 900 votes on their last match to over 4000 this round?? id have to guess it was from….oh i dont know… CHEATING. both sides have cheaters, its fair to say. So why dont we all stopbeing shallow self obsessed hens and cocks and merely accept this for what it is, FUN. Quit ruining it for the people who are here for fun. Quit pointing fingers so readers will think one side is the bad side and vote against it. Lets face facts, whether Cale or Morgan win this round, they arent going any further, have you seen Kylars landslide wins???

  11. Andrew Jaden says:

    Faerunians for a shadowy future! Elect the dark man with a dark sword! Vote Cale 2012!

    Alicia: I agree that there are cheaters on both sides, but if you notice the cheating for Cale only begun this round. As for Cale’s, his voting has been rather consistent (Tannen actually came close to beating him in the last round), while people have been voicing their doubts over the speed of votes for Rachel Morgan. And when Kim Harrison herself is indirectly condoning it, I don’t see how we Cale fans can respect the Morgan ones.

  12. dpomerico says:

    Hello everyone:

    I’m sure if you want to cheat to vote, you could, but we figured the amount of effort required to to so would have mitigated the desire. As wonderful as it is that you are passionate about these fans, it seems a little overboard to continuously vote over and over again for something that is simply meant to be fun!

    Now, obviously we can’t monitor what you do in your own life, but Cage Match is supposed to be a chance for everyone to talk about their favorite characters and books, and hopefully discover some new characters and books. We might get some of our “facts” messed up from time to time, but again–it’s all in good fun, and that gives you a chance to point out how wrong we are!

    It might seem naive to make a request for people to use the honor system, but seriously consider what it is you might be cheating at: a hypothetical match-up between science fiction and fantasy characters!

    The authors have been gracious enough to support these matches by letting us play with their characters, and yet now we’re concerned by all the negativity it’s generating.

    Please–a little civility goes a long way. Just because someone disagrees with you doesn’t make them wrong, and doesn’t give anyone the right to lash out at each other.

    Besides: there’s plenty of anger to direct at us here at Suvudu!


  13. Corwin says:

    I just want to set the record straight first off. I was wrong in my previous post (I saw a comment on Kim Harrison’s facebook that, in its context, appeared that she was encouraging cheating). It would seem that if I had read the very first comment of the conversation, I would have realized that she was NOT in favor of her fans doing it. So, sorry to you Rachel fans for getting that wrong before.

    HOWEVER, that conversation did include discussion of how to cheat, and proud declarations such as “I’ve been voting for 2 hrs”. So yes, ALICIA, Rachel Morgan fans discussed their activities of sitting there and cheating OPENLY.

    BUT, as a Cale fan, I think we ALL need to bring it down a notch here. We may have been able to notice the cheating more on Rachel’s side (800 vote jumps in an hour are rather noticable), but do you folks seriously think we caught up to that in a legit way? We have plently of cheaters on our side too. Both sides are at fault here, and no matter who wins it won’t be an earned victory. I just encourage EVERYONE to take the friendly spirit of the competition more seriously next time.

  14. Alixx says:

    Ok, so Rachel Morgan has had approximately 1500 per round prior to this match… Cale has had approximately 900….yet their both over 4000? Both sides are clearly cheating, and cheating hard. However, I must point out Kim Harrison is a worldwide best seller, and has a much larger fan base. I more than believe 1500 votes. It appears Cale fans are the greater cheats this round. I also firmly believe that this round would have been close, but would have gone to the Hollows.

  15. See says:

    I listening to the audio book of kylar stern in the night angel’s triliogy right now because of this website. Don’t let all of the negativity get you guys discourage. It is helping readers find alot of new books. Seems alot of kylar fans here so since kylar seems he’ll make it to the next round I wanted to give an honest vote next round.

  16. Dan says:

    You know what would be cool. If you posed a question from each book before your vote counted. That not only encourages people to read the other book but also the vote would be an honest assessment as they’ve read both book. As it is now the book w/ the most fan base or non-lazy fan base will usually win.
    Also After seeing Revan beat Tomas. I grabbed Revan to see who is this Jedi that can beat Tomas.
    Although he is strong in the force turns out he wasn’t much compared to Tomas.. but tomas still lost. oh well this is all just for shitz and giggles.

  17. rusty shackleford says:

    I’m really pulling for a Cale victory, just for the sake of an interesting next round. Cale vs. Kylar is about as even a fight as we’ll ever get in Cage Match. Kylar vs. Rachel would be somewhere in between a slaughter and a joke.

  18. Rachel says:

    Get ready boys the rachel morgan assault has began. I tried to talk my friends out of it . but they are not listening. Hopefully posting this will get them to stop

  19. See says:

    wow 100 vote in the last 10 min. Really rachel fans can you make it more obvious.

  20. see says:

    been refreshing browser and it seems like stop. I’d bet though the last 2 hours they will try to sneak it end near the end. :) fun drama

  21. Dan says:

    This is just to funny there are definitely Cale fans monitoring the voting…….Rachel vote spike over 100 within 10 min Cale fans response “You aint getting away with that again and cale votes spike to match it. just great fun

  22. HonestyFan says:

    I understand now. It was very, very sneaky of You (Who ever you are – I don’t know your name). You simply set-up entire voting by rounding anti-Morgan league.
    It shoud be clear from teh beginnig.
    First you make few hundreads false votes, then drop few comments about your “cheatig friends”. And here you are, seemingly anti-cheating, but making other people cheat. You even make smoe cooments on Kim’s pages – building anti-Morgan outrage among Erevis’s fan base.
    Is this some kind sociological experimet or what ??
    How to make other people do what i want

  23. Jennifer says:

    All kidding aside, what book do I start with if I want to read more about Cale?


  24. Rachel says:

    wow you give me too much credit. I am a fan of neither author but when my friend ask me to come and vote for Rachel. like a said I decided to vote for Cale just to see how the story plays out. The fact that my friends are immature and don’t like to lose has nothing to do w/ me. 800 votes and hour or over 100 in 10min is impossible for one person to do. I neither have the time or patience to do that since i’m working…Also I like pissing my friend off since I’m always picking up the tabs. :)

  25. Rysan says:

    @Andrew Jaden

    I love this ” Faerunians for a shadowy future! Elect the dark man with a dark sword! Vote Cale 2012!”


    Kim Harrison can be a worldwide best seller but are there more Kim fans than lets say Dungeons and Dragons/ Forgotten Realms fans? I would vote for any D&D character over a character I didn’t know, why because I am loyal to the D&D worlds/characters.

  26. D.I. Waisanen says:

    Maybe this match won’t need to be redone. If Cale wins, even if it was only through cheating being used to counter cheating, then I’ll be content. A pity it had to collapse into all of this, though. . .

  27. Alyssa says:

    If you want to read about Cale, start with Shadow’s Witness. That’s the first full book with him in it. That is followed by the Erevis Cale trilogy, which you can buy as an omnibus or individually (first book in the trilogy is called Twilight Falling)


  28. see says:

    @ Jennifer

    Twilight Falling would be a good start. That’s the first book in the twilight saga after those 3 books then
    Shadowbred The Twilight War saga (the better series in my opinion but barely since every book in these series is gold…

  29. see says:

    oh yeah been so long shadows witness when we first finds out about his secret identity.

  30. Archon says:

    looks like this one’s pretty much conceded… you guys want to watch a half hour of legendary cheating, go to the Zaphod match… both sides seem poised for a half-hour sprint cheat-a-thon to the end…

  31. confused says:

    wow really… cale fans are all ‘theyre cheating’ yet if that were the case they would be unable to keep up with the morgan votes… hmmm it sounds like everyone is cheating. id say scrap this match disqualify both and make kylar the automatic winner of the next round, lets face it both cale fans and morgan fans are just going to continue to cheat.

  32. Shadowlady says:

    @Jennifer: As mentioned above, I’d definitely start with “Shadow’s Witness”, then “The Erevis Cale Trilogy” (that begins with “Twlight Falling”), and fallowing that with “The Twilight War Trilogy” (that begins with “Shadowbred”). Of them all, the Twilight War are my favorite of the books Paul’s written in the series–and despite my being old, and an avid reader, also one of my two favorite book series–but I highly recommend reading all of the books in order from the start. There’s a lot of extremely deep, complex character development that I feel would be missed if you didn’t go in order. :)

    As for this whole: “Oh muh gawd, Rachel has more fans, obviously you Cale fans are cheating hard core!”. Yes, I’m certain that individuals on both sides are being dishonest. Yes, I think it’s ridiculous and extremely childish. I’m really disappointed in both sets of fans–but so it goes. I do need to defend Cale (and my community) though, in that while I’m certain Rachel has a legion of crazy fans what with her books being “mainstream” or what-have-you, Cale belongs to the “Forgotten Realms” of “Dungeons and Dragons”, and THOSE crazy fans have been around longer than most of us have been alive. They also tend to support their own as much as possible, because we love to see the expanse of the Forgotten Realms get the attention it deserves as a whole. So please, kill the whole “our books are more popular so we should obviously have more votes”, thing, because of everything that’s been said in this thread, that makes me shake my head the most. We D&D nerds (and I use that term affectionately) have been going out of our way to make sure that the characters we love get the support they deserve–even if they’re not mainstream.

    Miniature-rant aside, I WOULD like to read this “Hollows” series. Some of Rachel’s fans have given me the impression that Rachel is some Mary Sue from a pre-teen’s terribly written fanfiction (though I’m sure Cale might seem Gary Stu to the other side–gods know). I would really like to read these books and see for myself the interesting character that I’m sure Rachel is. To be honest, I love the kind of book that Rachel’s from, so I’m looking forward to learning more about who she is as a person, and not through the negative impression I’ve gotten here.

    Cheers, guys. And no matter who the winner is. <3

  33. Archie says:

    Cale been in the lead for most the cage match. What’s happening is after the absurd 800 votes in an hour by Rachel fans when Cale was up. They been monitoring and counterbalancing whenever Rachel votes spike like 100 in 10 min.

  34. Jlingo says:

    Yes! Cale for the win! I hope Mr. Kemp will do the next write-up. They are the best in the Cage Fight’s history.

  35. HonestyFan says:

    @Archie – They been simply keeping distance about 200-250 votes, regardles the voting status for Rachel, I was watching closlely for the last 2 hours, I think it was one person show – whoever created this entire “cheating” situation.

  36. Shizzlenitts says:

    Congratulations Cale and Mr Kemp. Im super happy about the outcome and i lookforward to reading Round 4.

  37. Tim says:

    YES! Now I get to see a Cale vs Kylar writeup. Ever since I saw the lists for this years cage match I’ve been hoping for this, didn’t think it would actually happen though. Should be the most interesting and entertaining fight of the tournament.

  38. Deep thought says:

    Cale has been vindicated. No way would rachael vampire girl ever be able to defeat the Chosen of Mask

  39. seriously says:

    So clearly there was cheating on both sides. There’s no other reasonable explanation as to why both sides have over 5000 votes. One other thing is also clear, that there has been a lot of Cale fans using name calling, author bashing, and finger pointed towards the Rachel fans. It was just plain disrespectful to bash Kim Harrison, especially when the original poster admitted to not having his facts straight. Also judging all of Kim’s fans based on the actions of a few is just plain childish. Lots of people seem to be saying that because of all the bad things things the Rachel fans have been doing they don’t want to pick up the books. However all I’ve seen (and I’ve read basically every, if not all the post) the Rachel fans doing is cheating to the same extent or slightly less (as Rachel did lose this battle) than the Cale fans, while not resorting to vicious name calling and finger pointing. So really who is the worst fans? Honestly at the beginning of this match I was interested in reading about Cale but as of now I have absolutely no interest if it is going to turn me into the equivalent of a 8th grade bully and I wont be referring it to anyone I know or who comes into the bookstore I work at. I agree with the one poster that suggests that both characters should have been disqualified as that is really the only fair result for a match like this.

  40. Kansa says:


    That is kind of hypocritical, you say that Cale fan’s not wanting to pick up the Rachel books because of this is wrong yet you are doing the exact thing to the Cale books. You are also saying that its wrong to judge all of Kim’s fans just because of the actions of a few but you are doing the exact same thing to fans of the Cale books.

  41. Seriously says:


    I will agree with it being hypocritical, but the point I was trying to make was that there is more reason to be judgmental of both the Cale fans and the books because of their actions. While the cheating on the side of the Rachel fans is bad and by no means should they have done it, the Cale fans acted very childish which makes me believe that the book will appeal more to children who enjoy name calling and cyber bullying. I understand that most people will point out that cheating is childish as well but as BOTH sides participated in cheating I will look at how the fans treated each other, and the Cale fans in general seemed to be more childish with calling Rachel fans hens, bitches, etc. (I understand there is most likely a majority of Cale fans that are very respectful who just saw no need to comment on the cagematch, however it is always a small group of people who will cause stereo types for the rest, such as how the few Rachel fans cheating made it so ALL Rachel fans are cheaters)I believe there was no need for such name calling, especially as it was triggered about a fictional match about fictional characters. So while I don’t approve of the actions of the Rachel fans who cheated, I personally have to come down harder on the fans who thought it was appropriate to participate it what comes down to cyber bullying. Maybe if I heard enough Cale fans trying to apologize for, or speaking out against their fellow fans actions I would be interested in picking it up. As it stands right now, I doubt I will pick it up anytime soon since there was lots of other series in this years Cagematches that sounded really great, a few of which I have purchased already.

  42. Eltar says:

    This past week showed the worst of what any fan base is capable of and actively drove away people from the polls. Whether we supported Rachel or Cale, Rake or Bast, Zaphod or Saphira, it didn’t matter. Things got ugly this week. So please, let’s bury the hatchets and move on. These are all great characters written by fantastic and talented authors. And while we cannot change what happened this week, we can control what we do this coming week. So ignore the few people who write the inflammatory comments and concentrate on the people who want to have honest to goodness discussions on the characters. This tournament is supposed to get people interested in reading the novels that the characters are from.

    As fans, we should encourage other people out there to join us in supporting the characters whom we love and the series that they represent. And the more people that read the series, the more likely we are to get better write ups for future novels. :)

  43. Eltar says:

    Matchups* not novels lol.

  44. theAKpal says:

    I said it in my first post and I’ll say it again: the Hollows books are really good. I highly recommend giving them a read. Also, I’m male and have played a crap-ton of D&D in my life.

    A couple points about the Hollows series. Rachel is not a vampire, she happens to live in a reality where vampires exist (and are open about it). And, she interacts with them, one being a main supporting character. Kim does not write pre-teeny stuff. Her books are very mature and well written. As to the Rachel character herself, she can be very annoying, in that you’ll want to figuratively smack her upside the head fairly regularly for some of the decisions she makes. Nonetheless, she’s still a fun character.

    As mentioned, they are very mature. i.e., if you read these books, you’re going to have to sit thru pages of sexual interaction in all but the most recent 1 or 2 books. And, sometimes it feels as if it is randomly thrown in to satisfy the prime demographic: women. It is Urban Fantasy after all.

  45. Shizzlenitts says:

    I understand where u are coming from in your comments , but ask yourself this , where did all the cheating,namecalling, slander come from……..Passion. Passionate fans , taken too far i will admit but passion none the less.
    Denying yourself the books of Cale or Rachel on the basis that the voting turned a bit sour isnt the answer , it should be the opposite.
    It should intrigue you as to how these 2 fantastic authors inspire such passionate fans.
    Ive read both authors books and i absolutely love them. I’ll admit im a huge Kemp fan.
    But denying youself a fantastic read isnt the answer………………..
    See what all the fuss is about.
    Just something to consider.

  46. Michael Jordan says:


    Also, for those interested in Cale novels, you can read a few short stories on the start of him on Paul S. Kemp’s website. He has a bunch of horror stuff, too, if you have an e-reader and are into the short story thriller stuff. Ive begun to read into Rachel’s books, myself, as now that I know it exists, i must learn the mythos driving the universe behind the characters

    I enjoyed the fan intermingling, even if a few die-hards kinda sucked the fun out at the end. Lets see how far D&D can go before getting knocked out, eh? Looking forward to the future write-ups!

    P.S: You look very nice today!

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