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Cage Match 2012: Championship: Moiraine Damodred versus Kylar Stern

The Contestants


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Moiraine Damodred
Aes Sedai of The Blue Ajah
Age: 44
Race: Human (Aes Sedai)
Weapons / Artifacts: The One Power – Sai Dar; Angreal to boost her power

Kylar Stern
Age: 20s
Race: Human
Weapons / Artifacts: Knives; throwing spikes; sword…pretty much any weapon
Black ka’kari

The Breakdown


  • Strong in the One Power—a veritable demigod amongst men
  • Battle-tested veteran
  • A woman (and therefore underestimated, because let’s face it: SF/F women often get a bum rap)

  • Powerful Talent (magic)
  • Skilled assassin
  • Has endured much in the way of pain and heartbreak

  • Obsessive about her life’s mission, to the point that she’s willing to risk unraveling the fabric of space-time to achieve it.

  • Somewhere, deep down, he’s got a bit of a conscience

  • Tarzan
    Del Rey editor Frank is crying right now
  • The Dagda Mor
    One Power trumps the Staff of Power
  • Jardir
    He lost to the very Core of his being
  • Kelsier
    She tested his mettle (metal) and he was found wanting
  • Anomander Rake
    When you bury a Rake, you still need a shovel

How we think the fight will go

We’re still looking for a fan write-up (see this post for more details, but note you can start putting your write-ups below), but in the meantime, we’re happy to give you one more from Abyss

With a note of thanks to all of you who have posted comments re my other write ups, and my deepest apologies and respect again to Brandon Sanderson and the later Robert Jordan, and now to Brent Weeks…

An assassin, by nature and practice, does not seek out a face to face and blade to blade fight. It’s antithetical to the whole ‘assassination’ thing. Kill. Don’t be killed. Kill fast and with finality. Don’t leave anything to chance. Don’t even take chances. Plan for everything, then back-up plan, and then plan some more for when those plans go ass-up.

A wet-boy is an assassin writ large. Not so much a killer as an artist in the act of killing. Magic, weapons, magic weapons, brains, every piece of their body, is committed to the art of murder, the elimination of the target… or rather, the deader. As in you can’t get much deader than being targeted by a wet-boy.

It’s why they’re the best there is at what they do.

And even among wet-boys, Durzo Blint was one of the best. And he trained Kylar Stern.

Kylar has had other names, but Kylar will do. Kylar is so good at murder, he has, in many respects, surpassed Durzo. There are god-like beings who could attest to this, except that they’re dead.

Point being, Kylar is extremely good at killing. He may not like it, but he is so very very good at it. Fucking brilliant in fact. And oddly enough, Kylar has saved his world with his skills.


Aes Sedai, by nature and considerable effort, cultivate an air of power and focus that conveys, when a Sister turns her ageless face to a viewer, a sense that they know more, know better, know EVERYTHING, and the target of that gaze is best off doing exactly what the Aes Sedai tells them to do.

Practice and attitude have a great deal to do with this. So does the One Power. Theirs is the female half of the Power, and with it, they wield Air, Fire, Earth, Water and Spirit in many ways.

It’s not a good idea to anger an Aes Sedai. They take Oaths that prevent them from doing some of the nastier things the One Power permits, but really, that just motivates them to get creative.

As an Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah, Moiraine Damodred concerns herself with righteous causes. Her particular cause happens to be saving the world. This focus led her to find the Dragon Reborn. And the Dragon may indeed yet save their world, but fair to say, without Moiraine’s efforts, he would likely never have had a chance to try.

Moiraine is extremely strong in the One Power. There are other channelers, some Aes Sedai, some not, who are stronger than her, but not many. And even among those, most haven’t figured out Balefire, a particularly nasty weave that erases its target from existence. It’s as bad as it sounds. At least one particularly powerful servant of the Dark One has found that out the hard way.


A contest has raged across worlds… across universes. Champions, chosen for many reasons, have been forced to fight each other.

These two… Moiraine Sedai and Kylar Stern… are the last. To get this far, each has overcome a host of opponents… vicious warriors, clever mages, gods even… and many who would have been friends or allies in other circumstances.

And now their only bar to victory, to survival, to have done with this entire business… is each other.


The White Tower stands proudly, one hundred spans of gleaming bone white structure at the heart and centre of the island city of Tar Valon.

It is the home, training ground and gathering place of the Aes Sedai. Hundreds, possibly thousands of the Sisters may be found there, to say nothing of their warders… some of the most deadly warriors ever known.

Sneaking in to the White Tower to kill one of its residents would be a daunting task for anyone.

Even for Kylar Stern.

Cloaking himself in white and climbing up the outside of the Tower in broad daylight, however, was easier. Much easier. His own Talent, used frugally, didn’t seem to trigger whatever weaves the Aes Sedai used to protect their place, and while his invisibility wasn’t perfect, people, even apparently ageless magic-users and their watch-dog swordsmen, seldom looked up, and if they did and caught a slight hint of motion, well, even bone white walls cast shadows. They should have kept their stonework less ornate if they didn’t want people using it as camouflage and climbing grips.

It was a long climb, even so. His talents and the black ka’kari gave him strength and endurance beyond any normal assassin, however well trained, but one hundred spans was still one hundred spans. The climb took a while. Almost a whole hour.

He reached the top, relieved to find it empty and blissfully flat. No obvious threats presented themselves at his first glance over the railing. He scanned with his talent, drew on the additional power and focus that his sword, Retribution, gave him and scanned some more. Weaves revealed themselves. Powerful ones, all the elements and a weird ephemeral fifth form as well. Had he leapt up onto the roof, he may have set off a number of nasty surprises. As it stood, this was a delay, but a minor one. He called on the black ka’kari and drew it around him like a bodysuit as he rolled over the railing and onto the roof. The first weave almost activated…. and the ka’kari devoured its essence before whatever it was meant to do fully formed. Another redundant weave flared, that strange fifth ‘element’ swirling around him, and was devoured in turn. He felt a slight tingle through the ka’kari this time, but the Devourer would not be denied, least of all by unformed, raw power. The elements could hurt him, but they had to exist first.

Kylar allowed the black ka’kari to quest around him, absorbing a few more closer weaves, then pulled it inside. He looked over the edge of the railing at Tar Valon spread out below him. A beautiful city, with tall graceful buildings, cleaner, more brilliant than anything on his world, surrounded by shining walls, and all laid out across an island in the middle of a gorgeous blue river.

It was a shame about the flood.

Kylar reached into a sack tied to his secondary equipment belt, drew out a small blue pearl, dropped it on the roof, and then vaulted back over the side of the Tower.


The River Erinin flows freely around the shining walls of Tar Valon. It is a part of the city’s defenses and its beauty.

The city itself was built by Ogier stonemasons and Aes Sedai channelers. It has never been taken by an enemy. And it has never flooded. Until today.

The water of the Erinin didn’t so much rise as creep. Slow flows, narrow as vines, made their way up the banks and then the walls like shallow streams flowing upwards, reaching the top of the walls and then flowing down into the streets. At first, in the fading light of dusk, the flows went unnoticed. But a guard walking the walls stepped in a puddle, looked up at the cloudless sky and then down… Tar Valon had seen its share of random ‘bubbles’ of evil in the Dark One’s recent activity… and men who stood guard on a city of Aes Sedai soon learned to be sharp, suspicious, and extremely careful … the alarm was raised quickly on the walls, the extent of the problem quickly observed… even as the streets started to fill with enthusiastically bubbling brooks and widening streams all running towards the White Tower.


The alarm drew the attention of the Aes Sedai instantly. The steadily rising streams of water running onto the grounds of the Tower, then into the Tower itself and up the stairs level by level drew a whole other escalation of alarm.

Sisters from each Ajah hurried to investigate. Circles of sisters formed, drawing immense weaves of Air and Water to try to reverse the flows. Novices and Accepted from the Seafolk were pressed into service, some with almost no Tower training finding themselves leading whole circles of full Sisters in weaves learned and learned well on Atath’an Miere ships long before they ever came to the Tower. Water was redirected, forced, cajoled, but it all came back. Steadily, the tower was being flooded. Whole ceilings were slowly being covered with water that defied reason and logic in its travel upwards.

Moiraine Damodred held back when her Blue Ajah sisters moved to begin their own efforts against the flood. She watched as three sisters attempted to bring Fire down on a stream of water flowing along a staircase. The cloud of steam sent them into retreat. Moiraine directed her own flow of Air to dissipate the heat, and studied the water.

It flowed up. She looked around. Everywhere, along walls, between almost invisible seams of Ogier wrought stone, the water flowed up.

She diverted her attention briefly to her Warder. Lan was many floors below. He had been training with other Warders when the flooding began. The steadily increasing flow of water was causing panic and making the stairs difficult to navigate. He would get to her when he could, but for the moment…

Moiraine wove Water, not trying to stop the upwards flows but pushing them aside enough to ensure her footing. Having no difficulty – the water merely continued on its way to either side of her steps – she began to follow the flow.

The climb to the top of the White Tower was not itself difficult, but the water flows were increasing. There was no feeling of Saidar being channeled, but something was drawing the water… she prepared a offensive weave of Fire, another defensive, of Air, and moved to the roof.

What awaited her above was stunning… frightening even… the flows of water had converged into a massive waterspout, a twisting, writing pillar of water growing from the centre of the roof of the White Tower… it was immense, almost as high again as the tower itself… the weight alone would have shattered a lesser structure… she allowed herself a moment to fear what would happen if the streams of water were allowed to continue to gather, before a second sight drew her attention… Aes Sedai Sisters… three… five… six or more, all unconscious, tied up, gagged, their heads propped up above the flows of water and pushed to the edges of the roof… she had not been the first one to follow the flows… which meant…

A stabbing pain broke her line of thought even as she was about to unleash the Air…

An arm, hard as steel, powerful, reached around her throat and pulled tight. She threw herself forward, pushing out Air around her as hand as she could. Her attacker grunted and twisted the blade enough to break her concentration and dissuade further efforts.

“Listen. Don’t fight. Moiraine Sedai. Just listen.”, he hissed in her ear.

She paused. If he had intended to kill her, that knife could have gone deeper before she could stop it. She steeled herself, ignored the pain of the knife tip in her side, and spoke with full Aes Sedai calm and confidence.

“You must know there is no escape from here. And I still breath, so you did not come here to kill me.”

“Or maybe I did. And I can be down the side of the Tower before you can blink. Don’t posture. Just listen.”

She could feel Lan approaching. She could feel channeling in the floors below as the Aes Sedai efforts to control the water grew. Someone would be here any moment. She would have a chance. Drawing on her angreal, she barely nodded.

“Three things you need to know. First, the blue ka’kari will keep drawing the river here until your tower breaks under the pressure. Second, the knife in your side is poisoned and you have only moments to live without the cure I can provide. Third, you can end this, save your tower and live, with two simple words: ‘I surrender’.”

Moiraine’s mind raced, but she asserted the same calm consideration she did to everything. “How do I know you’re telling the truth about any of this?” she asked.


Kylar’s perfectly plotted kill had one snag… this woman was not a deader, he was not being paid to kill her, and as far as he could tell, she was not a bad person. Which meant her really wanted to avoid her death if he could.

“You see your Sisters who got here before you. They aren’t dead. This contest has to end and your death doesn’t have to be a condition of that. Give up and we all walk away.”


Moiraine’s mind raced… the contest… again the blood and bloody ashes contest… four times already she had fought … the last almost too close… now this… he claimed a simple ending, but she had heard otherwise… the consequences of a loss could be dire…


Kylar felt her tense…

“Don’t be foolish. You’ve lost. I don’t want to kill you. Without the cure you’re already dead… give up.”


Moiraine’s thoughts settled. She prepared weaves of Air and Fire…

“No. You give up. I can wipe you out before you ever stood on this roof. You will never stab me. You will never threaten the Tower. It will be like you never existed.”


“So much as blink and this knife goes through your heart. Last chance.”

Even as he spoke he felt her tense, and by reflex borne of hard training and harsher lessons in life, drove the blade upwards…


Even as he spoke, Moiraine completed the Balefire weave…

Predicted Winner: Your votes will decide!


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Who will be Cage Match 2012 Champion?

Moiraine Damodred is a character from the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan; Stern is a character from the Night Angel series by Brent Weeks.

Moiraine image courtesy of Jason Chan and Tor Books. Kylar Stern image courtesy of Orbit Books.

Cage Match fans: We are looking forward to hearing your responses! If possible, please abstain from including potential spoilers about the books in your comments (and if you need spoilers to make your case, start your comments with: “SPOILER ALERT!”

Also–let’s keep it civil. We’re all fans of the the genre, and while we want spirited debate, we also want to hear everyone’s opinions.


323 Responses to “Cage Match 2012: Championship: Moiraine Damodred versus Kylar Stern”

  1. Capndisco says:

    Kylar can devour magic, has a large range of fighting skills, can make himself invisible, and fears the woman fighter(Virdiana). Win.

  2. Golophin says:

    If the ka’kari absorbs energy/magic/whatever (similar to the Foxhead Medallion), I’m pretty confident Moraine would have figured that out pretty quickly. She’d probably move to using the One Power to move other things, like rocks, and propel them at Kyler. It does not seem the ka’kari would stop physical attacks from hitting him, or am I mistaken?

    It would appear that the fight would boil down to Moraine using the One Power to throw things at Kyler and using Air to sheild herself from his attacks, while at the same time he used superior agility and swordsmanship to deflect her attacks. In the end I’d have to give it to Moraine solely because I think she could outlast him in this scenario. I may be wrong and would love to know why.

  3. GraakosGraakos says:

    The ka’kari can absorb an unlimited amount of magic, and it gives that magic to Kylar to use. It also gives him a bunch of other neat things, like letting him coat himself with it and eat whatever hits him (within reason; like when a throwing knife is hurled at him), giving him night vision, and letting him see unrepentant sin.

    Kylar can throw the ka’kari around, making a him-sized hole in anything she throws (he does this to a tree at high speed in the book). Honestly, I don’t know how this would go. Never read the WoT, but from what I’ve heard, Moiraine is just crazy strong, so it might be dumb luck that either side wins.

  4. Metacognition says:

    Just came back to see how things were brewing and to answer your question, Golophin, the Ka’Kari is also called the Devourer. It eats THROUGH the magic, so while I’d be willing to give Moraine some chance with the ability to throw objects around (I’ve read both series, btw), her shielding would be as weak a shield as paper. A standing shield made of magic is just as vulnerable as a weave against the Ka’Kari.
    She’s good, but too many WoT fans give her far more credit than she deserves.
    She’s been trapped for most of the series, which is relevant when you consider the discoveries made during that time, yet most people think she’d have the full knowledge of the Tower at her disposal AND would be able to use them. /END SPOILERS
    In the end, you have to read it to see for yourself, so if you haven’t, I extremely recommend Brent Weeks’ Night Angel Trilogy.

  5. SandmanDREAM19 says:

    I’m 90% sure that Kylar would win in this situation. I haven’t read the other series but all i know is that she uses a lot of magic and The Ka’kari eats that making a match with Kylar nearly physical skill (which he is a professional at). So I even though the fans decided his fate i still think that he would have won.

  6. Kylar Stern says:

    I know for a fact Kylar would win (yes, my real legal name IS Kylar Stern) His Ka’Kari devours and eats magic. He could walk through her air weaves or “shields” and strangle her. *SPOILER* He has the Black Ka’Kari, Retribution, and somewhere in the end of the Night Angel Trilogy, he probably has Curoch *END SPOILER*. He would annihilate her with his eyes closed, Sorry Morraine Damodred, but he would win. And he should have been the Champion

  7. Shadeslayer says:

    Damodred could win. Stern could win. It depends on whether th Ka’kari could eat the Balefire weave. The Balefire weave is magical, so the Ka’kari could theoretically eat it. The Balefire weave erases you from existence, so would it destroy the Ka’kari?

  8. Ezio Auditore da Firenze says:

    I would like to first congratulate Moiraine Damodred for her victory, she clearly has the people on her side. I personally favour my good friend and the best “assassin” I know, Kylar Stern, apparently he does not like the term, he prefers Wetboy for some strange reason but I digress. Even though Moiraine was the victor it does not mean that Kylar is gone. The competition is over but he will be back and we all know it. Well done Kylar for making it this far and well done Moiraine for being the only being strong enough to defeat him. Oh no, the Templars are here, I must flee… sexily.

  9. Seth Jen says:

    Just pointing out that we don’t know what balefire does to the fox head or cuendilar. Sterns Kari Kari eats magic but every object has its limit. Kylar is in the tower and is thus to some extant part of the wheel now. Balefire sears things out of the patern in other words it can’t be devoured

  10. Akmea says:

    Seth Jen, we actually do know what Balefire does to Cuendilar. Nothing. Happened when the Black Ajah woman, Jeanine something, used it on Nynaeve in Tanchico. The cabinet, the wall, everything was destroyed by the Balefire terangreal, but the cuendilar in the cabinet just dropped to the floor. Nynaeve even notices and comments mentally that not even balefire can destroy cuendilar.

    As for me, I give my support to Moiraine because Kylar wouldn’t see her as one of the coranti.

  11. sim says:

    even if kylar died he would just come back to life in a few days. the kakari makes him more or less immortal

  12. Greg says:

    Kylar stern would win. Reason 1: is immortal. That doesn’t mean he can’t die but he can come back to life. Reason 2) his training. He would have found out every little detail about his ‘Deader’ or opponent. He would have known about the balefire weave and would take steps to counter it before he made his move. Reason 3) His kakari ‘The devourer’. It was made to absorb ANY and ALL magic. It was fuelled by the magic it absorbed so the more magic the stronger it would become. Reason 4(If we go by the fan made fiction above) Moiraine was poisoned. Her weave would fail due to the Kakari so she is done no matter if she fends off Kylar or not. If she some how beats Kylar and goes through his things he would have Falsely labeled them (so this exact situation wouldn’t happen) and made the poison violently react to anything but the antidote and vise versa. Reason 5) * MAJOR SPOILER* Kylars life. Kylar finds out from the ‘Wolf’ that every time he ‘dies’ and is ressurected, a loved one must die to balance out the lack of death. Kylar would take every step humanly possible after all the careless mistakes and times he’s ‘died’. At this point, if Moiraine could get past the poison and the Kakari, Kylar would flat out refuse to lose and would ether fight harder and win, or retreat and attack at a better time.

  13. TraceurPunk says:

    Kylar, almost outright. *SPOILERS THROUGHOUT*
    The Black Ka’kari is the Devourer, and the Sustainer. It devoures magic like nothing, and physical things only slightly less. Only Retribution wasn’t dulled by The Black. It would also use the magic is devoured to sustain Kylar’s life, even to the point of creating another limb, if Kylar ever lost one.
    Kylar can go completely invisible, The Black devouring the light.
    Kylar is a Wetboy, not a silly assassin. He’d learn all there is to know about his Deader, and precede to plan, back-up plan, and back-up the back-ups.
    His sheer physical strength and stamina would probably outlast a poisoned person’s, depending on the poison. And besides, he can make a poison that will kill if it reacts with anything other than the antidote, which he wouldn’t give her. So even if she somehow managed to kill him, she’d still die. And He’d come back. Immortality. Sorry, lady, you probably woulda gotten yer butt handed to ya.

  14. Volkai says:

    So, what happens when Balefire burns the black ka’kari from existence? Keep in mind that balefire’s effect travels backwards in time, meaning it affect you before it hits you.

    What can Kylar do WITHOUT his Black Ka’kari? Is he still immortal without it?

  15. Masked Man says:

    pathetic. having read both series, there’s literally nothing Moiraine Damodred could do against Stern. It’s like pitting a human being in a concrete room with a lion. It’s just not gonna fucking happen. The human can definitely have tons of experience in fighting, but it boils down to the fact all the human can do is piss of the lion, where as the lion only needs one bite to insure it’s victory. A mage can use all it wants, but it barely affects the killer. The killer is a mage AND SWORDSMAN. The mage can’t hurt the wetboy, only able to see an invisible demon which would’ve simply devoured any magic in the way than stab her. Balefire keeps getting brung up, yet wasn’t magic can’t hurt a magical item that’s made for devouring magic already established? All Kylar has to do is stab her, Retribution or Curoch will make tons of problems. She wouldn’t even be able to heal, because it’s Curoch. Even if somehow the Balefire spell kills Jorsin or someone all the way back than do you realize how quickly Stern is? Would be 5 seconds. Balefire, really fast running, gutted like a fish. Lots of people overrating Moiraine.

  16. The Nightfall says:

    Yeah, like most of Kylar’s fan I think he would won.
    Probabilly Moiraine won just because she have a lot of fan, but c’mon.. let’s face the reality. No matter how powerfull a mage is. The ka’kari eat the magic and physical object whitout limits. And, just to clarify, a swordman, however expert he/she can be, will never make it agaist a killer trained to find and hit the weak points of the enemy.
    For me, and many other, Kylar wins.
    And I’m happy to see so many comments who supports our Night Angel.

  17. WoT4Ever says:

    Stop hating guys… anyone from WoT is going to beat pretty much anyone from any other series… they’re simply on a different level. Especially the people who can use Balefire.

  18. NAT4Ever says:

    Just because a character is from WoT doesn’t mean it “automatically” wins. It’s only because the WoT fanbase is so large. And besides, you’re giving all of the WoT fan base a bad name. I feel ashamed to admit I read the series, only because of the disturbances YOU have caused.
    And “Balefire” doesn’t make all the difference, when Moiraine went against Rake, she had to find another way to beat him, as he resisted the balefire. The reason WoT won is because it is more popular.
    And as for the “ka’kari vs balefire” thing, we have to remember that balefire is supposed to destroy all things (except for cuellindar), and the ka’kari does count as a “thing”. If I remember, it can only absorb so much stuff at once, and the excess is bled out. In this case, the excess balefire would not bleed out, but just destroy the ka’kari.
    Don’t take this personally, I just felt it needed to be said.

  19. Appreauntis says:

    I am writing this after A Memory of Light came out.

    Balefire is just another weave, still part of the One Power, therefore the Ka’Kari could eat it.

  20. DoM says:

    The thing is, the results we got are not from the fight. The results we got show us which character would be missed more. And in this case, who probably is missed more.
    I’m sorry to all the people who believe that balefire would destroy the ka’kari, because it wouldn’t. It is a part of the one power, making it a form of energy/magic/whatever you like to call it. The Black devours everything, magical or physical, whatever it wants. Kylar wasn’t even using it during the ‘battle’ (can’t say there was a lot of it), so it would have at least slowed the blast down.
    As it’s written, he already started the final blow. Even if he got killed, there was no way she’d survive, and we all know who of the two would come back frome the dead.
    Another thing I should point out, is that every time Kylar dies, he comes back more powerful, the ka’kari stronger. Also, he knows that his death means someone he loves’ death, so he’d have more to lose= more determination to win, even if it was weakened by the fact that she didn’t deserve to die.
    As for her attack, it might be so powerful nothing could stop it, but the ka’kari is almost like a living being. Yes, it would probably get destroyed before it could devour all that there was from the exceeding energy, but no one seems to consider the fact that Kylar would use the power immediately. If he was the one attacking, he must have prepared himself. And a wetboy does not take chances. He’d know her power and would not attack unless he didn’t know how to counter that. He was not stupid.
    Besides, the Wolf has told him, that the ka’kari can devour, but it doesn’t always do it. If he was able to use it (in theory) to go through an object, why not a mass of energy that is any sort of magic?

    Still, I’m not saying that she couldn’t win. In different circumstances, maybe yes, but as the things are put here, she doesn’t stand a chance. The home field advantage does nothing here, as the fight is just not long enough. Even if somehow Kylar didn’t finish his blow and would doge the balefire instead, he’d be back in several seconds or just use a throwing knife before she could see he moved. Still an awesome character.

  21. Lets face it says:

    In any case, regardless of any effect, whether it can travel backwards in time or not, Balefire’s essence is magical. If it tries to act on something, its essence is magical.

    The Black Ka’kari has no limits in terms of the amount of magic it can absorb (and even if it did, more powerful magic =/= more magic necessarily). Before balefire can do anything, it has to exist, and when it contacts the holder of the ka’kari, regardless of time, it would be devoured. (I’m also pretty sure she needs to know where they are, so Kylar’s limitless stealth and invisibility would affect that)

    This poll is old, but I’m disappointed it has official response.

    In addition, just as Kylar dealt with one of the previous sorceresses he faced, they were poisoned before they ever reached the fight. The moment Kylar became concerned about “balefire,” he would’ve taken steps to take a new route to kill her. Such as the same quip he used to kill Harry. A ka’kari coated anything would blast through magical barriers or senses. He has an arsenal of options and she has no way to stop in outside of a fair fight.

    And Kylar Stern don’t need no fair fight.

  22. Archon says:

    Yeah, I strongly suspect that this is why Wheel of Time was not represented in the two most recent cage matches…

  23. Josh says:

    I’ll admit I haven’t read some of these other series but one thing people seem to be forgetting about Kylar and the Ka’kari is that it does more than just dissipate magic only when it touches him. With the Ka’kari Kylar can basically exterminate any magic within 30 or so feet of him with a thought.

    Remember near the end of way of shadows when Kylar thought the sisters had stolen Retribution?

    Ariel had him in chains, Kylar got pissed and suddenly everyone in the whole rooms talent was emptied. Same with Istariel, she had all her talent ready to level him, he blew at her and it was gone.

    Any magic that works at all in any kind of way like that Kylar can dissipate. If she were using a store of magic to throw things? Kylar can completely get rid of it. If not he can still interrupt the process quite a bit while she’s trying, she picks something up with magic, poof devoured.

    This is the same reason I think Kylar might have beaten Cale. If his healing is at all magical Kylar can negate it.

    Again I haven’d these other books, so if their mechanics work very differently then maybe they could beat him.

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