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Cage Match 2012: Championship–Recap!


And that’s the end of that chapter, folks!

After a very spirited and, I must say, fun Cage Match, you all have chosen a champion:

Moiraine Damodred (who also happens to be our first female champion.

I won’t lie–I’m not quite surprised by this win for Moiraine. To begin with, she was a number one seed. Granted, she was the number one seed in probably the toughest division this year, with Kelsier, Kellhus, and Tyrion Lannister strong challengers to come out of Starfleet. But we saw her as one of the most likely characters to make it through, and (to be fair) some help from Ray Lilly and Jardir (who took out some higher-ranked characters so that Moiraine didn’t have to face them), she pulled through.

Not that it probably mattered (that is, that Moiraine couldn’t have taken care of Havemercy, for example). Because, let’s be honest: Moiraine had more power than just the One Power. She had all the Wheel of Time readers behind her.

And that’s not a bad thing.

It is, in fact, one of the reasons we put her as a number one.

It’s also a reason not to take anything away from Moiraine. In an actual, in-an-arena, Cage Match to the death where each character’s magic system works perfectly, does she beat Anomander Rake? Does she beat Sparhawk? Does she beat Granny Weatherwax or Kellhus or Atticus O’Sullivan?

Who knows.


I have no doubt she would have been in every one of those fights, and probably would have taken the victory in many of them.

To me–and to us at Suvudu–that’s what is so fun about Cage Match. It’s the big “What if…?” that, as readers, always inspires us to tell stories, form allegiances, and read more. It sparks the imagination, and–hopefully–exposes us all to new ideas (in this case, new authors, characters, and books).

We want to give a big thanks to all the authors whose characters were featured in Cage Match 2012, and a very special thanks to those who contributed: Peter Brett, Brent Weeks, Stacia Kane, Harry Connolly, Brandon Sanderson, Matt Stover, Elizabeth Moon, Ari Marmell, Paul Kemp, Lev Grossman, Lia Habel, Ted Kosmatka, and David J. Williams.

We’d also like to thank all those who helped contribute write-ups: Aidan Moher, Nancy Lambert, Jay Franco, Ndi Sampson, Steven Boriack, Greg Kubie, Michelle Forde, Rhea Lyons, and Forrest Karbowski.

And finally, we’d like to thank all of you. You guys make Cage Match happen. You help spread the word, you help debate our character selection, you keep the discussions going, and obviously you vote.

We’re so glad you seem to enjoy this so much, and obviously we’re always looking for ways to improve (which means let us know what you think in the comments!).

Once again, congratulations to Moiraine, the Cage Match 2012 champion!

See you next year!


55 Responses to “Cage Match 2012: Championship–Recap!”

  1. WoT4Ever says:


    Blah, Blah, Blah… that’s already been addressed. Apparently, nobody on this site plays any cool sports… trash talk is part of the game kiddo. If you can’t hang, then get better or go home. If you don’t like it, then establish a broader voting base and make it a competition. Don’t hate the playa, hate the game!

  2. Spectyr says:

    Why were there no recap videos? I liked those!

  3. instantdeath999 says:

    I discovered these cage matches this year, and have been fun reading through the old ones. Can’t wait for the 2013 match so I can actually participate.

    It’s not possible for characters to be entered again, is it? If so, I’d love to see Caine again (if for no other reason than Stover’s write ups), but I’d understand not wanting to enter a character in two years in a row… maybe Berne or Ma’el Koth from the same series? Ma’el Koth is essentially a god, but Suvudu seems to enter quite a few god like characters.

    I’d really like to see Locke Lamora get a fair shot, too, though he was in the 2010 match apparently. I really enjoy WOT, but I also like the idea of giving it a break for a year. But if it must be included, I say Mat. Lan would work too, but he would just sort of function as a highly skilled swordsman. Mat being immune to magic (One Power, but in my mind it would apply to most forms of magic). ASOIAF also has that danger of winning on popularity alone, though if we get a character from that series, I’d nominate Dany with her three dragons: would certainly be different. Khal Drogo maybe, but I don’t see him having much chance against most magic users. Arthur Dayne, but same issue, and we know so little about him.

    That’s pretty much all I’ve got at the moment (new fantasy reader).

  4. Van says:

    Can I make a suggestion for this years Cage Match (which should be in a few months I think)?

    How about a “Mentors” or “Masters” type competition. A cage match that is made up solely of the really powerful characters from these universes. Gandalf. Dumbledore. Lews Therin. Merlin. The Merlin from the Dresden Files (or Ebenezer McCoy). Etc.

    Or is there a better place to put this idea? I guess I should look around the site…

    Anyway, thanks. It’s always fun.

  5. Jlingo says:

    When is the next cage fight starting?

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